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– Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and today I’m going to
have my Instagram followers make my slime for me. So I’m going to set up
a few different polls, and you guys get to decide
what my slime will turn out as. So some of the polls are
going to be which glue, white glue or clear glue, water or not, and just different polls like that, and then you guys will
vote, and after 10 minutes, I will see all of the results, and make the slime that
you guys picked out. I’m super excited to see
what you guys choose, and I have no idea what you will pick, but I’m really excited to see it. Alright, let’s get started. Okay, so first off, we’re gonna start off by making all the polls. That’s a pretty important
thing for this video. So the first poll is going to
be white glue or clear glue, so let’s make that poll. Alright guys, here is the first poll. It says which glue,
white glue or clear glue? Let’s see what you guys pick. Alright, so the second
poll is whether or not I’m going to be adding water to my slime. All the water’s going
to do is make my slime a tiny bit thinner, and
it kind of just makes it a bit smoother, I mean easier to activate, but if not, then I’ll just
have some thick slime. Here is poll number two. It says water, yes or no? So yes, I’m really excited
to see what you guys pick. Alright, so next up, we’re gonna see if you guys want to use
paint to color my slime, or use food dye. Normally I go with food dye, but I mean, paint won’t stain my
hands, so that’ll be fun. And by the way, I’m not explaining any
of this on my Instagram, so it’s just random polls. You guys might be able to guess that I’m having you make my slime for me, but I have not said a word that I’m having you guys make my slime, so this should be interesting. Here’s poll number three, I love the little sticker on there, with the little fishy, that’s so cute. Paint or food dye? Alright guys, next poll. This poll is going to be
like the decoration poll. So it’s either gonna be sparkles or sand, and I’m kind of hoping
for sparkles on this one, because I’ve worked with
sand in slime before, and it’s kind of difficult,
because it just gets like, it makes the slime kind of like crusty, whereas the glitter just makes it pretty. So I’m hoping for glitter,
but it’s up to you guys. There’s the poll. Okay, so you guys are even
going to get to decide the scent of my slime, which is crazy. So the scent here we have is carrot cake, which is super yummy, or magic marker, which is not as good as carrot cake. So hoping for carrot
cake, cross my fingers, let’s see what we get. This one, I’m just gonna lay it down. I finished making the poll,
that’s what it looks like. Here is the second to last
poll, and it’s going to be shaving cream or clay. This is gonna be hard,
because I love both, fluffy slime and butter slime. I don’t know what I would pick, honestly, if I were choosing, so I don’t know. We’ll see what you guys pick. I don’t know what face to make, you guys. Alright, this poll is really simple, all I did was add the poll
to it, and nothing else. Okay, the last poll is going to be which activator I’m using, either Sta-Flo or Borax. I actually usually use Borax, but I know a lot of
people don’t like borax, so maybe it’s gonna be Sta-Flo today. Okay, there’s the last poll,
let’s send it off to my story. Alright, guys, I put all
the polls on my story, and now it’s time to wait 10 minutes until I get the results, and
then I’m gonna make the slime. Okay, guys, so it’s been 10 minutes, and now it’s time to check the polls, and the first poll was which glue to use, the white glue or the clear glue. I’m guessing you guys chose white glue, but I have no idea, honestly,
so let’s check the results. (gasps) You guys, it was so close. So white glue was at 49%,
and clear glue was at 51%. So clear glue won, we’re gonna
be using clear glue today. But that was so close, you guys. Okay, so goodbye! There goes the white glue. I’m surprised that did
not fall off the table, that’s really close to
falling off the table. Okay, let’s open up the clear glue, and we’re gonna be making
like jumbo slime today, because why not? That’s really fun. Oh no, it’s got a protective layer. Oh, that worked really good, okay. Okay, let’s dump in. (screams) I love making jumbo slimes, because you just have so much
to play with, it’s so fun. So much glue. I love clear glue, too. I love both types of
slimes, the white glue and the clear glue, but
clear glue is pretty cool. Okay, so we’ve got a
lot of glue in here now, and don’t worry, we’re gonna be adding in
a lot more ingredients, where it’s gonna overfill
the bowl, probably, but this is our base, we’ve
got the clear glue in the bowl, let’s see what the next
poll’s results were. So the next poll was water, yes or no? So let’s see what you guys said. Okay, whoa. Yes is at 68%, and no is at
32, so it is going to be yes, we’re using all this water today. Woo! Alright, let’s mix it in, you guys. This is a huge bowl full of
glue and water, you guys. Wow. Something about just mixing everything in to the solution beforehand,
before activating, it’s just fun to watch, I don’t know. Is it only me? Just like watching and
mixing, I don’t know. I think it’s kind of fun. Alright, that’s mixed in pretty good, let’s see what we’re gonna add in next. Alright, the next poll
was paint or food dye. I’m hoping for food dye, just because food dye is really pigmented, so I can make it really bright. But if I use paint, I’m going to have to use
the entire bottle of paint. So I don’t know, I’m thinking
you guys voted for paint, but I have no idea, honestly. Food dye surprisingly won, paint is at 31% and food dye is at 69%. So food dye definitely won. We’re gonna have blue
slime today, you guys. So let’s go ahead and add in a few drops, this is really pigmented,
so it’s gonna be bright. Oh, yes, yes, look at that. Let’s go. It looks so cool, you guys. Look at that. Alright, so now our slime
is colored, that’s cool. I guess if we add in the clay now, it’s gonna be like purple,
because this is red clay, so if we add that in at the end, we’re gonna have purple slime, which would be pretty cool. The next poll was glitter or sand, and glitter won by 72%, sand only got 28%, which, hey, I’m glad about,
I’m all about that glitter, because sand is just, eh, I don’t like it in slime that much. So we’re gonna use this
entire bottle of glitter, shh. Because it’s so pretty, we just need this glitter in our lives. Woo! Yes, well worth it. That was worth it for sure. Alright, so this is orange glitter, I’m curious if it’s gonna
effect the blue color, like is it gonna make it look different? I don’t know. Oh, my hands are all filled with glue now, because the spatula keeps
falling in the glue. Oh, whoa, it’s kind of making
the glitter turn green almost, so it looks almost like it’s blue slime with green glitter in it. That’s kind of cool. Oh, it’s so slippery, ’cause I’ve got glue all over my hands. Maybe that was a bit too much glitter. Nah, you can’t ever have
too much glitter in slime. Okay, I think we’ve got it all mixed in. Actually, this is really pretty, like it kind of reminds me of mermaids, because the orange looks like green in it, and so it kind of just looks
like a mermaid shimmer color. I actually am really
liking this, you guys. You guys are doing a great
job of making this slime, like wow, look at that. The next poll was which scent, the magic marker scent
or the carrot cake scent. Please let it be the carrot cake scent. I don’t know, let’s see. Magic marker, no! Oh man, you guys, so
magic marker won by 61%, and carrot cake only got 39%. No! So hey, maybe it’ll smell
good, I don’t think so though. I don’t know, I was really
hoping for carrot cake. Let’s smell it, oh no. (gags) Eww, it smells like old tires, almost. Like that’s my best description,
it’s like old tires. Oh well, I guess our slime is gonna be scented as this though. Okay, this is a really powerful scent, I’m only gonna use that much. A few drops goes a long way. Trust me on that one. Alright, let’s mix that in, our slime is now scented
like magic markers, you guys. This is crazy. (sniffs) Eww, eww! I don’t know what it is, usually magic markers
don’t smell that bad, but this one is just… It doesn’t smell that good. It’s an interesting scent. Alright, guys, our next poll
was clay or shaving cream. And this is gonna
totally change our slime, because if we add in shaving cream, it’s gonna make our slime
opaque, like white glue, it’s no longer gonna be clear anymore. But if we add in the clay, it’s gonna change it to a purple color. So this is gonna, I don’t even know what’s
gonna happen, you guys. It’s gonna totally mix up our slime, which is kinda crazy, because I really like the
color of this slime already, I don’t wanna change it anymore. Let’s see what you guys voted. Oh, clay’s winning, it has 63%, and shaving cream only has 37, so we’re gonna be adding
in the clay today, and it’s gonna be butter
slime, which I’m so ready, because I have played with
butter slime in forever. So this is gonna be super fun, but as you guys know, you’re
supposed to add in the clay after you activate, so
I’m gonna save this, and add it in after it’s all activated. Okay guys, this is the last
poll, can you believe that, that’s kinda crazy. So the poll was which activator
do I use, Sta-Flo or Borax? I have no idea. I think you guys are gonna pick Sta-Flo. I would go with Borax personally, just because I’m sued to
Borax, but I don’t know. Maybe Sta-Flo will make
really awesome slime. Let’s see what you guys chose. Oh my gosh you guys, this one is so close. Borax is at 56%, and Sta-Flo was at 44%. So we’re using Borax today, you guys. I’m surprised. That was so close. Alright, so I put some Borax in water, and I’ve made my activator now, and it’s ready to go into the slime. If you wanna know my
activator recipe, all I do is one cup of water to one
tablespoon of Borax, or if you want it to
be a lighter activator, one teaspoon of Borax. I just did one tablespoon for this one, because I knew I’d need a lot of Borax. Alright, so I’m just gonna go in, I’m just gonna kinda dump it in, because we’re gonna need a lot. Eww, my hands, they’re so sticky. Okay, we’re gonna need
quite a bit of Borax. Just going with it. Alright, let’s start mixing, you guys. Oh, I guess we’re gonna be
having purple slime soon. I forgot about that, I
forgot about the clay. Oh, that’s weird. This is gonna be cool. I wonder how it will change, will it still look like a mermaid slime? Oh, maybe it’ll look like a fairy slime, because it’ll be purple,
with sparkles in it. I don’t know. What do you guys think? I am the slime monster. Okay, we’re gonna add
in some more activator, because this is nowhere
near activated, you guys. One handed skills. (shouts) Not skills. Alright, slime is an art, it takes a long while to make. You’ve gotta have
patience with activating, otherwise it will over-activate. Yeah, I’ve over-activated so many times. How many times have you
guys over-activated? And is it too many to count, like me? Or have you never over-activated? If you’ve never over-activated, that’s something to be proud of. (chuckles) Let me know down below in the comments. (shouts) That was a lot of activator. (laughs) Oh my. Okay, how should I hold this? I feel like all angles are
really awkward, I don’t know. Okay, this is so much slime, you guys. It is so cool. This slime also reminds me of my 300 pounds of duck pond slime video. Go watch that video, it was crazy. We made 300 pounds of
slime, can you believe that? It was an entire pool full of slime. And it kinda looks similar to this color. Oh, it’s starting to
come together a tiny bit. Just a tiny bit, it’s not
quite there yet though. Woo! My arm hurts. (laughs) Almost there, hopefully. Okay, you guys, so my slime is complete. This is what it looks
like, it’s kinda crazy, and it’s really kind of stiff. I tried to fix it, but I think I added in
that Borax too fast. So it will stretch, but it also will rip. So it’s not my best work, but it’s slime. So now it’s time to add in the clay, and hopefully this will kind
of bind together everything, to make it a perfect slime. Alright, we have Daiso
clay today, and it’s red. Red plus blue equals purple. I know my colors. Let’s see if it actually
turns purple though. Yeah! And I don’t, this isn’t the
proper amount of clay to slime, but that’s okay, because we
don’t have that much clay, so this is the clay that’s going in. Ready? Ah. Yes, I love mixing clay
into slime, you guys. It’s just so fun. Okay. This is gonna be tough to mix. I’ll be back once it’s all done. Alright guys, I am back, and
I finished mixing the slime, and it kind of just made it a bit tougher, it’s really heavy, so I
think I need to fix the slime by adding in either lotion or baby oil, so that’s what I’m gonna do later when we actually go to and buy some. But I still think it looks kinda pretty, it looks almost like, kind
of like, I don’t know. Like a grape fairy
princess of a far off land. What would you guys name this slime? Comment down below, I’d
probably name it Plum Princess. Yes. Or Plum Fairy or something. Alright, guys, so thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs-up, subscribe, turn it from red to gray, and I’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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