Lower Back Exercises : Lower Back Exercise: Gliding Swan With Double Arm Circles

Gliding swans double arm, arm circles. Now
for the gliding swans. If you’re not sure what that is. And you just happen to click
on this one particular clip. Or found it on line. You may want to look at that clip and
get the technique, the proper technique. Breathing and shoulder position and all of that. For
the gliding swans. But the gliding is taken care with this piece of equipment. These are
gliders. They come for, they may come for floor and for carpet. But if you don’t have
that or you don’t want to go through the expense. You don’t need to. Paper plates or Styrofoam
plates work just as good. Put them in front of you, as you’re laying face down. You’re
going to use the heel of your palm to press into the plate. So this will work well on
carpet or on, on the floor. Right now, on the floor, they’re working beautifully. When
I lay down, heels together, toes apart. And pressing the legs together. Want to position
my arms or my, the heel of my palms, into the plates. Also I extend my arms into the
gliding. When I’m going to do the gliding swan. Keep the shoulders down, keep the head
aligned with the rest of the spine. And I’m going to take an inhale. As I exhale, I come
up into the swan. Now the double arm circles, is basically simultaneous. This is a challenging,
very challenging move. Bring it down. You do a few or as many as you can. But if you
just, like I said. If you just found this clip, go back a little bit into the series.
And take a look at the beginning. Learn how to do the gliding swans. Go into a circle.
One single, before you do the doubles. This is very nice, once your back is strong and
you need a challenge. This is not only for the back but it’s also going to work your
upper body. Including your arms, specially your triceps. So don’t be afraid to try. You’ll
look good and feel better. Bye bye.

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