NHL Mic’d Up Trash Talk / Fights (HD)

NHL Mic’d Up Trash Talk / Fights (HD)

(Bodie) “You a pretender or what?” (Sill) “No pretender bud” (Bodie) “Let’s go then” (Sill talking to teamates) (Unknown Leafs Player) “Hey Sill, you wanna have one?” “Hey Sill…you wanna have one?” (Sill) “I’m going with him, your too big” (Sill) “Yeah, let’s go” (Bodie) “Good Fight! Good job big boy! Great fight!” (Sill) “Thank’s bro” (Hartnell) “What are you gonna do about it?” (Hartnell) “Oh, your getting half-way sorry now, holy fu*k (Simmonds) “Hey you wanna fight, i’m right here bud” (Bertuzzi and Weber) “Yeah, let’s go” (Unknown chirping from Neal) (Kassian) “Want me to go after you?” (Ref) “Does somebody wanna fight here or just wrestle?” (Kassian) “Wanna go or no?” (Neal) “No” (Konopka) “Now we gotta go buddy” (Ref) “HEY, HEY, HEY!” (Konopka) “Can’t get a headshot to Downie over there” (Dubinsky) “Good job buddy” (Ovie) “Yeah, good job buddy” (Ovie) “Fu**ing come on for f**k sakes” (Ryan) “You hit me tonight your getting evicted, i’m jacking the rent up” (Malone) “You wanna go Commie?” (Malone) “You wanna go?” (Malone) “Huh?” (Malone) “Let’s go” (Avery) “I’ll be right there all night you fu**ing slug” (Thornton) “Who the fu** are you?” (Thornton) “Get the fu** in there” (Thornton) “Hey turn around, who the fu** are you?” (Thornton) “Hey, enjoy your 5 games kid, you’ll be back in the minors before you fu**ing know it (Laraque) “You want to?” (Ivanans) “Sure” (Laraque) “Okay” (Laraque) “Square up?” (Laraque) “Okay, good luck man” (Rinaldo) “Come on, give me it, come on” (Rinaldo) “Huh?” (Rinaldo) “Which shoulder”? (Rinaldo) “This one?” (Crombeen) “Wanna go?” (Rinaldo) “Yeah, let’s go” (Penguins player) “Get off the ice you fa**et (Penguins player) “Bellows, you must be really hurt” (Penguins player) “You must be really hurt” (Penguins players) “Get off the ice, get off the ice you pu**y, your the best, your the fu**ing best Bellows, your a superstar, lay on the ice like a frog you pu**y (Penguins players) “You fu**ing woman, your so fu**ing cute, get off you fa**et, grab your balls you fu**ing t*t fu**er (Dubinsky) “HEY! He started the whole fu**ing thing, how’s he not get a god damn fu**ing penalty (Ref) “Who?” (Dubinsky) “Lecavalier!” (Anisimov) “Like for what?” What I do?” (Ref) “A two and a ten minute misconduct for what you did (pretended to shoot the goalie after he scored” (Anisimov) “no, no, for what?” (Dubinsky) “That’s fu**ing bullsh**, you guys talked about it” (Anisimov) “just explain to me, fu** me” (Ref) “I don’t have to explain, just go” (Unknown what Anisimov said) (Giroux) “Are you taking this face-off here”? (Giroux) “At what”? (Giroux) “I never said you were doing bad” (Ott) “Ok?” (Giroux) “All right” (Canucks player) “Tell me if you want one” (Canucks player) “You want it?” (Neal) “Slashed me right in the face!” (Ref) “Let’s go!” (Neal) “Why don’t you call the high stick then?” (Ref) “One of the guys was coming over here, your the one with a response, your coming here” (Neal) “What is violence anyway?” (Yandle) “Hey what’s Richardson’s deal, does he fight?” (Unknown Coyotes player) “No” (Yandle) “Yeah he just asked me to fight, I was like, “sure” (Richardson) “Okay man” (Morris) “Come on tough guy, you tough? Come on, let’s go” (Walker) I’ll drop them, the’re there, let’s go, come on, you chicken sh** (Avery) “What do you want me to do?” (Walker) “I want you to fu**ing drop your gloves (Ref) “Put em on and get going” (Walker) “Fu**ing pu**y….what a fu**ing pu**y” (Robbins) (Bleep) “You wanna go?” (Bleep) “Let’s go” (Robbins) “That a boy eh” (Sestito) “I’m gonna knock every fu**ing one of you out (Richards) “one day in the NHL for you…Fantasy Camp for you” (Sestito) “Wanna see your face after I fu**ing stick it to you?” (Boyle) “Huh?” “I’ll go yeah” (Boyle) “Let’s go” (Doughty) “Oh, that was so by accident, buddy you suck at hockey, and you’ve been in the minors for how long?” (Maroon) “Alright, alright” (Doughty) “How long?” “And your still on the 4th line”…”your still on the 4th line (Flames player) “your trying to do your job are ya, oh that’s really nice, your so fu**ing tough (Flames player) “Why don’t you get your jersey a little tighter around your arms ya pussy” (Brown) “Hey Timmy you got them fu**ing gloves cemented on?” (Flames player) “Yeah”

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  1. Lol…good video .. liked it…I'm gonna do hockey reaction videos . I wish I had the equipment to make awesome videos like this but I do ok I guess with my cellular phone last 10+ years. ,🤟😎🤟
    ¥~× ""((🤜💥🤛))""×~¥

  2. Your videos suck. It's the same shit one after the other. You use the same footage for each video in different order of fight scenes. You SUCK!

  3. somehow "you fucking woman!" is both the least-insulting and most-insulting thing you can be called as a hockey player

  4. if only the NHL wasn't controlled by pussy Networks that think fighting is barbaric. To hockey players it's a civilized way to police the ice, get your teammates all fired up eh and get your home crowd all wound up. Fights = ratings. I stopped watching hockey 15 years ago because they eliminated enforcers. That was the death of hockey as I know it and the beginning of the participation award millennial hockey bullshit!

  5. 4:42 accidental high stick…fucking pussies…little whiny bitch…

    "he just slashed me in the fucking face" it was clearly an accident douche and blind person could see that….

  6. The most amusing thing is these guys that don't even fight talking shit. I'd sit there and laugh at those guys all day.

  7. "i'm fifth in the league" who fuckin' cares bud? you're only as good as your NEXT fight! it only takes one good punch, champ!

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  9. "I'm 5th in the league in face-offs so I'm probably gonna win this one right here"…… loses face-off because it was against Giroux…. the number 1 face-off guy in the NHL. He's been the number 1 face-off guy for like 4 seasons in a row. Even when he plays win he wins more face-offs than any of the other team's centers because he takes them then plays wing. You don't let one of the best face-off guys in NHL history not take them just because he moved to wing.

  10. This is the most polite ass beating I’ve ever heard in my whole life, but no matter you want this to be your right hand man in a bar fight 🤣😂

  11. why do they fuckin bleep all the fuckin words? a bunch of fuckin sissies that don't wanna be fuckin offended.
    You gotta keep the the fuckin swearing in the fuckin game. What should they fuckin say? "hey poopie face, you want a knuckle sandwich?"
    or " hey fuck face you mother fucka dick head fucker, you wanna fuckin go?"

  12. Sometimes the fights seem so angry and guys chase one another down and look to be waiting for their chance to beat the crap out of someone… but some of these are so weird just like "hey… so…. you wanna go or nah?"

  13. As Long as both parties remove their gloves and engage in the fight it means both are going in the box. You don’t want to punch a guy and end up going into the box alone, make sure the other team loses their player too.

  14. 👁🌍✌👍👁✅👀😎🇨🇦💯💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

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