MGSV : Gun Eater

MGSV : Gun Eater

A Hind-D?
Only one way to deal with the Hind-D.
Watch this. You guys watching? Watch this.
Say Hi…
To Shadow Jesus for me!
You son of a bitch!
Took me three thousand tries to do that shit baby!
That’s some badass shit!
Now witness my special move!
Are you fucking kidding me?
That’s his dad?
That doesn’t make any sense.
Ok. This is the least dramatic way to find this out.
This is the worst.
Ok watch this guys watch this.
Ba ba ba ba ba *bas intensify* ba
This man’s mind
Has been torn in two
[Decoys repeat “kept you waiting huh” and “You’re pretty good”]
He can never find me now.
Oh no, he found me.
He found me almost immediately.
Oh. Never mind.
He thinks that’s the one.
He’s shooting at that guy.
Ohh. Ohh. Now he’s changed his mind!
Ohh now he thinks that- OHHH now that’s the one
Oh shit what is he-
Ohhh, grenade!
This is a good one
*Grenade enters the realm of the heavens*
*Grenade releases all of his built up tension*
[Japanese anouncer] ROCKETU PAWNCH!
[♫ Guile’s Theme plays♫]
Now Richard, Don’t be moving.
Don’t be making any moves.
I now have enough C4 on these men
to blow them to kingdom fuck.
So if anybody make a move.
Don’t you-
Don’t you be doin’ that!
There’s always gotta be that one guy
that ruins it for everybody.
And… Goodbye.
Now Franklin…
I hope you learned a valuable lesson here.
Don’t be making any moves.
… And there he goes.
He’s going for it right away.
Almost there…
You know what me and a fruit roll up have in common?
Fuckin’ Patriots.
I hate those guys.
Oh shit they’re coming back.
You can never get me!
I am a master of stealth.
… And … GO!
[♫MGS main theme plays♫]
Stick em up!
You guys are under arrest.
[Slowed down] Ohhh shit.
[Slowed down] Ohh shit!!
Aww you see that!?
That’s some badass shit right there
It a truck! Quick!
Jump in front of it!
It didn’t work..
His plan doesn’t work…
Beep beep.
Who ordered the hundred big bosses?
Now Richard don’t be movin’.
let me set this up just right.
He’s goin for it.
You stay there.
[♫ Guile’s Theme plays♫]

100 Comments on “MGSV : Gun Eater”

  1. Say hi to Shadow Jesus for me. You son of a bitch! 🤣🤣🤣(VideoGameDonkey NEEDS to do more of this!)

  2. "This mans mind has been torn in two"

    Solider starts to seizure sporadically shooting at every every dummy

  3. I'm dying to this video. My co-workers think somethings wrong with me because of my random loud outbursts of laughter.

  4. It'd be a cool detail if you slowly approached the soldier as he riddles you with bullets, and when you somehow don't die, he will eventually surrender when his mag runs dry

    If only…

  5. Most epic sub this year, and i finally understand MG's plot thanks to your description, it wasn't so hard as i can see, u're genious

  6. Wow that was so creative and awesome timing with the explosives on the truck and the helicopter. I see stuff like that in videos and I wonder why I didn't think of that?!

  7. This is so late, but can anyone tell me what’s that outro song? I swear I’ve heard it before

  8. The description of this video was a marvelous journey, and I can only thank you that you allowed me to accompany you.

  9. То, что ютуб перевел это как "ПОГЛОТИТЕЛЬ ОРУЖИЯ", – очень угарно!

  10. Shadow Jesus XD
    Franklin Dies
    "this man's mind has been torn in two"
    Rocket Too PUNCH!!!!
    fruit rollup comparason with himself :they both hate the super patriots
    "beep,beep anybody order 100 big bosses"
    Dunkey you are too hilarious so much that my stomach started hurting and tears of joy came down,you are the best 👍

  11. Could anyone please tell me the music that's playing in the beginning where the helicopter gets blown up?

  12. First I watched this without sound, just reading subs and all I could hear was David Hayter. When I clicked the video, I had a sad face. Why did you have to ruin this with your dumb voice???

  13. Honestly how could ocelot be big bosses father? He was barely an adult in snake water and big boss seemed a lot older. Damn dude ages well I guess

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