100 Comments on “Max Ivanov Feature – Skating Coach of Malkin, Crosby and the Penguins”

  1. I was the first to do those drills no one did them before i started that more than ten years ago,he copied my drills, thats okay though it continues

  2. Hello Jeremy, thanks for inviting Max! He's one of the best skating coaches, well known in Russia! Max is awesome 😉

  3. That was amazing.  Great to see the kids learning the great game of hockey, too cute. Also great for us older hockey players. Never too old to learn.

  4. Wrapped laces, tape on the ankles, rolled sleeves while on ice, loose skates. Folks, you know that one dusty bender on your team? That's this guy, only this guy is an absolute animal. Thanks for the informational video!

  5. I trained with him a few times and i only went with what he was showing because i couldnt hear him. He was so quiet. I only struggled on one thing though.

  6. inside edge, turn 360, then outside edge one leg, then back flip, then 180, then forward flip. Got it? ok 6 year olds let's do it!

  7. He looks like a combination of Rust and Jagr. Also if he trains the best, does that mean he is better than the best…🤔

  8. Awesome stuff! I just checked your web site and realized we could have made your March camp in St Pete 🙁 Hopefully next time!

  9. Nice videos, my 8 year old wants to skate to play hockey, im a baseball fan have never skated, nor has he, but were giving it a go, im trying to learn to skate, to encourage him, im descent shape but im no young spring chicken. Not sure how you guys do all those moves im just trying to not fall on my ass. I do enjoy playing hockey video games and im thinking maybe hes been watching me play and thats how he got interested funny how things start

  10. Coach Jeremy, Hey there. Just getting into youth hockey coaching and have been watching many of your videos. Dude, your doing such a great job sharing great content to hockey enthusiasts! As well as the way you put it all together. You're definitely making a name for yourself in history with sharing your knowledge of hockey and all things hockey to know. Nicely done fella! Keep up the success!

  11. Отличная тренировка с детишками. Это будущее хокея. Молодец:-)

  12. Superb video, Coach Jeremy! Ivanov is brilliant all around, as others noted, but especially in his teaching by demonstration. We're putting this edge stuff to work in Madison, Wisconsin now. Thanks, keep it up!

  13. Блять научите меня так базарить плиз на английском.
    Could you teach me this fucking English speech pl!!!

  14. Those are some great drills, but good lord way too advanced for those little kids. They can barely stand let alone do those aggressive edge drills. Would probably be more beneficial when they're maybe a year or two older and more developed.

  15. Having flashbacks to my soccer coach who used to say, "hop, hop, hop, hop" all the time during each repetition. My coach was from Germany so I'm assuming its a European thing. Totally made me crack up though knowing its just not soccer coaches who use this.

  16. So this video just made me subscribe to your channel & thumb up & add to my saved videos & download for offline. These drills are insane. Hope I could only be half as good as this guy.

  17. This is why hockey players look like they're just as comfortable on skates doing all that stuff as the average person looks while just walking. I am more mesmerized from hockey skating than I am figure skating. This video showed me why!

  18. Lovely to watch the technique on this guy. I find it amazing that these kids are actually managing to somehow keep up! These drills would be hard for any level.

  19. Well, if it was not a joke, then obviously he has no kids of his own. And zero pedagogic skills when it comes to kids. I´ve played hockey my whole life, and no one will get those circles right on the first go – maybe not at all! Way too complicated for anybody and way too fast for kids of this age. Otherwise very good thrills. Keep on truckin and improve your english! -greetings from FINLAND #WC2019

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