Launch of the United Cycling Lab & Store in Denmark

I met with a couple of the other national team riders at the Veloropa Café. Where we started af group ride towards United Cycling. And the last 5 km we made a lead-out, to push up the pace, and to show how the finish in races can be. It was only 4-5 km. We drove a good pace and opened up the last kilometer. It was quite funny. Folsach was sitting in my wheel, and at 800m he said to me: “Now there is only 800m”. And then I just opened up! I didn’t look that much back, but I pushed quite hard up over Tyren. And in the right-turn in Bastrup I shouted to Jesper Hansen, that there was around 800m to the top of the hill, where we ended. And then he pushed quite hard. When he resigned, I was the only one in his wheel. So he rode a very nice lead-out for me. It was quite funny. The thoughts behind the showroom was to make a monestary of bicycling. Which is this man vs. machine thinking, because the bike is one of the first enablers for both a way of excercicing and a healthy lifestyle. But there is, at the same time, something technologically about it. We are today at the official opening of the United Cycling concept store. I’m proud to be here after what we have accomplished together with them (United Cycling). For me, it’s our 18th anniversary of the brand. And it’s fantastic to be a part of this project.

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