Nighthawk Gliders at Indy 500 – 2019 (Sandpiper 12 Gliders)

Nighthawk Gliders at Indy 500 – 2019 (Sandpiper 12 Gliders)

[Music: Rock Intro 3 by Audionautix] [Loud Jet Roars] [Louder Jet Roars] I’m Brad I’m Bruce and we’re Nighthawk Gliders! Once again our tradition coming to the Indianapolis
500 here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Yeah, there’s the pagoda. So we’re at our a fun little golf course hole here I forget
what whole this is I think it’s 16, 17 or something, I can’t remember. I have to
look that up… but a little breezy today but we’re going to try to fly some
gliders as always, stay tuned! We got some glue, some accelerant, and
a couple gliders, right? [Bruce] yep. [Brad] It’s really picking up as far as wind
goes so I don’t know this is gonna be sketch! [Bruce] Yeah we probably ain’t gonna get no flights in… No good flights. [Brad] If we get one flight in it will
probably be in that pond or somewhere in the tree! Uh, weather-wise it’s kind of cloudy.
I’m good with clouds. No sun! That’s good for me, but the window… it’s
probably gonna get windier, but we’ll just go and build them and fly them and
see how they go! [Bruce] Okay, let’s do it! [Brad] Cool! WOO! [Brad] I’m winded! [Bruce] Me too! [Brad] We’ve been flying for
hours, literally hours and… And here is some loud noise… But the race is about to
begin and we’re gonna call it quits for the day so thanks for joining us and
until next year at the Indy 500… We’ll catch you next time!
[Bruce] Bye! [Car engines roar] [Crowd cheers] [Loud jet roars] [Louder jet roars] [Bruce] I was rubbing my nose with this in my hand and this got stuck in my glasses. [Brad] What? Wait a minute okay I’m glad it wasn’t like something running out of your nose. [Bruce] I was rubbing my nose and the rubber band got stuck there. That’s crazy!

15 Comments on “Nighthawk Gliders at Indy 500 – 2019 (Sandpiper 12 Gliders)”

  1. I was wondering if you were actually going to forget to watch the racing. Great flights and great to see another video from you guys 😀😁😍👍

  2. 2:53 Very nice large circle adjusted flying. Your gliders are awesome and the place You are launch them!

  3. Nice! Funny thing that I never have been to the golf course there. Our company did the drivers stage and a few other things.

  4. I saw on your website you have a kiy of the sandpaper 12. Do you have to cut out the pieces? Or is it just glue together?

  5. I got a story for you

    I made a balsa glider in school cause we had a balsa glider competition
    In the damn lunch room cause why not?

    My teacher released my glider and I didn’t have much weight and it went full Rocket mode on the roof thanks to the play doh we made on the front to adjust stuff it was stuck up there but my teacher got it down and I play with it

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