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(tranquil orchestral music) – Aloha, my name is Eric West
with hawaiirealestate.org. If you’re looking for a condo to buy on the west side
of Maui, I’d love to help. Now let’s get onto the Kuleana Resort. This is one of my favorite
resorts in all of West Maui. Matter of fact, this is
the first place I lived when I moved here to Maui;
let’s go take a look around. As always, I love to start
with the parking situation. So here at the Kuleana, every
owner gets one reserved spot, and as you can see, there’s
not a whole lot of trees. There’s a few shaded spots and there is a little bit of shade underneath the tennis court. Where it does actually have
two separate parking areas, and this is the one a lot
of people don’t know about, but it’s the north end of the property and is very nicely shaded, so a great place to keep your car cool. (waves crashing) So the Kuleana is located
sort of, like, dead center between the shopping in
Honokowai and Kahana, so you’re not really close enough for a fast walk to
shopping and restaurants. It’s certainly doable, but it will take a
little bit of extra time. Owners at the Kuleana enjoy
their own storage area under lock and key for surfboards, kayaks, things of that nature. Kuleana is actually
blessed with two beaches. This is the south beach and is a very, very good place to swim. The water is deep and a great
place to snorkel as well. Also has a very good surf break, actually one of my favorites. It’s tough to access
because of the resort, but if you stay here, you can
enjoy some very good waves, especially in the winter time. One of the things that makes
the Kuleana very unique is all of the units face
the ocean and offer a view. Besides the two beaches, you also have this awesome lawn area. Accessing the water is
easy with the ladder that has been installed directly down to one of the best snorkeling
areas on West Maui. Nothing like a little shrimp on the barby as you look at the Pacific Ocean. If one sandy beach wasn’t
good enough for you, well, you’re in luck; the
Kuleana actually has two. This is the north sandy beach, which is a year-round beach with sand and very good swimming and snorkeling. Kuleana Resort consists
of two distinct phases, and here you can see these
are the wood buildings. The balance of the buildings
on the resort are all concrete. One of the things that really
stands out at the resort is the high level of landscaping. Everything has been perfectly manicured and is maintained year-round. It’s like having your own
private white sandy beach, the north beach at Kuleana. If you need to touch up your putting, you’ve got this beautiful little green to go out here and have
some fun with the kids. (tranquil piano music) The Kuleana is completely surrounded with fencing and security gates, making it one of the
most secure properties I’ve visited here in West Maui. I actually love these sort of streetlamps that are throughout the property. It gives it a very nice ambience
at night and good lighting. With a multitude of plumeria
trees throughout the property, you’ll not only enjoy the fragrance, but also the beautiful
flowers that fall daily. A beautifully surfaced tennis court where you can enjoy
the West Maui Mountains as the backdrop for your serve. (waves crashing) Plenty of places to relax at the Kuleana. Here’s a nice swimming pool
ladder that’s been installed so you can easily enter
and exit the water. Love for Hawaii actually
began on this very spot. I lived in the unit right behind here when I first moved to Hawaii, and it was this setting, this ambience, that really just made me think, if this exists, why
wouldn’t you live here?

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