Hello everyone and welcome back to the crazy Minecraft video where today I’m gonna be showing you guys something really cool now mark
My friend zombie has gone ahead and invited us to the wonderful beach where I’m not really sure what he wants us to do
Hello, my friendlies. Don’t be mark. What’s going on today? Why have you brought me to the beach? Is there something wrong?
Hello Naveed. I found some items. You will really love self building houses
Wait, you’re telling me we have self building houses today. That is so cool
The ones I showed you last were amazing, but now I have some newer ones
Once you’re ready just right-click the items inside the chests on the floor. Have fun. Wait, you have them now?
Okay build a house right? Click and watch it build mark. You will let the cool Essam be ever. Are you guys ready here?
We go 3 2 1 wait for a second
What is that?
That is so cool
Okay, it’s gonna keep them going around good
Okay, this is building a slide in front of my eyes. I’m gonna go to game mode one. Let’s do this
Okay, it’s building the first floor right now. See the stairs upstairs. Okay, this is awesome
I’m guessing this is gonna have quite a few floors. Okay, wait for it
Now a do wonder there’s gonna be any furniture inside that will be amazing and on this side
We have a balcony and it’s in front line beach
Some stone good keep going
This is wonderful. Look, is it finished mark mark? My friend zombie isn’t finished
This is so cold
Let’s go inside. I really want to see what this is all about. And where’s the entrance where’s the entrance?
Oh the entrance even opens up to the ocean. This is wonderful. Hello
I’m just trying to come inside which I’m finding hard to do. There we go Wow
Not bad
This is awesome. We have light lit furnaces and everything a crafting table and even a chest full of gunpowder
music coal
Not bad and what do we have upstairs? Hello?
Does anyone actually live here?
There is a bed. So maybe that’s just mark keep going. Keep going
Oh nice now, this is awesome
Okay, let’s go out and let’s see. Can we go upstairs again?
anything here Oh
chest no
There’s nothing inside the chest. Oh hoping there would be something really awesome inside and look at this
This is like the coolest house I’ve ever been in huh. You can do so much with this house
Well, let’s go downstairs and speak to Mike and figure out what he wants us to do now mark mark, what’s going on?
Are we done?
Are we done is this what we had to do today? If so, this was awesome
Something else to do okay, let’s take these out and let’s see what they do mug
What are these for we have? Cobblestone oak wood and also oak wood planks
Wait a second. Good good
wait what this one’s another one I
Can build my own house over here mark, okay. Let’s gonna try this. I’m gonna do it right around here, right?
Dead there we go. Wait for it. It’s building
its building
Yes, this is awesome
okay, let’s get rid of these sand blocks that don’t nice inside my house and
We got out before you even closed up, okay, there we go
Wow me and my can now have actually neighboring houses, this is awesome. There we go
It builds so quick as well. Okay, this is crazy
It’s using a lot of oak wood planks a lot of oak wood and the cobblestone is basically for the roof
There we go, wait wait is almost done and come on is always finished there we go wait for it. Yes
It’s finished and inside is exactly the same as the last one ha mark this was awesome
What do you want us to do now? My friend new zombie mark wait, I’m not inside you are you mark?
Gross, I’ve been inside a zombie that is disgusting. Um, what is this mug?
What do we do? Oh, there’s a button here. Let’s press this button. This is another self building house mark
Oh the button is gone. Okay, wait for it
Something will definitely happen. I have a feeling mark look over here. This is gonna be crazy. Oh, there it is
Mark has definitely seen this before Oh
What was that?
Also, Cabo Stein blogs are coming from the ground and creating the floor
Let me go to game mode one and let’s go see what this is all about
What’s gonna happen next Oh tree tree. Oh nice
This is awesome. I’m loving this so much and oh another sapling
Okay, I’m guessing more blogs are gonna do the other side
What’s next Oh another sapling and I’m guessing this is gonna be. Oh no
It turns into a crafting table and it makes oak wood planks
Awesome. So it’s crafting all the items. It passes through nice. This is amazing. Okay, so what’s gonna happen next?
I’m guessing another sapling or something
Anything can happen next? Oh, what’s that? Oh
Wait, we’ll wait the sound blocked that looks like a worm or something. That is disgusting Oh
Awesome, wait for it. Oh, he’s gonna turn into glass. Of course
And what’s next Oh another sapling wait for it
So more items turning into a chest nice and more oak wood planks to fill up the rest of the room and what now? Oh
There goes oak at the bar. It goes a couple items and wait for it and I’m guessing that’s gonna make the front door
Um, is it gonna work? Is it gonna work?
It is Wow and whoops next. Okay more wood planks. Good good. Keep going
Okay, what’s gonna happen now?
What’s even happening wait for it? Good take us a lot of items. Not bad. Not bad
Mark, are you seeing this? This is so crazy
What all those items going I don’t really know what’s going on anymore
Okay, it’s making so many trees but then it’s not doing anything else. Wait. There’s a giant worm
What is that mark? Are you seeing this? This is crazy
Even for funny zombie. This is crazy. Okay, keep going
Oh, it’s making the roof of course and wait for it. There goes a few more cobblestone blogs
what’s it gonna make I
Was making stairs. Yes. That is awesome. Wait for it. Anything else? Okay. Oh
Is it finished
All the religions are here. I think it’s finished. This can ever cook leg. Hello
I was tiny I think of the villagers run in wow
This has made them a wonderful home mark did you know we’d make a wonderful home. That was so cool
okay, and let me go see us inside this chest a
crafting table some oak wood and also some stone stairs, which I’m just gonna put around the house good and
perfect and
Let’s go inside and also put the crafting table right there, which they would definitely need one day and we are done mark
This is so crazy. Is there any more for us to see or are we time?
Okay. I have a feeling we’re done. Well guys, thank you so much watching. Don’t forget to comment down below
Which one was your favorite house? My favorite house was the second one, even though it’s smaller. It was so much more interesting
Well guys, I’ll see you soon
And don’t forget to also comment down below what you love about mark because with doing shout outs now
I love to give a shout out to this guy for being so awesome. He is so cool and I’ll see you soon
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So guys I’ll see you soon. Peace out

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