100 Comments on “Missouri high school football coach, team under for fire for ‘illegal’ prayer”

  1. I have a question for Fox. I’m a Fox News guy, accept for the Liberals hacks on the network, so here goes. Why cant you comment on certain videos anymore? If you are for freedom of speech, why block certain topics from people commenting?

  2. If its legal for a group of witches to gather and put a curse on our President…how in the hell is it illegal for a highschool football team to say a prayer?

  3. Communist organizations are almost always named some pleasant sounding innocuous name to divert suspicion from their true actions!! Don't be fooled these people are not about freedom of religion they are about destruction of religion!!

  4. We had communism and it was first religion and God is a private matter, keep it at home, then it is religion and God is a personal matter, keep it away from young minds then it was religion and God is a thought crime. To lie and steal for the family and betrayal of your neighbor for your family was an act of survival. Imagine what a society of liars, thieves and backstappers looks like. America it does take long before the Gulags and labour camps are built.
    Czechoslovakia communist 1948-89AD.

  5. It's a public school. Nuff said. I'm Atheist and 99% of my family are Christians and when they all want to say a prayer I simply stand their quietly, but I don't pray. Atheist are NOT bullies. We don't impose any religious belief on anybody; it's other faiths that do that. That said, I'm also a libertarian; the Constitution of the United States of America is the only document I count, and everybody has a right to free speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, due process, etc. etc. I support Trump 100%. The Constitution says we have an Electoral college, a Republic form of government, and the 10th Amendment clearly indicates any power not granted to the federal government is reserved to the states and the people.

  6. "Doesn't matter how many times you change your rulers or forms of government. Without ethics, morality and religion you will not have a lasting liberty." – John Adams


  8. Ben Franklin was an atheist

    Ben Franklin also insisted on having a prayer before each meeting of the Continental Congress

  9. I dont get it, if ya dont want to pray dont pray, no big deal. I'm a prayer but if I wasn't I could care less if my team wanted to pray. What is wrong with people.

  10. One God hater in crowed of thousands, and they give him the microphone and support his hate ,when liberals are in charge of sporting events you will always get this .

  11. I thought we built this country on Christianity I thought that’s how we got our culture are morals are ethics and ideology apparently according to Democrats I’m wrong. Civil War is coming!



  14. The Lord says in His word that if you forget Him, He will tear you to pieces. Give your Life to Jesus before its to late!💖

  15. With his beliefs & honour, I would vote for him if he was green with pink & purple dolkadots! Right is right. Good luck Burgess! 🐻🇨🇦🤗🌻

  16. Newsflash for the idiot liberals, other people praying is not violating anyone's rights, I'm pretty sure no one forced anyone to pray BUT you telling them they can't pray IS a violation of rights granted by the constitution.

  17. Our problem in the United States "is" the result of leaving God out. We have allowed the anti-God groups to push Christian values out. Evil has taken over our nation, that God blessed. The marriage between a man and a woman has been desecrated. Now men can marry men, a perverse act in God's eyes. The shedding of innocent blood with abortion right up to birth, is a sacrifice of the infant to Satan! This is pure evil! God said to be fruitful and multiply. A child is a blessing from God! A gift! To be willing enough to engage in the act that results in conception, should be equally met with the willingness to engage in the maturity and love for the tiny miracle that 2 people are responsible for. An infant is not an object we toss out Just because we don't want it. There are many who would love the responsibility of raising this tiny miracle from God.
    America is going to hell at warp speed and if we do not come back to God, He will put an end to the evil very soon! The warning signs are all around. We've just allowed Satan to blind us to them!

  18. I'm an atheist and groups like this are assholes! They have a right to pray and you have a right to not take part. It's all about mutual respect.

  19. Reminds me of the time I got called into the human resource office because I sent out a Merry Christmas email to all the people in the plant I worked at. We had an atheist in the engineering department who complained. He could have just deleted it, but chose to make an example of me. Oh well…he was not with our company long, thank goodness. 🙏❤😎

  20. Keep praying and pray without ceaseing…this what our Lord instructed us to do..my prayers are with this coach and this team…May God protect you from liberal politics…secular humanism has nothing to do with athletes thanks God for safety and protection in a rough sport.

  21. The moment we were stupid enough to take prayer from our schools was the moment we created the shootings and current negative culture in schools we now have today. Trump needs to roll this back and bring things back, freedom of religion is a thing; the moment we caved to the minority was the moment things started to fall apart for our culture.

  22. What are atheists so afraid of? If they don’t believe in God, we’ll ok. But if they don’t believe in God, why are they trying so hard? No one is forcing anyone to pray. But I would keep on praying if I wanted to. I would rather please my God than these people working for Satan.

  23. It’s an oxymoron in America to have a “freedoms from religion” group. They’re already free to not participate in religious activities.

    But why say no one else can in front of you and then claim you’re about freedom? Hipocrits! Liars! But then…look who they serve.

  24. "Every civil government is based upon some religion or philosophy of life. Education in a nation will propagate the religion of that nation. In America, the foundational religion was Christianity. And it was sown in the hearts of Americans through the home and private and public schools for centuries. Our liberty, growth, and prosperity was the result of a Biblical philosophy of life. Our continued freedom and success is dependent on our educating the youth of America in the principles of Christianity."
    – Noah Webster

  25. They are not eithiest, they r Satanic! An eithiest would care less about prayer or anything related to the Creator. These Satanic people hide themselves under atheism to bully the good people.

  26. Freedom from Religion Society HAS NO IDEA what the 1stA is about. Freedom OF religion, not from it. It is PC destructive silliness.

  27. Good Job Missouri Coach! Thank You candidate Owens for standing up for REAL American values! This Luciferian organization needs to READ the Constitution. US Constitution: Bill of Rights; Amendment I "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; " You Just can't fix stupid

  28. So tired of this stupidity mind your own business atheists. Butt- out Christians dont harass you its funny how Karma is..when it turns you. Find something better to do..

  29. Not a single person alive today would even know who Jesus was if it wasn't forced onto them by their parents or someone else. Keep your beliefs to yourself, respect others for having their own beliefs, it's not that hard to be a good person.

  30. There is not a "freedom from Religion" guaranteed in our Constitution. We ARE guaranteed the Right to freely exercise our religion. This Right IS guaranteed by the First Amendment. Start bringing lawsuits against these jokers.!

  31. all these liberals offend me ; therefore ; i demand they all be arrested and charged with domestic terrorism against me personally . . further ; i also demand they be incarcerated for at least 45 years in a maximum security federal prison . . and then i will file civil law suits against them as well . . . .

  32. What crap! Do they even say the Pledge of Allegiance in school anymore? I hope these godless atheists don't celebrate Christmas or Easter. They are religious holidays. I'll pray for them

  33. Shouldn't that anti religious group be going after Nancy Pelosi and all of the hypocritical Democrats who invoke religion in politics

  34. Yes, a school official leading a prayer at a school function is always against the law.
    Are you surprised?
    We are a Secular nation with Secular laws, and the First Amendment has the Establishment clause.

  35. Fight for the culture… Dude you already lost the argument. Literally nothing about the 1st amendment or engagement in the actual conversation. Get this dude off tv

  36. When he mentions the founding fathers and you remember Thomas Jefferson's "Separation of church and state…" (Engel v. Vitale) (Zellers v. Huff) & (Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe)

  37. The people who WROTE the 1st Amendment started their meetings with prayer, said that our Constitution was written for a "religious and moral people. It is inadequate for any other.". They opened our Congress with prayer and called on God for protection and thanks. Our country was created to allow us to practice our religion. It was not created to ban religious expression. Congress even approved the Bible as a textbook in our public schools. We need to start protecting our rights before we lose them to the oppressive bullies on the Left.

  38. Coming from an ex atheist non christian … if they don't believe in a higher power why the heck do they even care??
    Praying don't hurt ANYONE either directly or indirectly but trying to stop another person from doing what they believe DOES.
    If their child is on this team and they don't want them to participate, teach them they don't have to, but they do have to stand there and keep their mouths shut while others practice their rights.

  39. I'm atheist but I have no problem with people praying. What's the big deal. Why do we need to be free from religion? I don't believe in god but I sure do believe in freedom. Let people believe whatever they want! At the end of the day Churches help millions of people every day and support communities. Who am I to argue with something which ultimately does a lot of good.

  40. Keep on Praying. Maybe if Prayers were happening in California and other places we would not have 2 innocent children MURDERED in school today.

  41. thanks osama , i mean obama barry hussien . i hope trump fixes all this nonsense . keep the evil allah satan worshipping demonrats outbof power. a war between Good and evil and GOD always wins .
    trump 2020

  42. Who else is trigged by goodness?Believers know…God bless those believers to bring blessings to those that don’t believe Him!

  43. What? A prayer, ie, free speech, is a violation of the first amendment, but trying to silence that person from praying is upholding the first amendment? the only attempted violation I can see is this person trying to silence someone else!

    How can you violate a free speech law, with speech? That’s technically impossible! Whereas surely trying to shut someone up from speaking literally is a violation of the first amendment!

    I went to a Christian school as an atheist and so what I had to sing a hymn every now and then, they also taught science which is kind of anti religion and pro atheism and Christians didn’t lose their minds!

    People seriously need to get off their high horses and attacking speech! It’s free speech, that’s the end of discussion! Free speech isn’t there to protect sentences like the dog crossed the road! No one gets offended by that, it’s to protect offensive speech and offensive jokes etc, which is all subjective as to whether it offends someone or not, hence free speech so get over it, stop listening to me if you don’t like what I say!

    This person complaining should be charged for flagrant violation of the first amendment, they’re the only one trying to silence someone!

  44. If I want to pray then I'll pray – not forcing anyone else to pray! … and this is from someone who isn't religious but I understand the principal. Also, and still from a non-religious dude, – I don't like to see ANY religion slammed for expressing their beliefs when they are not hurting anybody. Freedom of expression and tolerance.

  45. Sorry but what that atheistic group is doing IS the violation of the 1st Amendment. They have NO RIGHT to stop a couch from holding a prayer. And again the separation of church and state is NOT about praying in schools or in public places. It MEANS, the government will NOT tell you what you can believe in. FREEDOM OF RELIGION!

    This all goes back to England. You were FORCED to believe in whatever the King or Queen did. If you didn't you were jailed or killed. That's why separation of church and state exists.

    It was atheists in the 60s that started this anti God crusade, and continues today!

  46. Those who uphold Freedom of Religion are not trying to prevent those who uphold Freedom from Religion, from exercising their Constitutional rights. Yet, in this case, those who uphold Freedom from Religion are unconstitutionally trying to prevent those who uphold Freedom of Religion, from exercising their Constitutional rights. Case closed.

  47. The founders of our great nation, The United States, wanted to keep "Church and State, SEPARATE" for good reason.

    You cannot have freedom of religion if you allow religion in our government.

    Might just as well get used to the idea that there is no God and its a *childish notion*.

    The Jesus story is just that. Get over it.

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