no jokes only speed // Off-Ice Hockey Training

no jokes only speed // Off-Ice Hockey Training

Hey Guys, Jeff Lovecchio here owner of RIPT
Hockey Training and I’m Derek from Total Hockey. Today we’re in the gym showing you a couple
exercises to work on your stride explosiveness. First up is a squat jump. You’re gonna get
down in a low squat using your arms, jumping up, throwing them in the air. Landing soft. Most important about this is to land soft
and be as explosive as you can. This is it from the side. Notice how his knees are not
going before his toes. That is very important Each jump has to be as explosive as possible.
Limit it to six to eight. Up next, this one is a little more difficult.
This is called the split squat jump. Same idea. Make sure you’re landing softly, your
chest is up. Your core is tight. We’re gonna be in a lunge position. From here we’re going
to jump up in the air, switch legs while we’re in the air, land, come back down explosively
up. Here we’ll show it to you from the side also. As you can see his chest is up, core is tight.
Every jump is as explosive as the last. If you start slowing down I want you to rest.
These must be done explosively. The last exercise we have for you is the 45°
angle skater jump. This is the most difficult. we’re going to be landing and jumping on opposite
legs. Remember, when you’re doing this 45° angles just like you would on the ice your
chest is up, your core is tight, and always remember: land softly. Derek demonstrate please. Land and forward, land softly, forward. His
chest is up just like you would be on the ice. More powerful every stride. I know I’ve
mentioned it before but be sure you are landing softly. Protect your joints, ligaments, tendons,
muscles at all times. Also to make each exercise harder, place your hands on your hips so you
take out the motion from your arms. We want feedback from you. Let us know what
you guys want to learn, like, share us, keep on training click the button down below. We’re taking it to the ice now to show you
some drills for your explosive stride. Wooo!

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