100 Comments on “Maisie Williams Knows the End to Game of Thrones”

  1. I was thinking of commenting something with 'a girl' but I guess almost 50 other people had the same idea.

  2. Unfortunately we now all know the end to game of thrones. And they must not have shot several fake endings – the spoilers that appeared around episode 4 were exactly right.

  3. So she actually did spoil something! “You know Jamie Lannister? Yeah he is dead!” It was a joke but she was telling the truth!

  4. i think if there is any up coming roles maisie should be taking is ( chucky rebellion ) the 8th – i would be thrilled

  5. people commenting " who is Jimmy talking to, I see No one"
    yeah peeps, you've gotta make A famous reference…. whatever..
    but she wasn't invisible in the Show was she?

  6. This young lady, Massie, is gorgeous and such a loveable actress, I hope to hear that she'll be in more work in the near future! What a nice interview

  7. 2:05

    She stayed like that to try and stop the stroke she was gonna have after reading that trash they call Game of Thrones

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