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(funky music)
– Day one baby lets get it.
– Alright Kyle, let’s go, let’s go.
– Whassup?
– Feeling great, say alright,
it’s been a long time
since playing football.
Man, this lifting, all
this lifting having me sore
every single day.
Man, I, it’s good to be back though.
– Go, green baby, let’s get it.
(various cheers)
– [Whole Team] S-P-A-R-T-A-N-S.
– That’s the way we do
it, good job, good job.
(upbeat techno music)
– [Mark] Every year spring ball sort of
starts the, the um, the real new season.
You know?
You have different players,
a lot of Freshmen coming
in, and we’ve got seven
new freshmen in.
We’ve also got a lot
of red shirt freshmen,
so they have an opportunity,
to start to sort of earn
their wings a little bit
and get involved more.
It’s about reaffirming what we’re doing.
Changing different things,
experimenting with different players,
playing a little bit under duress,
playing in spring games and
scrimmages and these type
of things, and looking
forward to the future.
(upbeat pop music)
– Hard work on one, ready, one!
– [All] Hard work!
– [Joe] It’s senior year for me
and a lot of other guys on this defense,
we’ve been around the program
for a couple of years now.
We haven’t had the success
that we’ve hoped and dreamed to have
and we’ve got one more shot to do it.
We’re trying to leave it
all out there this spring.
– [Brian] It’s very important,
I think this is kinda
the time where we see
some of the young guys
step up and really
prepare for their new role
coming into fall camp later
and obviously summer but
I think it’s really
good and just kinda good
to see who’s gonna be the
one stepping up this year.
– [David] You can’t win a championship
right now in the spring.
But that doesn’t mean you
can’t practice like a champion,
you can’t work in the
weight room like a champion,
meetings, everything like that,
so you kinda, you start
getting in the mode now
for the fall, so when the fall happens
and you’re doing it live for real,
you’ve already taken one hundred reps
of doing it how you’re supposed to do,
so it makes it easier in the fall.
Last year was last year, saying this,
this is a whole new team,
a whole new group of guys,
and so it’s just about, you
know, looking at the things,
although we did so many
great things last year
it’s about looking at the things
we didn’t do well last
that we can do better
and really focusing on those
and honing in, honing in on those aspects.
– [Brian] It’s trying to get
everyone to work together,
to become one full team
and to work as one unit.
And I think on the
offensive side of the ball,
it takes a little bit,
of more communication,
a little more of my
guys calling people out,
when they’re not doing the right thing.
And making sure they’re
competing at all times.
– [Joe] It’s all about
being a Spartan dog.
That’s kinda our mentality
since I’ve been here,
and it goes way back. We don’t
let teams run the ball on us.
That’s our main goal as
the defense every week,
going into game plans.
And we can, you know, stop the run,
that’s gonna limit a lot
of the explosive plays
and it’s gonna carry us
forward throughout the game.
It’s gonna help us in
the passing game as well,
we’re gonna get pressure
on the quarterback,
we’re gonna throw ’em all off
if they can’t run the ball.
– [Brian] It only makes us better on the
offensive side of the ball,
going up against them everyday,
competing against them,
trying to make them better
than what they were last year
and then obviously them
trying to make us better
than what we were last year.
I think it works very well for us.
– [Mark] There’s a lot that goes into this
From winter workouts to strength training
to even academics, and balancing
their academic schedule
and then to going out
on the football field
for spring practice and basically learning
a technique or a way to do something
and a system of coverages,
fronts or plays.
You’re trying to create
some type of pressures
on our football team
that would sort of enhance their playing
and parallel that with, with
maybe game day in the fall.
(drums and heavy beats)

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