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  1. Destin- I love SED and your attitude. I went to Germany in 1991 for a family reunion and as a pilot with some aerotow background I had never winch towed. Someone said it was only 20dm ($10) for a flight. Took a ride in a pre-historic sailplane (1941 Bergische Falcon?) WOW 0-70mph in about 2 seconds and then 2 feet off the ground into a 45* climb. WOW! I was thinking if the tow cable breaks, we would go right past vertical and die 200' off the ground. Definitely the MOST exciting thing I have done in aviation and that from cliff launches in hang gliders to flying helicopters. Thanks for your vids and 3:33 brought back the ridiculous climbout!

  2. 2:58 Do you think you can get it clarified with these american people? Yea i think so.. xD LUL
    Glaubst du bekommst des mit den amerikanischen Leuten geklärt? Joa isch glaub schun. Alles kloar xDD

  3. Wow I feel like I have so much understanding after this video. Jk all you did was vlog your experience of being in a glider

  4. All ya need is 100k for a glider of that quality and maybe another 20k for a wench setup, plus I'd have to modify it so you can remote control the wench from the glider .. Would be the ultimate toy 😉

  5. Gliding is worldwide,
    especially mountainous areas
    Because of the updrafts.
    After WW2
    Powered planes were not allowed in Germany,
    So gliding became popular.
    The oldest way to launch a glider is with
    A large bungee cord.several men and
    A hill with head wind.
    Still done in some places today,
    Such as England.
    In USA, gliders are not allowed above 17,999 ft. Without permission.
    With the right conditoons,
    Gliders can stay up all day.

  6. The funny thing is: Im german and i can understand u as well as them but i have to say, their english is terrible! Usually 6th grade students speak english like that…

  7. These gliders were originally used to train pilots for the second world war, as germany wasn't allowed to have an an airforce and also resources were scarce. It's absolutely astonishing what the pros can do with these planes.

  8. Germany is the European heart of Gliding the best gliders in the world are built there. But America has many quality Gliding schools and 'gliderports, it seems odd that you travelled overseas, endured language barriers, when you have world class facilities on your own doorstep.

  9. No, the hat is real! No joke! The 'malerhut' is mandatory! And next time we learn about 'Vereinsmeier' and the socalled 'Luftamt', cause Germany is not just engineering, Mercs, Bimmers, the socalled Autobahn and gliders, but also bureaucrats and wisenheimers. You won't join a Glider club as a free and open minded American, they drive you mad.

  10. If that is – as I think – a Grob 103, I was flying in the front seat of one last Thursday. Quite a rush on the intial exceleration of the winch… 0 to 60- mph in les than three seconds? Great fun!

  11. Watching this 7 year old video and seeing the paper airplane book that I had growing up was really cool to watch.

  12. I flew gliders for 2 years in California. Yes, we wear those silly hats, they also double as barf bags for passengers. It's truly a magical experience soaring silently through the sky. Really allows you to appreciate everything around you more so than any other type of flying.

  13. 0:52 "Wenn's einfach wär, wär's Fußball" — if it was easy, i'd be football (soccer) LOVE IT, gotta make one myself

  14. the hat sucks but it's a must! best thing you can wear to protect against the sun!! Sailplanes are awesome man, I'm in my second season, it's sooo much fun!

  15. I'm German, I've flown in a glider and I approve this message.

    Und verdammt nochmal, ich hätte doch in Karlsruhe studieren sollen!

  16. They can also pull them with trucks, tried a couple times while with the air cadets, great experience when I was a teen

  17. you forgot the best part about using gliders and thats how to get more potential energy in to the system while in the air because you can do that by flying of hot spots and with that you can fly indefinitely

  18. Lol, that's funny, I have once benn cycling past this airfield and instantly remember it… It's the glider airfield of Rheinstetten…

  19. I lived in Germany in 1995 I was fortunate enough to get a glider ride in Kitzingen. It was such a great experience. Germany is beautiful and it was amazing to see it from a glider. I miss that place.

  20. common youtuber: beef with gf- 30 min vid
    SmarterEveryDay: flies to fookin germany to showcase something students work on- 6 min
    i really love this channel and woould love longer vids… but then again i really like how compact and on the point these are.

  21. I am surprised/impressed with the lack of wing deflection as shown by the wingtip cam. Winch launches impose large wing loadings, to the the extent the indicated speed to fly has to be closely monitored and maintained.
    I was expecting more ‘bend’. Oh well, smarter every day. 👍

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