Nike Elastico II and Adidas Special Indoor review

hi Joseph immunise for webtv the summer is coming to its end which means more and more people will be getting into indoor football and today I’ll give you my opinions on two pairs of shoes that are specifically designed for some serious indoor action so without any further introduction meet the adidas specials and the Nike elastic of finality starting off with the Nike elastico finale’ tools this modern indoor shoe from Nike is FC to 4/7 collection is all about light weights and precise ball touch the upper is made of the famous Nike skin and even though it’s not as flexible as the one on the hypervenom boots it still provides you with the really unique and comfortable fits whether you have wide or narrow feeds the upper is also perforated to help reduce weights and make your feet breathe easier and on top of everything else it is also extremely grippy overall the feeling you get when you’re playing with this shoe is pretty much like playing barefoot and you can definitely feel every single touch with the ball and I think that’s extremely important when you’re playing futsal or other small-sided games however because of the super thin upper this boot is not equipped with a lot of protection but as indoor shoes don’t have any studs on them you don’t have to be afraid of getting stepped down another important part of every indoor shoe is the outsole because in small sided games you need a lot of traction and you also tend to control the ball a lot with the sole of your foot with the electrical tools Nike decided to go with this sculpted rubber outsole that focuses on sharp cuts and turns as well as quick stops overall I would say Nike did a brilliant job with the traction the elastico follows all of my movements and all-in-all it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make those fast turns to beat the defenders also keep in mind that the rubber layer is really thin so you’re really close to the ground with this luckily there is enough cushioning because otherwise it might be really painful to wear these shoes but that’s not the case last but not least I think it’s fair to say the outsole is pretty flexible and this just goes to show you how barefoot like the elastic cones really are next up we have the adidas special the most sold indoor shoe of all time the specials are originally made for handball but over the years more and more people have started using these on futsal courts as well this shoe features a really comfortable freed upper and besides looking awesome it also has a fair amount of grip which makes controlling the ball that much easier however the material is not as flexible as the Nike skin on the elastico tooth but still the fits is incredible the moment you stop wearing these they just adapt to your fruits immediately you might also notice the tip of this shoe is pretty high but in futsal and other small sighted games you don’t have to get under the ball that much so no need to stretch but comes by describing the outsole of the specials the first word I can think of is stability as you can see the outsole is made of only one piece and compared to the elastic hose it’s fairly thick especially on the midsection and on the heel parts and in all honesty it took me quite a while to get used to this totally flat and kind of bulky shape and overall I feel like the specials are not as agile as the elastic girls are because there’s not a lot of roundness on the outsole everything all the edges are really really sharp but that’s just my opinion and at the end of the day it all comes down to your own personal preferences and on the other hand I really feel like the heel cup is really comfortable and supportive and the flat outsole is actually great for controlling the ball with the sole of your foots I can definitely see why this shoe has been so successful over the years and if you prefer a really classic design with a lot of support and stability you might want to look into getting yourself pair of these bad boys to sum it all up both of these two indoor shoes are great choices with slightly different qualities the Nike elastico gives you that barefoot feeling with more anatomical design whereas the adidas special is more suitable for players who are looking for pure stability and support I’m personally more into the performance of the elastic or finale’ tools and they will definitely stay my football bag throughout the entire indoor season and with that said it’s time to end this review but I still have one more question and I need to ask it from you do you dominate small-sided football whatever your answer might be I would love to read it down there in the comment section below this is all I had today but stop wiping your tears because we will definitely meet again right here on unisport webtv but before that happens I’m out oh I got that on tape

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