Le Méridien Phuket Beach Resort | Awards of Excellence 2019

Le Méridien Phuket Beach Resort | Awards of Excellence 2019

TakeCare program is very
important in this property.
It’s through this
program that unites us at
Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort.
This property has been
existing for 32 years
and we’re doing activities,
a lot of activities.
But, we are doing for
the sake of doing it.
But when TakeCare came,
that’s where we learned what
our associates like, and that’s
where we based our programs.
Part of our success is also
because of the options that we
give to our associates, making
sure that the three pillars
are covered.
Making sure that every month
we have physical well-being
activities, there’s
and there is community work.
The most important thing is
giving meaning to the activities
that they’re doing.
>>When I start to practice
yoga, it’s changed everything
in my body and my mind.
So that’s why I really
like to share this
with my associates.
When we are focused, we
send a message to our guests
and associates that they
matter to us and they are
important to us.
>>I’ve been a Muay Thai
instructor about 10 year.
I do Thai boxing for
the nation of Thailand.
I want to share my experience
for all associates here
and build up my associates
to be strong and have fun!
>>As a leader I need
my associates, my
team members, to be
motivated, because I believe
that it boosts productivity,
builds energy and passion,
and I can see that they
come back with positive
motivation. It tells us that
the company is taking
care of their associates.
>>We have a very, very high
content-to-recommend score.
Take care of our guests, take
care of our staff, take care
of ourselves… This program,
it really does resonate
through this hotel.
>>We’re living on an
island–it’s just important
that our associates here are
very educated when it comes to
sustainability. We still have
a lot to do when it comes to
taking care of the marine life,
when it comes to taking care
of the land. I wanted to
do more for the community,
for the environment,
along with my associates.
>>I think what’s instrumental
is the leadership.
I think you’ve got to
start with someone who is
passionate, and then you’ve
got to make sure that the team
also takes it to heart.
Jay, she’s an absolute
godsend to us, an absolute
ambassador for this program.
She lives it, she breathes it,
and it’s infectious. It’s
beautiful when you see somebody
who’s passionate
about their job.
>>It’s what I love about
TakeCare, because it
gave me the way to
bring out my creativity,
at the same time, bring
our associates together.
TakeCare to me is a way of life.
It’s also important that we
can make the workplace fun–
and everyone is
even more motivated
to take care of each other.

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  1. Hi there, I am trying to decide which hotel I should stay in Phuket. There are so many options and I am overwhelmed so please convince me why I should select Le Meridien. Thanks!

  2. The wife and I were there last year and this year we are going back on July 24th, the hotel is fabulous, the beach private like no more then 20 people plus the pools are huge and empty of people and very quiet. Go you will love it

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