Mario DEFEATED! Cap Kingdom! – Super Mario Odyssey – Episode 1

Hello Zebra Herd and welcome to Super Mario Odyssey! Hello Zebra Herd and welcome to Super Mario Odyssey! The wait is finally, finally over for a brand new 3D Mario adventure. I’ve been waiting all year. I know plenty of people have been waiting so long for this. So thank you for joining me, I really hope you enjoy my playthrough of the game. I know everybody is playing the game right now, so thank you for checking out mine too. I’m sure plenty of people just want to play the game, themselves. They’re getting sick of everyone else playing it. So if you’re watching me, thank you I really appreciate it! This game is huge! I want to 100% it, but I want to know if you guys are interested in seeing that. So if you want to see a full playthrough 100% of all the 800 million Moons you could collect, or whatever is in the game, let me know! I’d love to hear, but for now let’s get started with a brand new adventure with Super Mario Odyssey! In the skies above Peach’s castle… Oh? We’re getting started pretty quick – oh! Hey! Hold on, what is going on!? Is this the final boss? The game is five minutes long, guys. *chuckle* Wait, wait, wait. Did I miss something? They’re just…. I guess they just want to skip the semantics. Y’know? Oh… What? Okay, so yea we are above Princess Peach’s Castle. Bowser is up to no good. I mean he has already got the wedding outfit on and everything. Like, we’re in the middle of the battle right now! This is the end… For you! Oh! The Hat! No! Catch it Mario! Or not, I mean I guess there is more important than a hat happening here. Oh boy! Watch out! Oooooh! And he’s outta here! (Princess Peach) Mario! Oh? What is on her head? She has got a little tiara with eyes. Oh no. And all that remains of Mario is just a hat! And now that’s gone too. Jeeze! They don’t pull any punches! Time for my wedding with Peach! Jealous, Mario!? I don’t think he can hear you. He’s at least like 5 miles away from here. (Princess Peach) Help me! Alright, see ya Bowser! Oh no, the hat! It’s okay! You’d think he’d be able to dismantle it with little squish. Seem to be fine – Oh. I spoke too soon. *chuckle* It’s both funny and horrible! It’s just, that happened so quick. Who are you? Are you a Boo? Wait, are you… Ohhh! Okay. I know a little bit about the game. I tried not to spoil myself too much. Oof! Mario is out cold. Is that just a Boo taunting him like “Haha!” Oh, no! That’s the character that caught our hat. Is that… Who I think it is? Can I move? Oh! Look around. Ooo! Fancy little photo on the bottom right. Oh hello! You okay Mario? Can I jump? No, I’m still just looking around. Wow, this place is beautiful. Uh, jump! Hey, what’s up! Oh! Hello! No, come back come back! Wow, look at this place. This is insane! Oh, I don’t want to to jump off of here. Wow, this place… everything has a hat! Even the buildings. This feels amazing Oh my gosh I love how he moves. He puts his little hands out and everything. This place is like super spooky. Hello. Oh, no come back! Come back! Can I slide? Aw, I can’t slide down the moutain. That’s fine, I’ll figure it out. This is so amazing. Hello frogs! Oh, the frogs have hats too. Hello! Hey. Oh. Oh! *chuckle* Sorry! Sorry! I don’t mean to be mean to ya. I was just trying to say hello. Alright, well they don’t seem to be the chatter-box type. Where ya goin? “Who… Who are you?!” Hey it’s another one of you, but you don’t look as fancy. “You’re not one of them, are you?” Uh, if you mean Italian Plumbers unfortunately yes. Hello? It’s okay little guy. I just want my hat piece back. Aw, his hat was all like, frilled because he was scared. So sorry for running away like that. You startled me, and… I do startle easily… I saw what happened earlier. You’ve been through quite the wringer! You’ve landed in the Cap Kingdom. We’ve been under attack by the same monster that gave you such a trouncing! So he’s been here too, huh? And to make matters worse, the fiend has kidnapped my little sister! Ohhhh! That’s awful! Awww! Poor little sister…. I don’t know her name. I’d hoped to give chase to that monster in a ship of my own. You have a ship? Unfortunately, all of our airships were wrecked in the attack. Wow, okay. Sophisticated hat society! Although, now that I think on it… I’m fairly certain there’s a functioning ship in the next kingdom over. I could get us there, if only I could reach the top of Top-Hat Tower… which is being guarded by the monster’s henchmen. Oh my! A Koopaling maybe? You know… It seems we’re after the same thing… Perhaps we should team up! Let’s see if we can’t help those two! Okay, yea! Oh no! Our hat! Oh? What are you… Not exactly Mario’s style. …Not your style? Yea, that’s what I said! Not your style. How about this? Aw, I like him! I guess, yea, he’s Cappy. Yay! Beautiful, I love it! Perfect! Woooooah! That’s awesome! So we got ourselves a boomerang hat! Cappy is now your companion! Hooray! So, how do we do that? Try throwing me with “Y”! Okay. Woah. So we can throw the Cap, or we can also shake the joycon. Okay, that works too. Woah! How’d I do that? I don’t know, but I did a little… Hmmm… But you can also, yea that’s really weird. If I shake the Joy-Con it does a different kind of throw. Is there any way to do that kind of throw normally? Because I don’t really like shaking the Joy-Cons around too much. Either way, wow this place is beautiful. Let me break a crate! There’s nothing inside. Or is there? Ooo, what’s down here… Am I adventuring, am I going to wrong way? I have a feeling I’m going the wrong way. But there are posters… Like what, to the Wedding? Looks like it. What’s that say? Bowser and Peach in a Royal Wedding. Yea, that’s what it is. Okay, he’s making it seem like it’s a movie! Jeeze. Bowser is a jerk! But I think we all already knew that. Oh my gosh. So what is going on around here? Um, maybe I can butt stomp this? Oh! I can…. Hello you. “My airship… My beautiful airship, ruined!” Oh, maybe I can help! There was a little arrow pointing to this. Maybe I could like… Um, maybe Cappy can help? Oh, well I just broke it some more didnt’ I?
*chuckle* Oops, sorry buddy. There’s no way I can help you out here? I guess not. “Try jumping up and tossing me onto that post.” Which post? This post? Oh, woah! Oh okay! Look at that! He’s more than just a hat, more than just a boomerang. He does so much more! That’s awesome. Can he… yup! He can break that one too. Woah, that one had a bunch of coins. Now I know that coins are… very important in this game. I don’t know for what purpose, but…Oh wait. I see you back there. Oooh. Oooh, there was 10 more coins. Awesome, I love that! “Are you head for Top-Hat Tower? The entrance is up ahead.” I will be, soon enough. Awww, you can even grow the little plants. I like that! This is so cool, there’s like little things to do everywhere. And we get some extra health, if we needed it. Hello you. “I can see the monster’s minions from here, but all I can do is float helplessly and watch! So there’s really not too much we can do around here it seems. Beyond just, you know, pick up some coins here and there. Which I’m sure will be helpful. Can I break this stuff? I can’t. There’s clearly something under there though. Maybe I can come back. Oooh, this is like one of those things where I can just come back and get more stuff. Hello you. “Welcome to Bonneton, pride of the Cap Kingdom!” “Do you know about the Action Guide?” Show me! What is this? Okay, what’s happening?
Oh is this like, uh, oooh! Okay! So I can learn a bunch of stuff here. I wont do this here. Of course if you have any tips for me you can let me know. “You can see it anytime! Just open the menu with _ and then select Action Guide.” Cool. Cool. Cool. Thanks for letting me know, Sir! Ow! *chuckle* Looks like I really need that Action Guide, don’t I! Let me just quickly break these crates. I mean, I know these kinds of games of course are all about the collectibles. So if I collect whatever I can, I’ll gladly do it. I mean, I’ve love 3D Mario platformers. I’m no stranger to them, I’ve played through Super Mario Galaxy on the channel. I’ve played through a bit of Galaxy 2. *chuckle* Waaaaah! I said I was no stranger to them. I did not say I was good at them. Oh no! You do lose coins! Oh, that ain’t no good! Oh gosh, we definitely wanna earn up a bunch of coins. Luckily, it seems like all of the coins come back once we do that. So at least, like, honestly that might be a good way to grind for coins. You just die and comeback and… oh wait. It definitely seems like I missed some stuff. I know I’m dilly dallying a little bit, so I’ll go ahead and check out this one last thing. There’s like a little… something something going on over here. And then after that, I will skiddadle. We will go and go up to the top of Top-Hat Tower. Wow, that was a lot. That was definitely worth dying if I’m gonna find new stuff for it. Okay, gonna get these 10 coins right here. And we are good. We can go to the Top-Hat Tower. What does this say? “Travel Tip: Cap Throw and Hold” “Want to break a whole stack of boxes or hit a ? Block a bunch of times?” “Just press and holdt the Y button to do a Cap Throw and Hold. Your cap will hover for a bit and keep spinning!” Oh look, and the gave us a little thing to practice on. Very interesting! I like that. Let’s break up this stuff as well. We can really move quick too! I like it. I like how there’s a little compass as well. I don’t know what the compass will be used for, I mean I guess to keep our direction. Even the little birds have hats! That’s amazing! So you might know that we have been playing other 3D platformer. Or at least another 3D platformer this month. And that is A Hat in Time. That is actually similar in some kind of feel to this game. I 100% completed that one as well. It was a lot of fun, and no! This is the worst time to have a low battery! Oh no! “What odd little fellows!They seem to know you! And… not like you…” Yea, they’re Goombas. But they’re golden? Why do we got Golden Goombas? Maybe because they drop coins? Weird. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the lighting. It’s so dark and gloomy here, normal colored Goombas look a little golden. Well, we got our health back! Hmmm… Oh wow, I can get rid of ’em. Down with your graffiti posters! Propaganda? None such in the Cap Kingdom! “Try trowing me at that door!” Ah, okay! Throw a hat at a hat door and it opens in a hat like fashion! Inside Top-Hat Tower. Wow. This looks a lot bigger than it did on the outside. Um, oh this is so cool. Oh, this is so cool! Let’s get some extra coins. I don’t know what the coins will be used for, maybe I think you can get more outfits and stuff for them. Maybe more hats? Well, no. I think you only need one hat. Or maybe at least, you know, I know there are outfits. I don’t know if they are cosmetic or if they do anything. Hello! Oh! Wait! Oh yea I forgot! I forgot that this happens! What!? Oh my gosh that is so weird! Oh jeeze. Oh I hope you can swim Mario! Woaaaaoooh! We’re going into a frog’s brain! This actually takes longer than I thought it would. *chuckle* Okay… Hello? (Mario) Ribbit. Ribbit! *chuckle* Aaaaahhh! We’re a little froggy! You captured a frog! Okay. So wow look at this. So do we have our own moves? I can… It says I can dash, but I’m pressing dash. I guess we just run a little bit faster. And then we can jump. Woah! Look at how high we can jump! That’s awesome! So, up! Oooooooh! That’s is so cool! We’re a little froggy frog! Hippity hoppity! Oh gosh, there we go. Oh yea, and we can hop out of the water no problem. Hello little Goombas! How do I leave being a frog? I guess I can’t? Or maybe if I get hit. Oh, I hit you no problem. There we go. Boop. Boop. Boop. Haha! Easy! Yea, but how do I stop being a frog? There has to be a button for that, right? Um, that’s the map. Okay. I mean I love being a frog, don’t get me wrong. I just want to see, can I become a Goomba? What are my limits here on what I can become? I can imagine just about anything, huh? Oh no, wait they give me coins? Okay frog brethren I’m so sorry. But I must drench you for your money. Alright. Wup! There we go. There we go. This is so crazy. We can get way over here. I’m going to ignore that Goomba for now because I want to get all the way over to here. And you can just hop out of the water like it’s ground. It’s crazy. We’re getting so many coins. Woah, the Goombas came back. Good to know that they do come back at some point. Really whenever you turn your back on them. Those darn Goombas always waiting to attack you from behind. Alright, let’s see. Boop! Ooh that platforming skills are starting to come into play. Not really, but… I’m trying! Oh gosh, this game is beautiful so far. This is really what I wanted. It’s just, you know, a 3D Mario that has a lot of depth to it. And it’s just, something like Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 64 but, I guess more. I like it so far, that really seems to be what it is. “Press ZL to return to normal.” Oh there we go! Thank you. Thank you my froggy friend. You know, you’re help was appreciated. So I wonder, can I become a Goomba?I hope. Hey look at that! We got, an extra bit of life. Is that permanent? I can only assume not, because that’d be a lot life for this early in the game. Let’s go in here! Are we at the top of the tower? Ooh. Almost. A checkpoint! Top-Hat Tower. “That monster has ruined everything!” “Bad days do happen, but you’ve got to keep a stiff upper brim!” “Can’t you do something to help us?” I’m trying! Can I be you? Ah, I can’t because you already have a hat. “Who can be responsible for this?” “I’m so scared, I can hardly move!” Alright, well don’t worry I’ll take care of it. “That monster’s long-eared henchmen are still on Top-Hat Tower.” Oh? Long eared henchmen? Well that ain’t gonna be the Koopalings. What is over here? Something again. Like little bits of debris that I can’t get by just yet. Maybe our hat can get stronger. “I left my darling in the plaza. I do hope she’s all right.” “Maybe we should run away…”

“Maybe we should hide somewhere…” I mean, you guys already are hiding. Okay, well we’ve gone this way. Not much I can do at the moment. So, let’s go back. Alright, so let’s go up here… Ooh, bunches of coins! We have over 200 of them already. The coins are definitely going to be used for something. Because there are no lives in this game. We’ve already died once and we didn’t lose any- Oh. Hello. Oh you guys are definitely not the Koopalings! You’re bunnies! Oh, you’re adorable, but also sort of creepy. “Heh heh! Da boss warned me there’d be a fella widda mustache comin’ along!” “Guess we oughta introduce ourselves… We’re da wedding planners for da happy couple.” “Dey call us… da Broodals!” The Broodals? I guess like The Bridals? “We got dat treasure we needed, so we ain’t got no more business in dese parts.” “Of course, roughin’ up goody-two-shoes meddlers WAS in da contract… so I guess we still got a little work to do!” Oh boy… You gonna kick my butt? I don’t think so. Woah he’s got three hats! Oh gosh he’s out-hatting us! Beat him up Cappy! Oh gosh, maybe that was a mistake. Um, woah! Okay. Hold on, can I become him? I can not, but I can land on his head. So some guys you just can’t transform into. Maybe they’re too strong. Oh, hey! Be careful. Okay, we got it. And then… Is he in this hat? Oh yes he is. Okay. So we got to get rid of all of his hats, and then land on his on his head! Was that it? Wow, he only took two hits. Pathetic! He can’t even take the normal 3 hits most Mario enemies take. Welp, there we go! What is this? Oh, it’s a zipline! To the city… “Most impressive! Now let’s use this wire to make our way onward!” Okay! Look at this go!
*chuckle* That’s amazing! Super Mario Odyssey! Wow, what an opening. That is so exciting! Haha! I’m having so much fun. Like, even if I’m really bad at this game which I probably will be. I’ll probably be really bad. I’m having so much fun, and I want to keep having fun. Woah! Cascade Kingdom. Fossil Falls. I thought we were going to New Donk City, that’s the only one I know besides the starting area (Cap Kingdom). Woah! We’re going quick! Haha! I wonder if this hurts? He looks like he is in pain. Poor Mario!~ Bwah! Got a mouthful of grass. Our First Power Moon! Ooh! That is so cool! “Woo! Yeah! What a ride! And we made it to the Cascade Kingdom!” “Sorry… still a bit amped from capturing a power line. Must collect myself.” “Thwerw should be an old airship somewhere around here. Let’s see if we can’t find it!” Okay! Wow this place is beautiful! And we get to collect donuts? On the top left, that looks like a donut to me. Donut Kingdom… *gasp* Donut! Give it! Wow, okay. 3 out of 50? Oh! So I think those are coins that are exclusive to this area. We’ll pick up this. Waterfall Basin. Oh, can I become a bird? Awww, he ran away. That would’ve been awesome! Hello? Woah. Oh! Helpful! I like it. Oh there’s more donuts! I need the donuts! 6 out of 50, okay. So let’s see if we can’t find all 50 coins. I’m sure it will be helpful for something. And, you know, I’m just a collect-aholic. I just love to collect it all. Oh hello you. I want to just become things now. I don’t even want to fight enemies. Oh look at me finding all the secrets right away. Okay cool! Let’s hit that, hit that, hit that! Yea! We’re doing good. We’re doing good. Oh jeeze it’s a Chain Chomp! He’s not looking nice. So obviously it seems to be a little bit different from Super Mario Galaxy, Sunshine, 64 in the way that you don’t get to hop into a level and choose what you want to do. You chose your star and that’s how the level begins. It all seems to sort of be consistent. Can I do anything to you? Can I be- I can become you! Oh this is amazing! So I can Win Up and then fly the other way! Oh that is so cool! So let me go ahead an try to break some of these blocks. Maybe we can find more donuts in them. I know of course we could just break this and get our first Moon piece, but I could always do that. You know? Let me get some other stuff. Get some easy coins as well. Okay there’s only one left, and I think this one is probably wont have it. But it’s worth trying! Oh no, I didn’t get that other one. I have to get them all. We must get the donuts! There we go. That one didn’t have too much. So, I think we’re gonna go and get our fist ever Moon! They’re called Moons, right? In other Mario games they give you 3 1-ups. So, interesting. And… we got it! That is so cool! You got a moon! Our first Power Moon! Hooray! There was a little thing on the top left there. I guess there is five Power Moons to get in this area? So yea, now the area continues. It just grows from here. Multi moon Atop the Falls! Woah! Oh that’s the other Bunny lady. She looks way bigger than she did on the ship. “Oh we found a Power Moon!” “What a lucky break! This will come in handy to power the airship! Have you ever seen anything like it?” I guess so. So we’re in Cascade Falls right now. Is this the place he said the Airship is going to be? I’m not really sure. Oh, we did the triple jump! Oh… A little hat building. “Ah, there it is! This is what we were looking for!” “It’s look a bit more rough than I’d expected… Ah, not, it’s just an older model. I’m certain it can still fly!” This thing? “Let’s give it a shot, shall we? Just through me on that globe there!” Okay. So using our little Power Moon here… This big old hunk of junk is going to be able to get us anywhere? Not quite yet… “Huh… Nothing’s happening? That Power Moon must not have given the ship enough energy…” “I wonder if we can find more around here…” I sure hope so! So it looks like our job is not quite done. Oh wait, there’s another one here. Woah! What was that? It’s a bunch of coins! Gimme it! Where you goin? Come back! Don’t you get away from me! Yea, I got it! I love how the little water sprinkles on the screen. So which way are we supposed to be going? I guess there is no ‘Supposed to be’. I could hop up here , and then… Maybe get up there, I’m not really sure. I’m just going to have so much fun exploring! That’s what I’m excited about. Can I climb up walls just a little bit? Nope. Trying to get a little use out of platforming. We can do a bit of a side jump. I want to make sure we get all the donut coins we can. I don’t really know what flavor they are if they are purple. Is there something down there? No I think it’s just foliage. Alright, had to make sure. Ah, I really want to become a bird. “Face the pole or tree and press ‘B’ to grab on.” What’s up here? It is a little hard to see. Camera is not really letting me… oh there’s a coin! Better than nothing! Oh, but we do get a really great view of everything. You can see there is more coins over there, but how am I going to get over there? Oh, that’s scary! I’m sure that there is fall damage at some point or another. I did see some purple coins up here! Oh look at me! Look at this little Chain Chomp family! Adorable! So we got 15 out of 50 of these coins. Could I make this jump, maybe? Ah, that hurt. How am I getting up here then? It has a little Bullet Bill on it. Haha. Is that like a fossil? A Bullet Bill fossil? That’s pretty cool! Interesting! I don’t know if I’m doing something correctly, incorrectly there. I wonder if can take one of these Chain Chomps, well, off the chain. That’d be pretty interesting as well. Oh! Oh my gosh! The dinosaur! “Goodness! Look at the size of that thing!” Ooooh! Oh, you messed with the wrong T-Rex! Let’s go! You know, I enjoy being a Zebra but the obviously the next best thing would be a T-Rex. Oh gosh, can we take on the Chain Chomps? This is insane! There’s just a normal to scale T-Rex that exists in the Mario world. Can we attack? Oh, look at that. There’s another Moon in there! Look at what we found! Got ya! See you, buddy. I just disrupted this Chain Chomp family, and I sort of feel awful. So we can run, we can be a bit quicker than we are right now. And I could go down here… I just don’t know if it’s really worth while. Aw, I don’t know if that was a good idea. I don’t know, can we not get up there anymore now? Uh oh. I might have just made a mistake. Okay, hold on. There ya go! This is so cool! I thought there might have been a bit of a build up before we were a T-Rex, but no it’s the first 30 minutes of the game we’re T-Rex-ing it up! Oh, they’re back! Sorry, about to disrupt this family again. Let’s go ahead and get our second Power Moon. While the T-Rex takes a little nap. He’s adorable. And grab it! Hooray! You gota moon! Chomp Through the Rocks! I like how it gives you a little date too. Of course it’s the same date as the release date of this game. Alright, so let’s get up here. Oh, okay. So there’s plenty to find around here. Now I did one to pull up the map and take a little look see at this. This area isn’t very big, but it looks like I can warp to any flag pole I have found. That’s not just a check point, that’s also a warp state. Which is really cool. Now blocks like this have me curious. I wonder, once again, there was debris in the previous dark and spooky first area. Maybe there is ways we can clear this debris as well. Ooooh! Okay, so I can throw my cap and collect things that way as well. So that’s a good strategy to keep in mind. Hmmm. I feel like I probably have missed everything. Well, not everything, but I’ve missed some things. How do I do this? Seems like if I could… oh man I almost got it! Can I turn on all of the flowers? Or make them all bloom? Maybe I’m not doing that correctly. How about we ready the sign! Oh man, the view though! The view is amazing! “Travel Tip: Spin Throw.” “When you’re surrounded by enemies and just wish you could hit them all at once…” “snap the Joy-Con to the side to do a Spin Throw. Your hat will spin all around you!” Okay, I will try it. I’m not a big fan of the motion controls. Ow, I just hit my desk. And that’s really why. Not only that, but I have arthritis and it ends up hurting my wrist after a while. Anyways, I wont complain about it. We’ll just get this flag pole! Therer we go, we’re at Stone Bridge. But I think that’s where we will be finishing it off for Super Mario Odyssey Part 1! We still have so much more to do, but I only have so much time to get this video up today. So I figure that’s where we’ll start our adventure. There will be plenty more to come, so stay tuned for more Super Mario Odyssey. Along with plenty of other stuff, we got some awesome Spooky videos coming up to celebrat Halloween. But for now, thank you guys so much for watching today’s episode of Super Mario Odyssey! If you watch to this point of the video, make sure you comment “Zebra Hat” so I know you’ve watched to the end and are a Zebratastic viewer! Check out more episodes like this one on your screen right now, or subscribe to join the Zebra Herd! Either way, thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you next time, bye bye!

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