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Hey Everybody welcome to another Roblox adventure Today We are back in
Jailbreak we’re do it’s a Little Bit different this time is Rather Than trying to Just simply Escape the prison go downtown
Find The Veyron and Then Just commit Crimes
We’re actually gonna be trying to
Open a bunch of cases and see if we Can Get some Crazy Stuff Because
Also another Big Thing that we have to do in Jailbreak Which we haven’t even attempted yet Is
getting Our own Helicopter
Customizing It and There’s a Bunch of Stuff That you can get in the in the cases to do all That Stuff so i was
Like oh perfect Let’s Go free Keycard yes please, oh?
Yeah Please Please Pickpocket oh no why did my character move there come on come on come on thank you?
We Need a Little happy face Way Second i stole His gun i didn’t Steal a Key Card i have a gun now
I guess Now the police don’t know i know but i’m actually
Armed Hey
How about this though
We can’t Just Be Within the confines of the prison Because then police can Come and abuse us as they please We Still do have
To get into the city so make sure we do that Blat Eyes
Go see i don’t Actually The Keycard anymore so that Makes Things a Little Bit of a Hassle Let’s Run over here and
Quickly Blow Up this Wall Still have no Idea how
People Managed to Just Blow Up this wall where do they find the Explosives oh?
Jeez i always Forget That That happens if you’re too close to it okay i’m Just gonna quickly come on the sign Here you know?
anyThing’s gonna Be okay Guys she can’t grab a car and he get downtown
It’S so easy to escape Now with that side
Exit Thing Like I don’t think that Was ever Needed Honestly Because Now it’s like you’re Just guaranteed to escape everytime
Unless The Game-mode Isn’t so much about
Escaping It is Just Like Just an open World Place i don’t know because i noticed that with Jailbreak specifically compared to other Game Modes
Like Prison Life and Stuff There’s Barely Any role-Playing Going on Actually
Inside of the prison it’S all happening outside and Around in the World Which is like
Yeah I don’t Know it’s okay i guess i suppose all right It Would Be good to actually Get the veyron Just so that That
Way if we Do Need to make Any sort of Escape That is Just Readily available and Super Easy to do
So we could do that and then That Way iF we also Want
To find a helicopter i mean we don’t Just do It as fast it’s Humanly possible hey i think there’s Always a Veyron?
Not Here but
squirt Oh Yeah Adam Drifts Crazy
Maybe Around This corner Here yeah there it is
Hello right so i’m gonna get on in Just like That and then if we Just quickly get into the garage
What would that be there it is and
Here we are and then we
Go are we the Peach color Yes or textured see this is what i’m talking about you can Get all This Crazy Stuff
Maybe scorch no
No we won’t be peach Peach is the best oh Man This all looks so good and then Rims i want some Crazy Rims That’s
What i want cuz what do we Have right Now but do we have all of These oh?
Man i think we do
Actually You don’t have a rack Knit but That’s okay we don’t really we don’t really like to need those the halo ones are actually
Cool is that The blade no it’s fine the hail is good okay i always want
To make sure i have the level 5 engine and The Suspension Hay Is super low baby That’s what i’m talking about okay Exit Garage?
Ladies and Gentlemen We Got That Level 5 engine hmm Let’s go off somewhere and
Try to find a Nice calm spot to do some case openings here we go
Gonna Be a little Careful Man You go fast in this Thing we’re Good we’ll Jump nope that happens Every time i feel like
We Will Just Go we can Kind of Overlook the City from Here it’s Kind of Nice
I’ll even Park It in a Way as iF it’s like oh we’ll park It as iF it’s like a Wall Paper like a Music
Video oh a little Bit Careful there though This Thing Moves so fast
Do you see you guys Will see what i mean you see there you go it’s like a Music video
With some case openings you Guys have Been Generous enough to Just give me a bunch of cases i Am
real I never Even Asked for them i Just officer i have 2600 in My
Inventory I don’t know where did they come from i think it was Alex Who told me that People can Just give them out Which
I think is is that true i don’t know
Open Up we’re gonna be going ahead and Doing them legendary cases we Won’t Be gettin all the Crazy Stuff Mrs.
Libre Is a Legendary Skin Right there i’m not too bad i’m not about at all What can i say This means It’s like 1%
Common Both so this means you’re guaranteed to get something Like Pretty Good is there like
super super rare Like something Absolutely
Insane because i know them like Murder mystery case unboxings and Stuff you can Unbox Like
Crazy Stuff Like There’s The There’s The Godly There’s The Godly Items Whereas in This i don’t know if there’s Actually Godly
Let’s Actually Add This all Up you know 67 plus 1 Is 68 then you Got 70 oh?
So this Only Adds Up to
99 there is that 1% chance That there’s gonna be something Crazy Guys think about
67 plus 22 plus 7 plus 2 Plus 1 Adds Up to
99 that means i have a Feeling There’s a
1% chance that you can Get some Godly item oh there was that Uncommon Thing There Was that the case is it the 1% chance?
to get a different case and then You open that case and then
It’s like It Just Becomes It Goes more and more and more Deep there’s so many different Depths to the oh There’s the
Ultra whoo is that What i want it i want
To get the ultra case That’s What we’re going for
We Got a tier 5 case wait a Second so there’s a tier 5 case then There’s the oh those are the ultra cases oh?
No, so we Actually Want Because that means Uncommon Than common and then that so these are Actually The best cases so What’s the big
That we’re trying to get What’s the big boy
Unless we are doing the big Boys i don’t really know did i really Already Get Like Just the best
possible car i mean we do Still Need to get the helicopter
That’s still
Duplicate items With 3,000 cash Instead i Mean ain’t not so bad i’m so bad what can i say we’re actually getting a Decent
Cassia’s well we now have
26,000 i appreciate where they have donut as well
3000 Gasps Just Like That we’re getting cash real Fast plus 3000 cash that means that we Can Then
Spend it on on this stuff for the helicopter oh Diamond Please line on Diamond
Oh yes
Oh man i did have diamond Diamonds so Good is It a Diamond Like Stupidly Expensive Should We Get a Diamond
That i’d Be Pretty Good i think We Should do It i had a Cool cool cool so we’re Just getting The nice normal grange
Is a duplicate items so we’re good oh?
No, the cops are after me please know the place i tell i don’t want It i Just want
To go equip the diamond there so where am i going Exactly Let’s get a Sick Drift
Like What’s going Way too fast for that to actually accomplish anything okay Just like That
Let’s go
Diamond oh
Yeah What does the frost look like Actually frost it’s Kind of cool then there’s camo What’S the coolest one get?
taxi Hit cow
Rainbow I think yeah Diamonds Like Pretty Sweet Man We Got a Diamond
Bugatti Veyron Level 5 engine Fully Upgraded that is insane
yes wow this is this is Pretty Crazy Though This is like Pretty ridiculous of a Thing to own i think
Does It Get Much Better Than This i guess a Helicopter is really The next move oh?
How do we claim a helicopter though i don’t really Know
Driver okay it’s locked okay we Got to go steal one for Ourselves
In that case we Need to pickpocket a cop let’s maybe do that We Got?
To go up and Around gonna cope with That police Station somehow i don’t know how to do that We Got
To go up on the bridge
okay we’re doing some fast spaces some speed driving
Backwards Let’s Get a Little Drift Going Sick drift so we can Go through The Alleyway a Little Shortcut Right Here hey
Call me vin Diesel duh
Oh i’m stuck okay don’t call me That
It’s okay here we Go now Now we’re almost at the place There’s no
Helicopter Here though oh but the garage is open is there oh i still Just i can’t Get there though
How are we gonna do this Guys How are we going to
Get The end the cafeteria i
Don’t know Perhaps we can Go Around Through Here hold on okay and Excuse me sad i’m on my way back to the prison
Okay a Little Bit of that a Little Bit of this you know are we gonna hit a Jump oh?
Man We Could Probably Hit a Jump the Head here somewhere isn’t there ah up there
Yes oh my Goodness come on speed Speed Speed Speed and oh?
Yeah That’s What i’m talking about and then up ahead here we’ll do a Sick Drift. Oh?
Whoa all right well didn’t quite hit didn’t quite work out there it’s fine we’re gonna try it back This Way
Hold on Let me go well we’re gonna go off that Jump and
I don’t know What That’s Supposed to accomplish oh okay?
That That Didn’t Seem Right Past Here passed a Little Sand castle Wherever that Is oh come on Just Through The Water oh please please?
Please you’re so close you’re so close yes please, oh?
Come on come on come on you Got this you Got this i believe in you i believe in you
Lights and
Sweet oh that looks so cool okay come on though come on man?
you Got This you Got This Man I’m telling You you’ve Got this yes
yes and we’re off we’re still going hard we’re going strong
Gonna Hit it a Bit of an angle the car’s Got a low those
Buttons a Little Low i’ll Admit It we’re in this Nice Little town it’S cute little garage in there
But Where is the prison all the prison’s over here i gotta go through Here this little Tunnel oh man so cool oh? No dude
Drive on Your side of the Road Man She’s Knocking me over no idea how that guy has a license so where exactly?
We’re okay so we’re right Here now i’m gonna stop here man that car looks so cool oh wow oh?
That’s Nice That’s Real Nice so we got to sneak back in i know it’s Weird i’m
Breaking in to the prison as a
Hmm how Exactly do we Go about this though can We Jump Up on the tree to climb the tree oh?
Man What we Climb the tree come on Just like That
Up in oh oh that Actually Worked oh That’s amazing you’re Breaking back in it’s okay not Doing anything Wrong?
Lifting The gate we’re Good all right Actually i don’t know how i’m Supposed to get past this uh, oh!
Hey oh boy can Climb the tree again is this gonna Work how many Times i’ll Be Able to do this huh
Nope not quite please wait i can suppress the button press the button no i need to oh and i’m
Arrested no i knew Why i ran Away from you, haha she Says oh?
You time for Bed into Yourself i’ve Never Actually tried sleeping in Jailbreak That’s because you can’t Really Why don’t you do this
It’s Kind of a Weird Way of sleeping though yeah yeah i’m asleep okay five seconds and i’ll Be Released That’s good and Now
Just gonna Steal Keycard It’s Really as Simple as That we’re the most Wanted though oh yes they were
Breaking Into Places and Whatnot okay where exactly is this you’re a police officer
How many are there any Ways if There’s a Few There’s a Few There’s a Bunch There’s a
Handful There’s some Prisoners Hanging Out Around here and the
Any Police offices though it’S uh, oh there’s a Prisoner in there oh?
So does That Mean oh Hell oh?
No, no, no no it’s okay it’s okay no pickpocket you Just got a pickpocket Real quick Just like Real quick oh?
Come on i was so close and Keep Pickpocketing Pickpocketing no?
No and i’m arrested no i was Just trying to pickpocket you really i wasn’t asking for much
I don’t know how i’m gonna be Able to upgrade this helicopter unless
What if i Just went police
That Makes Everything So much Easier and I’m still in prison What oh come on
Mmm all right all Right Here we Go here we Go no is wait um hello sir
Don’t Worry I’M not gonna do anything – Yeah i’m John My good cop i’m a Good guy it’s okay i do need to put
on my uniform Just so that You Know otherwise it’s gonna be Kind of confusing Understand there is
Gunshots Going on Right Now Just gonna keep going I’m gonna ignore That
something Like That Didn’t Happen hello fellow Prisoner oh not fellow prisoner anymore for you see i am a cop hey
okay so we’re going Here this Guy’s Just Shooting Around is It common That’s Very irresponsible
and Now i am a true puli self asuri a little flashlight – Hey okay
So let’s go up high and Around and
Up to thee oh Where did the helicopter go it was Just here no?
No, no
Okay well god where i have to go to the other the other the other oh What Was that oh?
That Looked so painful here we Go you Just hoping that you get back in it as you have a Ron Baby whoo
Yeah The Diamond Veyron
Now we can drive to where the other helicopter is and then we’ll Be Able to we’ll be Able to make a Real good yeah
Couldn’T Have parked It Better Wait a Second so i just see them oh no the helicopters still there okay Good
so we Climb Up here Very Good Very Good – yes yes and then
Enter Driver and then We Just Got a flight into the garage it’s not how that Works i
Don’t know maybe i can Actually lock this i’m gonna Go ahead and lock That helicopter it is mine oh yes
so the garage for the helicopter Just Land on top That’s amazing and Just like so a
Little Bit of a Landing Right There That Was a Perfect Landing Actually oh my goodness
texture can We Go no Way can We Go diamond texture we Can
Body Color We Just Make It the exact same Thing as the Veyron That’s cool oh?
No, no no Actually i do want Get Window Color Was really Cool as Black Yeah
Unless Should We Though Yeah i think so unless we Go like Yellow White Kind of Works Red
Matt Let’s Go matt we’re gonna buy that how do i do That
How do i buy that how do i go yes i want That
Exit garage no Why isn’t it saving come on man okay window color and i Select matt and then i Just click buy yes
Confirm accepts Where’s Wise Why is this so difficult yes please
I would like to purchase that thank you we also go like a oh
Whoa that’s cool sweet so how do i Actually like purchase this though
How do i this is this ridiculous Galaxy Whoa
40,000 how much Would bulk a Know
How Much Would diamond Be I don’t know kate Body-color come on Man This is infuriating Why can’t They Just sell this to me?
It’s not Working Enter Exit garage and Then It Just Goes to default i don’t understand do you know what we Got a Diamond
Helicopter for Crying Out Loud What more could you ask for huh now i just did it go fly this into the ocean oh?
No i can’t oh Great well they’re fantastic
All i wanted Was a Diamond Helicopter Fully Upgraded That i could Fly Into the ocean i
Really don’t Know Why That’s so much to ask
for Ladies and Gentlemen I Would Like to thank you so much for Joining me for another
Roblox Adventure if You Enjoyed please do remember to leave the video a Like Maybe even
Subscribe to the Channel if you haven’t already and Other Than That Though Guys i Will see you in the next one?

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