Multiball Training in Table Tennis I Pongfinity

A few weeks ago we made a video of our training
Since you guys liked it, we thought that we
would make another one.
So this time, we are going to show you what
a multiball session looks like.
[The main idea with multiball training is
to get to do loads of repetitive shots]
[Multiball training works so that one player
feeds the balls to another player who is hitting]
[This is a typical footwork exercise]
[Multiball is a great training method because
you get to choose where you want the ball
to be fed, with what speed you want it and
with which spin]
[Doing multiball footwork exercises is tough,
hence it is a great way to train your stamina
and consistency]
[Usually the players swap turns after each box]
[As you see in this exercise, when you play with different spins (underspin & topspin) the exercise immediately
becomes more difficult to play]
[Counter topspin further
away from the table]
[Camera 1, Miikka 0] ;D
Thanks for watching guys, I hope you liked
If you want to see more of these training
videos, leave your ideas in the comments and
give the video a like.
Until next time!

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