Matchday at Girling RFC with their mini and junior rugby teams

*Players singing a song* Girlings Mini and Juniors was set up two
years ago. Christian and Joe, two of the coaches, an under nines coach and under eights coach, set it all up from scratch. We now have an under sevens, under eights and under nines. So
we’re trying to attract more players for those teams for next season. Trying to
raise sponsorship for new kits and keep us going basically. It’s hard to compete
with teams like Croesy and Cwmbran because they got the majority of players
and so it’s hard to compete but we are getting there slowly.
We start about 9 o’clock, we come down to set the stall up for all the drinks and
coffees and teas. Set the pitch up, clean the pitch, make sure it’s all good for the kids and organise everything then to get everyone here to warm them up ready for the games. So it’s all touch 7s and 8s tag rugby and under nines is the first
tackle rugby so they’re the first contact. Tag rugby, well we are supposed to play 6 a side. Everybody has two tags for the velcro belt. It’s six tags, the ball gets turned over. You can play rules slightly different, you step out of
touch to take a tag. If you knock it on you take a tag but sometimes because it’s kids learning new skills you relax the rules a bit. So every try is
one point not 5 points. Every Sunday home or away. This week we are home
against Croesy . We kicked off 10 o’clock we because we only had six players for our under 7s we played three halves of 8 minutes so everybody gets a game so they all get to touch the ball and get their skill levels up, So training is every
Wednesday night, 6.30pm to 7.30pm. At the moment we are down at Southfields. In the winter we train here at 6pm or 7pm under floodlights on our own little pitch. lf they want to come along to training we can sign you up, you’ve got to register
with the WRU you pay your registration fee. It’s mixed boys and girls so it doesn’t matter, 7s, up to 9s, 10s I think it goes up to 11s or 12s you can have boys and girls then it splits again, boys and girls
rugby only. I enjoy it for all the kids the kids naturally love it so building their confidence, their skill levels so they come along and some of them are really timid and they don’t know how to play rugby basically how to catch the ball, run with the ball and just to build their own confidence levels up and make them into a better player for the future really. *players cheering their opponents I love rugby because of the tackling. I love rugby because it gives me more experience to play it when I’m older. I love rugby because it’s really fun and I like getting hurt. I like rugby because of everything. I like rugby because your supported and play as a team To coach this group of players is fantastic. They come here with basic skills and we help them and develop them into fantastic rugby players that will play for Girlings for years and years to come. I love rugby because every time we are home we always beat the other team The one thing I like about rugby is the way you tackle and the way you sidestep and everything. I love rugby and meeting my friends, playing whenever and meeting new people. Meeting new people *Players cheering their opponents*

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