Namkeen Recipe | How to Make Nimki | Tea time Snack Recipe | Namak Pare

Namkeen Recipe | How to Make Nimki | Tea time Snack Recipe | Namak Pare

Hello and welcome to Rita´s Kitchen We are making homemade Nimki recipe Namkeen can be stored in the air tight container for a month It tastes really good in the winter with tea Let`s get Started Let`s prepare the dough for the Namkeen Take a large sized bowl Add all purpose flour Add 2 tbsp ghee Ghee could be replaced with oil or butter Add 1 tsp nigella seeds Add salt as per your taste Now add the carrom seeds but before adding the carrom seeds rub them with your palm It helps to release all the flavors and it smells really good Mix all the dry ingredients well Do not skip this step Mixing ghee with the flour helps to make the Nimki more crispy Add a little water at a time and knead the dough Add more water if necessary keep kneading the dough You need to need the dough exactly like the dough for Sukhha roti You need to knead the dough for about 5-7 minutes or until it is soft When the dough starts to look like the one shown in the video, it is ready Now you need to cover it and let it rest for about an hour After 20 minutes it looks like this Knead the dough once again by placing it on your working surface Now we divide it in to 4-5 pieces We have made 5 medium sized balls out of the dough Now before you starting rolling Apply a little bit of oil on the working surface You can also use dry flour on the table But dry flour makes the oil dirty So it is recommended to use the oil Now start rolling Roll it as big as you can and as thin as you can because the dough contracts when we cut them and it get thicker anyway You need to cut it as shown in the video First cut them lengthwise Now cut them in the diagonal shape If you are thinking of making Homemade Dalmoth then click on the link shown above to watch the complete video Now let`s start frying the Nimki Take a pan and add about a liter of cooking oil You don`t need to heat the oil really hot Heat the oil on low medium flame Now it is time to add the Nimki in the oil Nimki looks as if they are stuck to each other but it doesn`t matter Once you add them in the oil and stir They separate from each other Fry them on low medium flame Keep stirring once in a while It could take 8-10 minutes in this process If you don`t stir it, it gets brown on one side while it is still white on the other side You need to fry them until they get golden brown After you can take them out on the paper towel As you can see in the video, Nimki is almost ready If you like a bit more dark color, fry them for a couple of minutes more Take these Nimki out on a paper towel So that all the excess oil could be absorbed We are done with the first lot Let`s start frying the next lot Add the nimki in the oil Repeat the process Try making this tea time snack at home and write it down in the comment section below, how it turned out SUBSCRIBE to our channel to watch a lot of other interesting videos and press the bell icon If you like the video, share it with you friends and family We will be back with a new recipe Thanks for watching

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  1. Everyones best snack with tea🍵🍵 तर कालो तिल हालेको चै फस्ट टाइम हेरे। How it tastes?🤔🤔

  2. कस्तो मिठो होला जस्तो छ निम्की 👌👌👌👌👌👌🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

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