Meccano Pinball Flipper Mechanism (Ver. 3)

Meccano Pinball Flipper Mechanism (Ver. 3)

A Meccano flipper mechanism version 3.
What was wrong with version 2? Well the gear on this motor wore out.
It was joining to these gears here with a very narrow face and it slowly wore this pinion down.
So here I’ve used a large wide faced gear wheel to connect to.
Before I did all this I tried to use this motor for the mechanism but it is not quite powerful enough.
This motor has an internal gearbox with special hardened gears which wouldn’t wear out.
Anyway this works quite well. I’ve simplified the mechanism a bit.
There are contrate wheels here now to give the right-angle drive when there used to be bevel gears.
That means the clutch mechanism can be on the same rod as the contrate drive.
With the bevel gears, they can disengage if this rod is moving back and forwards.
So that simplifies the mechanism a bit and makes it quite a bit more powerful.
I’ve reduced the electromagnet and motor voltage from 12v to 9v and that reduces the wear even more.
These army road wheels make very good clutches. I was using rubber rings and they tended to wear out…
… in a few hours. The army road wheels last very well against a sprocket wheel clutch plate.
The sprocket wheel provides a very flat face.
There are stops for the flippers, you can see one there. There is also one at the back for when it lowers.
Underneath the mechanism there are tension springs which allow the flipper to come back down quickly.
Let’s see it work.

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  1. Vraiment fournidable et bravo monsieur. Moi je cherche un moyen davoir des verins si vous avez des idée la dessus merci et encore bravo. De France…

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