Kids Can Be So Cruel – Roblox Adventures

Okay sir moews a lot first day of school you ready, buddy *meow meow meow meow*
your right. I’m pretty nervous, too
Here we go hey, wait a second. Wha you don’t want to go in there trust me. Who are you?
That’s not important right now. What’s important is yellow Sena me, and why should I trust you? You know what fine?
I don’t care go into the school. It’s your loss
Huh, that was weird come on sir me I was a lot, let’s go inside mio mio mio mio mio
Sir bounce-a-lot, I think this was a mistake
Maybe we should have listened to that giant creepy guy mio mio mio mio mio mio
You’re right sir miss a lot. We need to escape I don’t want to be here anymore, okay
Today we’ll be learning about boring stuff
The teachers not looking right now. I think we can leave what’s this guy saying quickly. Well the teacher isn’t looking okay? Yep
That’s kind of what I had in mind all right. What is all this some sort of
Water poison water or it’s maybe just the school fountain water that always tastes kind of metallic II for some reason and it killed
Me it’s also Dudley apparently we’re back in the classroom homie. I don’t know please don’t turn around yeah
Okay, let’s just go everything’s gonna be fine 360 whoa hey hey
Oh rad, okay? What’s why is the exit boarded off?
It’s not the bullies again is it Oh weeping followed, Ashiya bully uh-uh look at that face
She might be she might be I don’t know let’s just keep going okay
I don’t even know what these are and what what is happening here. Oh somehow. I managed to jump over that no its
Electricity are those are those exposed wires
You’re supposed to cover it with some form of rubber. I think rubber yeah, oh no
We’re gonna scape at this rate one step at a time one two three. Okay, maybe not literally. Let’s just go
Okay fine, maybe not one step at a time, but just not let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We go we got this
Yes, oh we did it. Oh, she looks like a bully, but those aviators. Oh my goodness mm-hmm. Okay checkpoint
Let’s go pass the desks and there’s acid everywhere for some reason 360
Was so close I was right there. I needed to jump an extra like six inches, and I would have been fine
Alright, okay, okay. That was close here. We go to another 360 real quick
And now we’re good
Okay, okay, I need a idea just wait how do you be patient? I need to jump when I’m at the very very tip and
not very
Preemptively okay now. We’re more than fine. Okay over here. We’re good now
We can just keep going and for some reason there’s rocks everywhere did this used to be a climbing gym
Is that what it was before the school just started falling apart?
I don’t know. Let’s just start going one of these lockers. There’s a secret passage. Okay, could it be
This one here huh? Oh could you imagine if I got on the first try that would be great um. I don’t know
There was a girl here just a second ago. Oh, oh oh we did it. I think what?
That doesn’t seem right well great how am I supposed to get back in there know what be back? Oh?
Well, I guess I have no choice, but to oh can I jump that?
Quickly jump back there totally cool
It’s no problem because we’re just gonna spawn in the locker room see and then we know that we go through right
Yeah, huh, yeah, just okay, if I could just kick my in like just like just like right on. Oh wait
No, maybe, it’s this one. Oh
What is it not this one?
But it surely that could be the Oh we jump on through there. Yes very good very good and here
We are we did it on to the vending machines
Oh man school vending machines were the best I remember whenever I somehow managed to get like a loonie
And then I would buy something all except in a lot of schools now. They actually make the vending machines healthy
They don’t really sell pop or anything least they did in at mine
They got rid of all the junk food one year
It used to because yeah, they used to just serve like chips and candy bars and coke
now it’s like I
Don’t even know I don’t even think they have the candy ones anymore and that the drinks are just like water
In like juice put some stuff around to reach that vent
Okay, you mean like this here, ooh
Someone else already pushed a desk over here, and well. Thank you very much. Thank you
Thank you, and now we’re in the event elation system or potentially the sewers. I’m not really too sure
I don’t know what this red stuff is either ma’am
This just gets more and more confusing day by day, which is why it’s finally time where escaping school
I don’t think I could take it anymore. Oh, no. I probably should have figured that what happened Oh
So oh not that one this one, and then we go here, and then go right again. Nope perhaps
I should be doing the camera trick or maybe not I actually know that some of you guys in the comments
Don’t like when I do the camera trick which is interesting cuz it’s like I don’t know
What’s the fun in jumping, and you just fall right through you know it’s like all great. Huh? I guessed wrong well
You know hope but you do the camera trick
It’s at least like you know you just don’t I don’t know so far. It just seems to be going right left right and then
Okay, I’m not gonna do the camera trick because I can guarantee you what they probably were thinking the developer was probably like hmm
So if they go right left right left they would assume that the last one they go right and then left
But it’s probably right right so it goes right left right left right right?
There it is we did it
Yes, he thought he could trick me how dare he what are these they’re these supposed to be erasers
And why is there chocolate right here? No chocolate allowed in school
What if it has nuts you know a lot of people are susceptible to not allergies you ever think about that hmm
Oh, those are the erasers if these are the erasers then what are those red things their little building blocks
It really depends what year this is for school
Is this like kindergarten, or is this grade 5 grade 10 high school or being high school right now?
I don’t know these cameras are following us to makes me think
How are we have able to have gotten this far if the cameras can clearly see that we’re escaping
I’m not entirely too sure Oh, huh or in another classroom, okay? Let’s just keep going everything’s fine
No teachers in sight so I think we’re good
Okay, the Fenton was pretty high up
Oh, no is this gonna be a maze
It’s gonna be a maze
Then I think I have a pretty good idea of what to do right is right
Never go left if right is right if right is oh okay right was wrong left is right
This time left is right fine fine. We’re all the way back here what man we got a ways to go
Walking around here gotta bring it around town
Bring it around town guys know the reference. I just got someone just rang my doorbell. I will be right back okay
We’re back, so I didn’t even realize there was actually a checkpoint right here
So that’s why we had to do all of that again
Yeah, I was too distracted with the fact that there could have been a teacher right there. What are we doing again? Oh, right?
We’re doing the we don’t go right. We go left. I remember that don’t worry guys
Could you imagine if it changed that actually be a pretty good thing for a?
Nabi creator to find out how to do is that it’s not always gonna be the exact same because then it’s like you go
Right and it’s like well now
I know just to go left, but what if it was like well
Maybe now it is right whereas last time. It was left. I don’t really know exactly how they would do that
Excuse me, where are we now anyways are we in that oh and the cafeteria?
Yes, I almost feel like doesn’t it feel a little bit like this school
Has gotten progressively as we go through it it gets lazier and lazier, and it’s building
This room is so empty. There’s nothing – where’s the previous rooms
I’d like a bunch of stuff in a bunch of decoration like what is this is just a blank white room?
There’s nothing special about it
Well you know what that’s fine at least there’s all these Foods items to go to look at
But then you see this one like yeah
It has the it has the vending machine as
Decoration like I guess that’s something there could have at least been like some lockers. Just like some basic assets. I don’t know
Something is this a secret door. Can we go through that all could you imagine that would have been a perfect let’s put a badge?
Hidden badge in the aw be maybe I still rarely ever find those
Oh, no. It’s one of these. It’s one of these
I refuse to do this as per usual time to walk this long road home
If this road doesn’t make me speed extremely fast, then I’m quitting right now
Okay, they expect me to walk that whole way. I don’t know why in my right mind
I would ever do that
You know what no it’s not worth it going all the way home if I need to walk that far. I’m going back to school
So browse light I’ve had enough
Can we leave now I think we can finally leave
me oh me oh
Me oh me. Oh Moo. I know we should have just done the walk
Huh it’s been a it’s been her a few years
We got this we could do it this guy’s saying here that the teachers sleeping
Maybe now finally our chance to get out
Okay, let’s go
All right looks like the janitor just were here mmm
Yes, indeed wait a second. What is that?
What’s that supposed to mean so I mean the janitor was having a glass of water, and he was
Jumping around spilling it everywhere the janitor is supposed to be mopping it up not the one causing the mess Oh
God someone just hold on us quick find the right Locker
Okay, at this one. Okay. Did this one did this one? Okay?
Maybe this one here or that one. Yeah, no the fact that those little door handles are poking out oh
Hey, all right is shimmy through. Oh, we were in the Oh gross. We landed right in a toilet we
Were in the boys or girls bathroom villainy. We’ll say there goes one bathroom. Gender-neutral. Well. Thank goodness. It’s 2017
All right, he is he’s there. What what do you mean where huh it’s something strange one of those bookshelves
Something strange people in these bookshelves. How so what do you mean? What are you trying to say? What’s that teacher doing over there?
Huh are you doing that food? You know I try to
Trying to do when these bookshelves is apparently strange
Oh, we can walk right on through and then die apparently just walk right into the right
Thank goodness me wow that’s just what I need a death. Well. What is this place?
well, it’s obviously the
Satan’s realm of pencils out great
Killer pencils, they’re so pointy and sharp
Whatever pencil sharpeners, they used obviously they went a little bit too hard with because my goodness meet the high
No, no what do I do in this situation duh? Oh just that okay, sweet whoa some kind of computer lab uh?
I guess so what’s this saying here message of the day stay in school kids now do we click on one of the computers?
I don’t know
Maybe it’ll put those into a new realm of the what why that just oh?
That just that didn’t actually do anything Mike coming in the noon the newspaper is here. Oh, oh there’s a hole right here
What am I supposed to go in there? I don’t know I can’t tell oh you are
Wow I didn’t barely fit in there, that’s a really it’s a really difficult squeeze
But we managed to do it, and what now well I was not ready for that
Excuse me. Yeah, okay?
There’s oh
You’re not supposed to touch the gum plastic gum is that prank gum I?
Had myself a pack a prank gum when I was in school. Let me tell you I got a lot of people
There’s the one there’s like the mousetrap gum where you pull out the gum and then it goes
Right on your run on your thumb, and if they still have those so want to be surprised if they’re like
kind of dangerous
I know funny prank. There’s also those other pranks. They like you pretended to shake someone’s hand and then you’d shock them
Those are always really fun too, okay, and just right past the wires. Well. What are all these wires
What is that wow?
That was easy and we get a bike too. Oh
Okay, this one’s a little hard to control
We’re good. Though looks easier than it is guys trust me
Perfect don’t actually went a little bit too far when I make sure I get that damn badge whoo-hoo
All right well and lanch lat now worry out did stranded in an open field. We didn’t even make it home
We’re just in the middle of nowhere
Well great
It’d make a cool design
Yes, pretty cool. Not bad at all well ladies and gentlemen on that note I
Would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please do remember to leave the video alike
Maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and other than not though guys. I will see you at the next one

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