OMG!! We Crash Hard in a Hang Glider!

OMG!! We Crash Hard in a Hang Glider!

– Whoa. – Let go, let go of the knife, all right. – I can’t. (static buzzing) (upbeat house music) (cars honking) – Today’s episode is brought to you by Arm & Hammer, their
Essentials deodorant is natural without going overboard. The perfect day for a “Beauty Trippin’.” – Why are we wearing
tennis shoes if we’re going “Beauty Trippin’?” – Do not complain. (girls sighing) This is so exciting because we’re wearing the most comfortable clothes ever. So the clue is here. – Okay. – Gosh, help I need a mom (laughs). It says (coughs) get ready to glide. (girls humming) – Wait, what else is in there? Oh! – It’s Christmas. – Yay. – Yes. So it’s Arm & Hammer Essentials. We do know that this episode
is sponsored by Arm & Hammer. – This makes sense. – This smells so good, Lauren. – Wow. – This smells like a vacation, it smells like a cocktail
I’d like to drink. – It smells like a sexy man. – And if we’re dressed like this, and we’re equipped with deodorant, I feel like we probably should use it. – Yeah, we’re probably doing an activity. We’re probably gonna sweat. – Oh yeah. – I mean, I’m gonna sweat
no matter what we do. We could be going to like the North Pole and I’ll be sweating. It is gliding right on. You got deodorant on the iPad. – Worth it. This day is getting better and better. – Why? – We have workout clothes on, we have deodorant freshly
applied to our armpits, and we’re going to the beach. Did you miss that? – Oh, we’re going to the beach. Sorry, I was having a
moment with my camera. (punchy guitar music) So you remember those skimmers that were like, they
looked like Boogie Boards, but they like skim the top of the water? You like run, I mean, when I say ‘you,’ I don’t mean us. I mean like people that are like good at surfing and stuff, they like run on the beach
and they throw the board and then you jump on it and it glides along the water. – Ooh. – You know where else you have to glide? Marching band. – Oh my gosh, Lauren, if
you and I are reliving our marching band days, ’tis the season. This is marching band season. – That would be amazing. – Oh my gosh, do you have
your clarinet, right? – My clarinet. Well, I did clarinet, and then I switched to the pit because I passed
out during band camp. I got too hot. – Okay, well, maybe
let’s hope that we’re not doing that today. – Xylophone. (punchy guitar music) – What of, hi. Hi. – Welcome to Windsports Hang Gliding at Dockweiler Beach. My name’s Andy, I’ll be
your instructor today. – Hi I’m Erin. – Nice to meet you Erin. – I’m Lauren. – Nice to meet you Lauren. All right, you excited
about learning to fly? – We’re flying? – We’re gonna be flying, yes. – I mean, I see this
contraption this behind us but like we’re gonna operate that? – I’m gonna teach you how to
fly that glider by yourself. – Oh my gosh. It’s the perfect day for
that kind of activity. – [Andy] Absolutely perfect day. – So this is safe? – Well, it’s not safe. Actually, it’s quite dangerous but it’s a lot safer
than riding your bicycle on that bike path right behind you. – [Erin] Okay, good. – I’ve crashed a bike on this bike path. – In a second, we’re
gonna get you both fitted with a harness and a helmet, which will be your flight gear, and after we get you fitted, we’ll walk over and do a ground school, and teach you the basic fundamentals of how you’re going to go about flying the hang glider today. – I have glided off the side of a mountain one time in my life on
a race around the world and I got eliminated during that episode, so I’m due for a redemption. – I fell down a mountain once. So I’m ready too. (girls laughing) – I’ve been very fortunate. I don’t think I’ve ever crashed
in 37 years of hang gliding. – Oh, wow. Oh my gosh this is gonna be so cozy. – It’s like a diaper. It’s like a front diaper. – This is what I do to my
dog everyday when I walk him. This is what he feels like
when he’s like “Please don’t!” – I think we’re gonna need
to widen the thigh holes. – [Andy] Turn sideways,
and then get you hooked in, we’re gonna take a little strap here. – [Erin] A little tight. – Can we make mine not
so unflatteringly tight? I’m not worried about safety,
– [Andy] Comfort. I’m worried about how cute I look. – Is this gonna fall off? Am I completely secure here? – Yeah, you will be because
when you hook into the glider, you’re gonna be pulled up like this. So you’re really just gonna be pulled by your leg straps. – That’s gonna feel so comforting. – Yes. – Is it supposed to be that tight? – It’s supposed to be snug. – I mean, is it uncomfortable
looking at my double chin? – I think you look awesome. – [Erin] Thanks, okay great. – [Andy] So what I’m gonna
do first is I’m gonna do a demonstration flight and show you how the
flights are gonna look. I’m gonna take my eyes
and focus on my target, the windsock. I’m gonna keep my hands nice
and relaxed on the glider and when you’re ready to start, we’re gonna go with a walk into a jog, little run down the hill. (inspirational classical music) – Wow. We have like at least
10 more minutes before he makes it up this hill. – It’s literally it’s
like a very short payoff for like a lot of work. – No it looked fun, you know, you have like five
seconds to question, like, the meaning of life. – Lauren, are you going
to take the lead here? – Lauren’s got it. She told me she’s feeling very
confident about her skills. – I am looking forward to this, I just think it’s gonna be
harder than you make it sound. – I’m gonna guide you through it, and you’re gonna do flawlessly. – Okay. Wait, are you gonna do this with me? – It’s like when you
learn to ride a bicycle and you have your
training wheels taken off, you have your mom or dad kinda making sure you don’t fall over, I’m gonna kinda take the
role of your mom or dad and make sure you can’t
fall off this hang glider. – We keep talking about how we need moms and dads around, they’re
so far away from us. This is like our chance
to have a dad with us. Are you okay? She’s already hurting herself. – I just I don’t know
where to put my hands. Seriously. – You can’t do anything wrong. – [Erin] Andy, I need
you in my life everyday. – [Lauren] Me too. – You’re doing great, sweetie. – [Andy] I’m gonna raise
the glider up like this. (Lauren yelling) Now, if you wanted to make
the glider go a little slower, push the bar away from you and push out. – I’m sorry, let me just
feel this for a sec. – [Andy] Absolutely. – I can’t hear anything you’re saying. – She’s having an out-of-body
experience, everyone. – [Lauren] It’s like lifting me up. – All right so if you want to slow down, we’ll push the bar away. – Push it away. Oh, get away from me speed. – When you want to speed
up, we pull the bar in. – Pull it in, speed demon. – [Andy] That lowers the angle of attack. But if you relax, the glider will fly, we’ll call trimmer speed, and it’ll basically fly
like it’s on auto-pilot. And if you want to make a
turn, let’s say to the left, just pull that hand with the bar to you body, that’s a left turn. – Where we going? – I think we’re gonna be great, Lauren. – I just feel like nothing
that is that beautiful is that easy. – [Andy] It is. – You got this. – [Andy] So look at the windsock, and when you’re ready, start with a walk, and jog towards it. What are you looking at? – [Lauren] I don’t know. – [Andy] Keep running. – [Lauren] Okay. – [Andy] Keep running. I’ve never crashed in 37 of hang gliding. Let go, let go of the knife, all right . – I can’t. (static buzzing) – [Erin] You jinxed it,
you said not in 30 years. Are you okay? – [Lauren] I told you. – [Erin] I’m sorry. – [Lauren] I think we
got our title sequence. – I can’t believe that just happened. I actually feel like people are going to think it’s scripted but like, you got hurt. – I can’t believe that happened. I knew that I was going to
find a way to mess this up. – This is why you can’t
speak these scary things into existence, it’ll come true. – I feel bad for Andy. He had to fall too. – Well I will say, I
think you need to give you a second chance before we alternate to me. ‘Cause I feel like you’re
just getting warmed up. – What did it look like to you? – I don’t know, have you ever seen like– – I don’t like where
this is going already. – You know, just a car wreck. – [Andy] Let go of the knife. – [Lauren] I can’t. – [Andy] You’re gonna dance down this hill and float into the air. – How fast are we running this time? – At the right that gravity pulls you. So start with your walk, which is comfortably, just get into a nice
comfortable job and run. – [Lauren] Okay. – [Andy] And smile. You feel ready? – No. – Okay, well let me
know when you’re ready. – Let’s go anyway. – [Andy] Okay, we’ll start with a walk, wiggle those fingers, keep wiggling. And look how fast you got airborne. Keep wiggling your fingers, wiggle those fingers. – Ah, I’m wiggling. – [Andy] Push the bar
away from you and run. – [Lauren] Wee! – [Andy] And that is
a good make-up flight. – I did it. – [Andy] And set it down. – You looked amazing. You looked like a professional. You would have never
know that a minute before you were face-planting in the bushes. – Honestly, I know why I
crashed the first time. – Why? Tell me all your tips. – I like didn’t, I
wasn’t listening to him. The moment we started going, I could not hear a word
he said just mentally, and then the second time I was like, “Oh.” Every time he said to
do something I did it and then we didn’t die. – Okay. – But you’ve already crashed
this kind of situation on “Amazing Race” so I feel like you have nothing to lose. – Oh, careful what you say. All of the sudden I have to go pee but I don’t think that’s
an option at this point. – Oh, you can pee, just– – Ow. – Just a helmet on, are you okay? – This is not gonna go well for me either. I feel like my form is off, I feel like– – [Andy] Take a step forward. – I feel trapped, I feel trapped. – [Andy] When you’re
ready, start with a walk and build into a run. – Okay, here we go. – [Andy] Here we go. So wiggle those fingers and keep running. And relax, enjoy the flight. (Erin yelling) Nice and easy. Beautiful. As we come in for the
landing, look at your target, push your arms out and away, land on your feet like a bird. – Oh my gosh, I am such a natural. – That was awesome. – Oh my gosh, I feel so at home. – [Andy] We’re gonna set
the glider down gently. – [Erin] Oh, that was amazing. But now I have to push it back up. – Oh my gosh, you did so well. – I feel so good about myself, not to rub it in your face. – No, it’s okay. I deserve it. – Most people are not as
clumsy as me but you are! – You met your match. Two girls from North
Carolina crashing in bushes. – But the real question is, how are the pits doing? – Oh, yeah. Let’s see. A joint sniff. That’s pretty good. – Beautiful. – Arm & Hammer Essentials deodorant is kinda holding up. Not just kinda. – And we really put it to the test today we’re in the sun, we’re being active– – [Lauren] It’s hot. – We’re sweaty. – We’re crashing. – I think it really works. – Yeah, it’s totally working. All right, should I go again? Ooh, wait. The secret is you had a
snack before you went, and then you nailed it so I feel like that’s what I should do. (bright inspirational music) – All right, you did a
great job flying today. To commemorate your first
day of hang gliding, we’ve got a first flight
certificate for you. – Look mom, I’ve accomplished something. – So you can show all your friends that you graduated your
first day of hang gliding. – My twitter bio will
be updated after this. – Wait, are ready for advanced training? – No, tomorrow. – Oh okay. – Tomorrow. Thanks, Andy. We’ll see you next week, fly safe. Lauren, that was so much fun. – That was so much fun. – I want to go to the beach more often and do more fun excursions like that. – I know, I love that we didn’t have to be in the office today. – I know and like being
outside, in the sunshine, doing active things, like, my favorite kind of “Beauty Trippin’.” – I can’t even remember
the last time I went to the beach just for myself so thank you Arm & Hammer
for like forcing us to go to the beach. – Yeah and preparing us
for the sweatiest day. – All right you guys, what should we do on “Beauty Trippin’?” What other fun, outdoor
adventurous excursions would you like to see us do? Let us know in the comments. – Give us some suggestions. We don’t want to be in the office anymore. But only give it to Erin. Erin and I, that’s it. – Yeah, just the two. – It has to be part of the suggestion. – And also subscribe to this channel, hit the bell of course so that you’re notified
when we upload new videos just like this and that’s it you guys. – Yeah. – We’ll see you in the next video. – Let’s go shower. (dramatic music)

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