Origami Circular Glider

Origami Circular Glider

Hello, and welcome to our Origami
Circular Glider video! So this circular structure is actually a pretty good glider and easy to make. We start with a square of origami paper color side down and then make a valley fold as we’re showing here, along one diagonal make a nice clean crease in the paper here Next we’re going to fold the bottom edge of the
triangle upwards about one centimeter or so just like this All right, now each of the end pieces of the flap we just folded up actually has a little pocket what we’re gonna do is insert one end, one pocket into the other pocket, just like this. So
one of the pieces will be slightly smaller than the other and you just stick that piece in nice and tight like that and once you have that, what you want to
do is go around the piece with your fingers and shape it so that it’s nice and
circular and the more circular you make this the better the airplane will fly. Take your time, just go around and shape it just like that That’s all there is to it. Now you want to take the circular glider, hold it with your forefinger on top and thumb below, hold it above your head and just let it fall to the floor It will fall almost straight down, than level
off in a nice long gliding flight. Enjoy!

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  1. WRONG WAY! My science teacher who used to work for NASA showed me the correct way. It is supposed to have two fins, not one. NASA invented the design for their ships. It's terrible that someone would make an instructional video on how to do it wrong. It doesn't fly as well either.

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