[Music] [Music] hey Johnny welcome to our one bedroom water villa suite I’m gonna go ahead and give you the tour so let’s go so the second you walk in the colors are unbelievable and here we have a little dining seating area wait [Music] and here we have a little kitchen area and refrigerator cabinets wine cooler and now with the magic happens the bedroom when here we have a little resting area so if you come with a family and you have a small child they can sleep in here and here is another time of being off somebody small child asleep here’s the bedroom and a heavy suitcase little TV but because of he was no news no shoes policy they don’t have cable TV which I love so they offer Netflix which who doesn’t love Netflix and the real cool thing about this bedroom now where’s the bathroom this way or the other Mountain at the dressing room closet area so little vanity here this huge closet so much bigger than our closet at home and work so here we have indoor shower now my favorite part we have an outdoor bathtub which I will definitely be making use up an outdoor shower and here’s a ladder for some swimming spots and then we have our sinks Havenhurst stinks a little daybed if you want to take a little nap and now let me show you upstairs yeah desk area you have to do some work while you’re here and now upstairs so this is my real favorite part and the amazing thing about these water Villa is that you get the sunrise and the sunset size so you can take advantage of see both and we have a little dining area too so if you want to get your breakfast lunch or dinner delivered to your room you can definitely do that too so now [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] Oh big fish they have octopus cutoff [Music] thank you good morning from paradise [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys so it’s our last night in the Maldives and I’m so sad we have been talking all day about how much we’ve had an amazing time and how much we’ve loved both resorts and how friendly and hospitable the Maldivian people are and anyway so we come back from the little social cocktail hour that the resort provides to mingle and meet other people and this is what we come back to [Music] yes this is a great way to end our trip thank you thank you you guys it’s been amazing like trust we we didn’t we told him it was our honeymoon and they’ve done all this it’s tough friends it’s funny but thank you so much for making our honeymoon literally the best trip we have ever taken in our entire life you literally I’d left a piece of my heart not only in the Maldives but at the Suniva resort so amazing thank you guys bye so neva we’re so sad to be leaving we’re about to be taken back to the airport so sad to be leaving this amazing wonderful place I will definitely miss these views waking up to this outside of our bedroom it’s been amazing been fantastic [Music]

36 Comments on “MOST LUXURY RESORT IN THE MALDIVES? | Soneva Jani”

  1. Hands down my favorite video you have done! Thank you for letting us crash part of your honeymoon 💘😍

  2. Certi paesaggi da sogno non sono diventati sogni ricorrenti per te ed Emilio?
    Ok, presto sarete al calduccio negli USA e potrete andare in Florida ed in California, ma non sarà proprio la stessa cosa.
    Oddio, c'è anche la Sardegna che ha il mare così (ed è al riparo da uragani e terremoti) però vuoi mettere il tocco esotico?
    P.s. dovrebbero ingaggiarti come modella per bikini e credo (e spero) che nemmeno la maternità potrà scalfire il tuo fisico da urlo. 😄

  3. You should do a sit down video about this trip, with the logistics such as the travel their, the pricing, things like that!!

  4. Sofieeeeee ci hai fatto sognare. Quando voglio rilassarmi riguarderò all'infinito questo video. Bellissimo 😍

  5. Wow! What a beautiful video you have made here with your husband, Sophie. While the Villa was spectacular; even more stunning was your beauty collaborating with it in a perfect and complimentary match! The perfect honeymoon for a beautiful and talented couple whose adventures are a delight to follow and be a part of….

  6. WOW! What an amazing place. I'm speechless.Thank you so much for sharing this with us. But…didn't know Obama is working there!(06':23"-06':29").Lol!!!

  7. I finally got around to catching up to this video!!!!!!! This trip looks like it was INCREDIBLE! I am beyond jealous!

  8. Lovely!! Did you get to experience the sea that glows at night and looks like the stars? Looks like a wonderful spot and like you had a really satisfying time there. Grande place per un honeymoon (i have heard it's quite expensive tho'?) !

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