NFL week picks football picks lets get it cheers

NFL week picks football picks lets get it cheers

what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up
it’s the Minnesota MNBEAST yeah what am i
doing I just wanted to share a root beer
with you
you guys wanna to you know I am A&W root beer woo
look what the Beast is doing it’s nice
out it’s nice something this Tuesday
thats right man man man man wasn’t that a
freaking good game last night Monday
night New Orleans Saints and Houston
Texans woo
hey hey y’all probably thinking I’m
crazy I’m crazy I’m crazy yeah I just
want to share an with you especially
those ones that’s link my pics all
shitty that crappy pick scrappy NFL picks
that’s right they were crappy NFL football picks
weren’t they the break time and A&W
rocks Root beer on a nice summer afternoon break time
Nice day to have a root beer and what a great game Houston Texans and New Orleans saints played Monday Night football
Cheers to great NFL football picks
I give you my upset picks flip a coin picks flip a coin heads home tails away tips just if you feel lucky take my football week 1 pick’ems
For your Fantasy football leagues office pools family and friend pick pools
or even
ESPN Pigskins Pick’ems Fox NFL picks or your local sports paper picks Like me I do this always for fun each year love watching football and most all sports.

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