Modern Dance Moves : Modern Dance Gliding Jump

Modern Dance Moves : Modern Dance Gliding Jump

Hi my name is Chell Garcia-Trias and I am
a modern dance instructor in Austin, Texas. I want to show you how to do a gliding jump
across the floor the way that I would do in modern dance. So this jump is going to start
on the floor sitting and end on the floor sitting. So what I am going to do is I am
going to lay one leg down and bend it and bring my foot towards my pelvis and then my
other foot is going to be planted just in front of that leg. So I am kind of twisted.
I am going to reach with this arm and use that to stabilize myself. I am going to jump
off of this foot and land on this leg in the same position that I am already in. So I am
going to jump and land and it is going to twist around itself a little bit so if I did
it with a little more momentum and tried to make it a little bigger it would come around
itself like that. You could let it keep twisting to where you spin around yourself a little
bit too. You really need to use this arm and try and lean back a little bit on your arm
while you are going around so here we go and you can spin around yourself.

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  1. aw it looks so easy when u do it.. I learn it in school too but it was soo hard 😉 "practise" is the only solution i guess 😉 Thanx 4 the video!

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