Kung-Fu bullfighting in China | DW Feature

Kung-Fu bullfighting in China | DW Feature

This is Ren Ruzhi. And he’s a Kung-Fu bullfighter. The objective of this extremely unique sport:
to wrestle the bull to the ground within three minutes using the essence of martial arts. Inside the ring they’re foes. But outside of it, according to this bullfighter,
the relationship is more friendly. Inside the ring I see the bull as my adversary. But outside the ring I treat him like a friend
or fellow warrior. Why? Because we are often together, performing
together on the same stage. The “performance” has an audience, albeit
small. Even if the aim isn’t to kill the bull as
it is in spanish bullfighting, animal welfare groups object. PETA says that any form of animal performance
for entertainment is cruel and unfair. Yes, it’s true that there is blood and gore
in Spanish bullfighting and it’s certainly very violent. But in Chinese bullfighting we cannot deny
that during this process the bulls experience pain. There are certainly physical and psychological
effects on them . So we cannot compare whether one form of suffering is greater or lesser
than another. As long as it (bullfighting) exists, then
that means there is suffering. Ren says he’s aware of the cruelty concerns,
but is convinced that his bulls are well looked after. One of four trained fighters, Ren hopes to
improve his skills and more people take up the sport.

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  1. The Bull is either drugged or trained to be passive; it's not 'fighting' at all. Look at the bull's posture, nothing like what you'd expect if it was attempting to 'fight'. The legs would take on a more aggressive stature, and the head would be moving from side to side to shake the human 'fighter' off. At that distance, the Bull would then head butt the man to the floor, and either continue nutting him whilst he was down, of stamp all over him. This is merely a Circus performance.

  2. This is just wrong and cruel! It isn't sport if one of the participants is being forced to do it! Leave those poor bulls alone! I hope nobody else takes it up and the "sport" dies a quick death!

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