New Car Tech Could Help Stop Drivers ‘Dooring’ Cyclists

New Car Tech Could Help Stop Drivers ‘Dooring’ Cyclists

More than ever cyclists and drivers
are having to share the road. Yet opening a car door into the path
of another road user can be fatal. To prevent these accidents engineers
at Ford are developing Exit Warning. Exit Warning uses existing vehicle
sensors and blind spot information to detect if a rider is approaching
on either side of the vehicle. It alerts the driver and momentarily prevents the
doors from being fully opened. Enabling cyclists to safely pass parked vehicles. It’s just another way
Ford is making streets safer and helping everyone to share the road.

11 Comments on “New Car Tech Could Help Stop Drivers ‘Dooring’ Cyclists”

  1. there are some drivers who do not look in the mirrors and immediately get out of their cars after Parking but as always they do not see the cyclist so there is a collision with the car door

  2. The best solution is the one that removes the threat altogether: segregated cycling lanes.
    Anything else is palliative.

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