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Hi friends it’s me Jenni, hi 👋💜
I just wanted to stream a bit of “Toon Off”
because this cool game “Toon Off” was
developed by my partner, Martian Games.
I’m really proud of him and wanted
to show off this adorable, really fun
casual multiplayer game. It’s
free-to-play, it’s capture-the-flag, here’s
a link to “Toon Off” if anyone wants to
play with me it’s on CrazyGames.com site
Ok, it’s classic WASD, Shift to run, Space to
jump, let’s see we got level 1 on red let’s
protect blue team hey that’s my teammate
he’s got the flag alright let’s follow
him and we shall protect him if anyone
tries to take him down.
Oh look at this
hey the guy that had the flag I was
gonna protect him & he like ran back with
the flag in his hand just to take that guy
down that was cool
so yeah even though I didn’t personally
make this game my partner did and I get
to help out at Martian Game Studios
whenever possible so that’s what I’m
excited to show you guys is
Martian Games most recent game.
Shade just popped in on the opposite team sweet!
Thank you for the follow Weasel if
anyone has any questions for the
developer he is he’s always nearby so…
it’s so it’s chill to play it’s like you
just grab the flag and then take down
other players there’s several different
weapons right now hey there o0corps0o it
sure is it’s WebGL it’s the newest game
released by Martian Games.
you can chat in game too, by pressing enter
friends so if anyone does want to play
this game it’s free you and you can just
exclamation mark !ToonOff in chat for a
link to it look at my little teammate
Noob hey buddy look at her running
around me
hi so these might see me come on friend
this way come on return the flag hey 🙂
friend our back thanks Corp so yeah it’s
pretty advanced considering I mean one
made by one guy he used this cute asset
packet a couple asset packages but he
did all the programming for the
multiplayer and kind of like in a
Fortnite you can use your mouse scroll
wheel or you can use numbers to change
your weapon oh no this one the assault
rifle you can hold down one shooter and
load it up you can just hold down your
mouse button get him let’s grab the flag
doesn’t even seem to care itself put it
in put it in the hole come on friend
they don’t always know that once you
pick up the flag that you could drop it
off where the there’s like an arrow at
the top in the middle they you follow
the arrow to pick up the flag and then
you follow the arrow to return it those
characters they look pretty hardcore
with the little bandanas look at how
much fun it actually kind of reminds me
a Fortnite a little bit how’s it going
Orblivion arey I try to be gentle on the
the players and these games I think they
a lot of time they’re like 6 year olds
alright so me against three noobs who
wants to take me on yeah if anyone
wants to play is just “Toon Off”
anyone wants to play with me it’s free.
hey oh yeah the Cup and I would be cool
if I did have a tattoo. Yeah I’m such a pussy…
tattoos really hurt
sorry friend sorry not sorry, I’m gonna kill you
if you don’t kill me first while you
reload all right does that deliver
damage to me like if I explode that
thing right next to me
oh yeah corpse so basically it’s on
CrazyGames.com but Martian has it
embedded on his website as well but
there’s some other sites like portals
like you’re saying that some of them
they’ll actually pay a fee you know to
license it like exclusive on their site
or whatever but then there’s other way
the portals where you can just get like
ad revenue. Martian Games how long did
it take you to make? Some of it
like the you know multiplayer aspects
and stuff is code base that he’s
been working on and building up, but
normally he does like racing games with
hey DrJavaSaurus what’s that friend?
watch guys this is something cute that
Martian showed me you can shoot these
things and then they do that yeah I
would love to see some bouncing too
these are all human players but if
there’s no other players in game then
there will be three bots that you play
against it’s zero player proof hey
GrahamWeldon- hi friend Graham! What’s
up friend G-Dub the house Top D!
Hey someone’s shooting at me hey what’s that
freaking giant raid yeah hey
hey thanks friend!
hey Ancap oh my god Ancap what’s up
Frieeeeen.. yay fellow variety / VR streamer
I’ll hide over here so I can
give you a shout out yeah
wassup AncapGamer
yeah if anyone wants to play with you
here’s the shoutout for Ancap thank you
for that giant raid &
welcome friends of AncapGamer
we’re playing “Toon Off” a newly released
browser game by Martian Games who made
it within just like a week or two I
don’t even know he finally has been
hey thank you so much for the
host Crim, friend so my
boyfriend programmed this game and I’m
really proud Martian Games and it’s
called “Toon Off” you guys notice the cool
of day/night cycle ooo responding to
the live stream oh it took 4 weeks
Hey Martian Games is responding as Shade
inside the game cool hell yeah
it’s super free how’s it going SomaPills?
Hi friend – hey yo sup neighbor we’re
playing this game called “Toon Off”
Martian threw in together in like 4
weeks – the part about him like
developing the multiplayer aspect of his
games and the capture the flag stuff
that would be fun it’s pretty I mean
free streaming purposes like it’s
somewhat simple I mean you just run back
and forth and get the flag but it’s like
relaxing and if you like me sometimes
especially when you want to stream late
at night and you just for me a lot of
the time I want to play something that
doesn’t take too much mental power but
it is still like a bit of a challenge
it’s like casual but not totally
mindless so that’s what I really like
about the browser games that Martian
makes and is there a way friend after
it’s exclusive to get the PC version so
that it’s like better quality than the
WebGL and then at that point oh my god
it’s corpse Oh still here have you
worried been doing anything cool
recently friend anything in particular
thanks so much a lot of the time on my
stream I wind up playing games even
though during the day like before I get
home and want to play on stream we
usually go to like the coffee shop and
then we do a session of game development
cuz Martian’s been teaching me C#
which I still suck at but I really like
doing 3d modeling if ever there’s
developers in my stream they want me to
play your game on my stream I love to
make friends and support Indies I like
it because you can run around hey let me
show you some of the stuff that you can
do that normally I just go back and
forth with the flag because I really
like the flag so you go inside this door
and it’s all
quiet in here and then just like in
Half-Life you just press up and I was so
proud of my Shade when he did that
part cuz it reminded me of Half-Life the
way you slide up the ladder as soon as
he is done done with a game he’s
moving on to the next one
so he’s doing like a bunch of different
spin-offs with different themes and
stuff but like the ultimate goal is to
you know continue building upon the
existing engine so that one day it’s so
beefed up and ready that the world just
can’t even handle it you know
and whatever the future beholds okay
definitely 5 on each team me and for
noobs versus the other team right now
hey thanks Soma. Martian games is Shade
on the opposing team you know so you can
like jump up on the planes and then you
can use um “C” to crouch hey it’s GrahamWeldon!
I’m gonna get you Graham!
Look it’s Graham from chat I got stream-sniped
by Graham. Okay I died
GrahamWeldon killed me and then got
a a flag. Graham’s got like five kills already!
doesn’t care about the flag
yeah Ancap thanks friend maybe now
that Halloween’s right around the corner
and actually it’s the first Halloween
since Purgatory Fell released maybe
we’ll do some special features I kind of
had this like dream about making a cool
t-shirt design for Purgatory Fell and
then we could do like a special giveaway
trying to get some more popularity for
our VR game and maybe like give away
some keys and maybe a shirt for
Purgatory Fell around like in October or
something would you guys watch me do a
t-shirt designing stream hey just made
Blue Balls 2 look at I almost got you
friend I got killed by Graham twice I
think the Graham-Meister. Did I already
tell you I got to work at PAX and I
worked at the VR demo booth and they had
like a thousand people per day trying
out VR a lot of them it was their first
time ever trying VR so I got to show
people games and there was like a
handful of games that people
playing that we could offer there was
there was Job Simulator they had Beat Saber
Beat Saber they only had on the Oculus
because Oculus said it will have special
Oculus people come in something
like they wanted to what’s that called
proprietary I don’t know that word
wear Oculus wanted to be the only device
that was showcasing Beat Sabers so a lot
of the people that came to the VR demo
area they only wanted to use the Oculus
so that they could try Beat Saber but I
was helping people both use both Oculus
and the Vive and it was so much fun she
says he thinks that the rounds are too
short in this game I handed out my Jenni Nexus cards
and I did bring some Martian Games ccards
but we don’t have any
Purgatory Fell cards yet hey
there David hey there hey guess what
we’re playing the new Martian Games game
yeah it’s called Toon Off friend if you
want to hop in and play here’s a little
link to “Toon Off” the game that we’re
playing right now
you got notes for the game friend need a
reason to go into the building is like
health and special weapons yeah that’s
what I was thinking when I when I make a
kill I want to pick up some extra gems
or something the flag pickup locations
for cheesy grandpa that’s gram it is
point blank gram keeps killing me flag
pickup location should change on every
round and your appearance should have
cosmetic options please let me make
skins for the characters please I will
meet the cutest little faces with
eyelashes and stuff ideally you’d like
to have capture areas too and so instead
of just delivering flags you capture
areas can earn XP for every 5 seconds
you hold the area oh I would even say
like a couple points for when you make
these things explode so wonder how often
people aren’t gonna realize that they
can that some things are combustible
what I’m super glad that some things are
interactive all like the doors it would
be really cool to like be able to jump
through the windows I’m the Martian made
this one game called Martian warriors
they almost know and even really good
play and I was super into and I was
playing Martian wars for like one day I
even played it for four hours it’s just
because it was so like bustling there
was so many people in there the web
player was just off the hook it was so
much fun but in my course you could you
had cars planes and running around like
this so hey gram is number wine I’m
second to only two gram well Dane can’t
kitty don’t even drink my water girl
earlier she was just like sticking her
and cat food tongue all up in my water
Look who it is friends kitty time hey yeah
I’m a play tester ha ha do you think
understandable sweet okay yeah you got
you got the full-time job to
counterbalance all those other things
focus on casual games most the time
so yesterday I downloaded Fortnite
again and I hadn’t played it in like two
or three months cuz I had to take a
break I was getting way too obsessed
with Fortnite I actually felt like I
was getting addicted to Fortnite and
then I eventually uninstalled it and then
last night I installed it again I sure
did David I was true to my word
yesterday I was like and tomorrow I’m
gonna go to the gym I did and I did pump
some iron see I tried to not get too
bulky basically I don’t need to look
like a gladiator I just need soon I just
need to be ripped lol – hey there Cid – how are
you doing welcome here we’re playing
this game that my partner just released
yesterday called “Toon Off” it’s free to
play if you want to play we got GrahamWeldon
from chat right here trying to
kick my ass when
hey they’re SteampoweredCid thanks
for joining friend hey from chat cool
I’m gonna just deliver this flag right
now yay Cid’s in the house welcome

look at this guy check out on a mission
he’s gonna get Shade well let’s see
you pirate said didn’t she that’s our
friend from chat oh no he killed Shade!
he’s going to get the flag he’s dancin good
okay I’m number one
Oh number one oh my God look how good
is here hiding up here hey SteampoweredCid
got number one good work friend look at
how high your score is already in stuff
yeah 11 kills first try SteampoweredCid yes
you if you guys don’t already know
SteampoweredCid he also streams let’s
look at me look at me trying to get said
oh you got me – oh no he killed me
nevermind look at Graham what is he typing
typing? Got you friend the only time I ever get
Graham is when he’s not looking
one thing that I decided I was
gonna try tonight is these
headphones like I’m yes I got oh I got
the flight oh I’m dead that looks so
awesome hey was that Graham welding hey
Thank You Graham well then my Top D he
thanks Sid! Hey thanks friends hey you
guys are so cool yay well let me try –
let’s try SteampoweredCid thanks friend!
Hey yeah you guys are awesome thank
you so much for the tips yeah money
money we finally got paid from Twitch
and it was the first time that my
payout went above the minimum in the
first time in like four months and so
thank you so much .. quite a few other
friends here
viewers from chat have been so kind to send tips
that totally add up and that was really
helpful that came in just a couple days
ago so thank you so much
Hey thanks Corpso!!
thanks I was missing my alerts the early
days so I turned up the volume you guys
like that dinosaur yay thanks friend, Corpso
Heh the great thing about when in a new
game from Martian Games comes out
is that people haven’t had a chance to be
playing it 24 hours a day for weeks
of the time it’s brand-new that’s
my little piano
if anyone needs a song I can’t really
play anything but I’m trying to learn
this “Toon Off” song hey Relsic is here
– someone else from chat joined someone
that’s going to TwitchCon in 2018
welcome friend thank you for playing
alright I’m going to get a few more flags It’s me and noob against the world
so yeah this game is free to play on
CrazyGames.com & yeah my partner in
Martian Games made it in about 4 weeks
but he’s been working on this
multiplayer capture-the-flag
engine for years now and he’s done quite
a few games with a similar concept
including “Air Wars” which is a flying
game “Motor Wars” which is cars and then
back when unity Web Player was working
we had Martian Wars which had
flying, driving, and running on foot FPS
style so yeah one thing that you can do
in this game is you can make rooms you
can make the rooms in the lobby and then
you can also search for your friends so
if your friends make a room then you
complete together look you’re nobody
right by me design and care just like
whatever I’m gonna get that fire
Chocolate let me get the other guy that
doesn’t have a flag all kitties so cute
yes I killed someone it’s so fun this
game was pretty fun thank you for
everyone who stopped by while I was in
the Game Development section
I just wanted to stream and feature this
game that my partner finished, Toon Off.
Thanks for watching! Stay in touch: JenniNexus.com & @JenniNexus on socials.

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