KT Tape: Tennis Elbow

KT Tape: Tennis Elbow

this technique is commonly used for
tennis elbow, which is known as
lateral epicondylitis. It is actually an
irritation of the muscle attachments on
the outside part of the elbow right here
and what I’m going to have
the patient do is grab the middle
finger, that’s a good place to start
fully flex the wrist
and pronate, or turn the arm slightly
The tape will be placed over this
muscle. I’m going to tear one piece
I’m going to split the tape
this is easily done
just crease
and tear down the middle
It will actually stop at the anchor point
from there I’m going to tear off the anchor
and I’m goig to place that slightly above
the lateral epicondyle, which is
actually usually where the pain is
again I’m going to place the anchor
with no tension and rub it on pretty good.
and from here
because the patient is on stretch, I’m just going
to lay the tape down
I’m goig to spread it over the entire backside of the forearm.
I’m going to take a second piece of tape
again, I’m going to split this
folding it down the middle,
tearing it on its’ perforation
and tearing off the anchor point
From here I’m going to go just to the back side of
the forearm
very close to the elbow joint
I’m going to rub that anchor point on
tearing the paper off
and from here I’m going to gather
the connective tissue and skin as I put
fifty to seventy-five percent tension on
that tape
and same thing on this piece
and notice
I’m avoiding taping over the inside part of
the elbow, that tends to be sensitive skin
and with movement that can often
cause irritation, so I’m avoiding that spot
and you are good to go

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  1. Sorry for the delayed response but I wanted to let you know that we will be posting the instructions for taping 'golfers elbow' in the next 2 weeks. We're just waiting for the studio to complete final edits. Thx.

  2. hey do you know if i should use KT tape for a hyperextended elbow? What would i do for taping it?

  3. Most people don't have trouble applying the tape if they have small amounts of body hair. If you have a lot of hair it would be best to clip or shave for best results – and for less pain when tape is removed!

  4. Ive been using this for about 3 days now and I gotta tell ya, im not seeing what it's benefit is supposed to be. I have tendonitis in both elbows

  5. This stuff doesn't stick! I followed all of their instructions — naired my arm to remove all hair, washed it, dryed it and applied rubbing alcohol. After a ten minute drive to the courts the ends were already peeling off, after about four forehands (not sweating at all) just a small portion of the anchor point was still adhering to my arm. I felt some support for my elbow, but it simply doesn't stick like they claim. When KTTape says 5 days, think 5 minutes… if you're lucky.

  6. @monkeyface1921 you probably put too much tension.. Ive had mine on for about an hour or so and its still sticky. but i put it on wrong and the very end of one of the Y sticks is peeling off so i got a bandaid and stuck it on there.

  7. I have concerns…my physical therapist did this completely different, put the tape over my torn tendons and I very quickly have more pain. Can I assume she did it wrong?

  8. Don't give up on it..this is not a miracle cure, give a mo. And remember tendonitis does not go away over night.l

  9. @Richard I thank you for helping me to get well because that program really works.
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    I purchased this program last year and I am completely free of Tennis Elbow. And whenever I have a small pain back in my elbow, then I start with my exercises again and I am free again.

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  11. I have spent months investigating relieving tennis elbow pain naturally and found an awesome website at Freds Elbow Helper (google it if you're interested)

  12. I'm in acute pain up and down my arm and over to my shoulder blade apparently from tennis elbow. Anybody here maybe help?
    1) Is any of this taping possible BY YOURSELF?
    2) Why are many, many different taping schemes online/on You Tube for tennis elbow?
    3) How would one pick which of these many schemes is best?
    Thank you dear colleagues. It's Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so all caregivers are absent from work until Monday.

  13. Hey everyone, the best results that i've had was with the Freds Elbow Helper (just google it) – without a doubt themost useful resource i've tried.

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