Kick a football 4

at this point is where I’d like to mention about how you get the football up in the air we’re talking right now about kicking off the ground because that’s what Richie does in the NFL were off the ground and college or off the ground for high school kickers are still kicked off the two in one inch blocks the mechanics really aren’t that different later on you’re just gonna have to adjust your plant foot out a little bit wider and possibly back some but really if you can kick off the ground kicking off the block is easy the other reason the plant foot is where we want it as far as the depth in front or behind the ball is to get the ball up in the air you need to imagine that your your kicking leg is is rotating on a point through your hip I mean if you’re like you go around in a circle around your hip it would so the idea of getting the ball up in the air let’s pretend that my arm is my kicking leg and this is my hip that’s my kicking leg to make the ball go up in the air I need to be striking the ball not here not here but just as my foot is starting to rise and in this position we can see as Richie does a no-step you you’ll see his foot his leg will rotate and be coming up just just a little bit as he hits the ball if he were to move his plant foot forward he’d be striking the ball on the downward swing or possibly right at the bottom of the arc and it would come off his foot flat so if he gets too deep you won’t get any height if he gets too far behind the ball his foot will be coming up too much he’ll hit the ball fat and he will hit the ball in the middle of the ball instead of just under the center line and won’t have any chance of getting the proper rotation so the the plant foot is the most important part of kicking because if you don’t have that right you don’t get the height you don’t get the accuracy okay rich is going to do a few more a few more no steps now as you do these you’ll you’ll learn to feel what leglock is and if you hear your foot slapping the ball and it sounds sloppy it’s it’s not it’s not leg lock you should hear a good solid thump when your foot makes contact with the ball

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