Necessary Roughness (6/10) Movie CLIP – Welcome to Football (1991) HD

Necessary Roughness (6/10) Movie CLIP – Welcome to Football (1991) HD

Lucy, get your ass
in here!
She did well
in practice.
Send her in,
for chrissakes!
She might get hurt.
Put me in.
I can do it.
We can’t risk a pass.
We got to kick!
All right. Go in.
Watch yourself,
young lady.
Go! Go! Go!
Lucy draper is the first
woman football player
In armadillo history.
You all right?
Field goal!
On the snap!
Blake spots the ball
for a 34-yard try.
All right, miss,
let’s go!
Hey, sugar!
Don’t get nervous!
That the only way
you can score?
Shut up!
Or you will anger me!
The clock stopped with
just three seconds left.
Time for just
one last play.
It’s good!
Armadillos tie!
Welcome to football.
You will die!
Welcome to foot, ball!
She can take care
of herself.
Yo, man, we tied!
All right!
We tied!

59 Comments on “Necessary Roughness (6/10) Movie CLIP – Welcome to Football (1991) HD”

  1. Did they forget that you can play overtime when the score is tied at the end of regulation? One of my favorite all time movie quotes.

  2. I've always thought Manu being so protective of Kathy Irelad was so cute 🙂 She turned out to be one fiesty kicker! lol, would've been proud to have her as a team mate when I played back in HS

  3. Good to see a happy ending! In the original timeline, the placeholder fails to brace the kick properly, resulting in a loss instead of a tie. This traumatizes the placeholder, who proceeds to commit suicide two days later. However, I (Sam Beckett) quantum leaped into him and utilizing Al's sporting advice, properly braced the kick to tie the game.

    Uh oh, I'm out of time. Gotta leap!…

  4. Kansas held the NCAA Division I A record for most ties.  What else would you expect from a school that is a basketball powerhouse and the football team is just something to do until hoops season gets started.

  5. What about the scene where Robert Loggia's halftime vicious, but funny rant where he said; "Lets analyze what's been working for us".  Seconds later he lets it all out…..'NOT ONE DAMN THING BEEN WORKING FOR US!  Then he said…I HATE THIS DAMN SUIT, THIS STINKIN' TIE, AND THIS DAMN SHIRT, IT DONT WORK FOR ME!!  Then he ends the rant by saying; AND YOU SHIT DOWN THEIR NECKS!!  Even today, I L'dMFAO for at least 35 minutes! 

  6. I always forget how comically huge shoulder pads were back then, compared to today's streamlined pads. Horrible referees in this game. That guy tackled the kicker after the kick had been made…no flag. Kathy Ireland kicked him in the balls in front of everyone…again no flag.

  7. Mmmhmmm let's skip the auto personal foul and likely ejection. Movies lol. Oh well.

    Should've been an auto first down 15 yard penalty against the D for roughing the kicker. Refs would not miss that give how delayed it was.

  8. she kicked his nuts through his cup through his jock and made him wish he was born a woman all in front of his teammates. Wow hand that guy a maxi pad he'll need it after that game lololol as a man he'll never live it down

  9. She sure teached him for deliberately colliding into her for kicking the football over the goal line to tie the game for her team. He should be glad that he didn‘t get hit by lightning for attacking her after the game was over.

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