Patiala Babes – Ep 247 – Full Episode – 6th November, 2019

Patiala Babes – Ep 247 – Full Episode – 6th November, 2019

Sir, you didn’t handover
the letter to Minnie. If you ask me I didn’t have the guts. Why so? You don’t get it. It’s her father.
The same bloodline. I don’t know what has her
father written in the letter. Once she reads, she might
change her mind in a moment. Everything will go
topsy-turvy then. No, sir. That’s a misunderstanding. Do you think she’ll
forgive her father? No way. Impossible!
– Ramlal.. Look.. I agree that she might not
completely forgive him. – Okay. But she might have a soft-corner
for her father, right? My father was very
cruel to my mother. But he was my father after all. A father is a father. Am I right? Okay,
let’s assume you’re right. Won’t that be good? She’ll be able to let go
off her hatred for him. All the storm inside
her shall subside. She’ll calm down.
Be devoid of every tension. That’s not how it is. If the girl changes her mind and goes back to her father.
Then? What will happen to her mother? Tell me. Everything will go for a toss,
right? Everything will be a mess. This family, home,
my bond with her mother.. Everything will be
over in a jiffy. I just want us to be
together as a family always. That’s it. That’s all I want. That’s all. Yes, I had told Dev to tell
Ramlal to get the Ganesha idol. Lamps and flowers. I had told him everything. Okay! Yes, Minnie.. Have you told for the other articles
like beetle leaves flowers and beetle nuts? Yes, I had told. I even told specifically about
getting roses or marigold. You are allergic to Rajnigandha,
right? But the call got disconnected. I don’t know if he heard.. Minnie, hold on..
– Mom, don’t scream.. Go easy. I thought she would fall. Don’t worry at all. How can I let Minnie fall? Hey.. How can you say so? I am leaving anyway. Yes.. Hold this and I got to go. Okay! Bye.. Minnie,
where are you leaving so early? I’m going to Ms. Naeem’s house. She had called. I guess it’s important. I got to go. Bye! Did you see that? She’s always on the go. She doesn’t want to sit back. Be it anytime.. Let her go. Let her be a kid at times. Or else,
she’s always worried for you. Now,
I have you to worry about me. Of course, yes. Happy Diwali.
– Happy Diwali to you too. Here, Ms. Babita.
The Ganesha and Lakshmi idols. I have got the lamps,
flower and leaves. And everything else
that you had asked for. I shall wash them
with holy water now. Here. Thank you. What’s there in this? Flowers for the idols.
You had asked for them. This is Rajnigandha.
– So? What is it? I..
– What? I am allergic to it. Hey.. Look, Ms. Naeem. The necessary offering
for Goddess Lakshmi is ‘Panjiri’ and
‘Charanamrit’. All the necessary
ingredients for the ‘Charanamrit’
has been mentioned here. You don’t worry,
Ms. Shammi. I shall get all of it. We shouldn’t fall short of
anything for the prayer ritual. Truly.. Who says that religion
creates divide? This is Punjab’s secularity. Diwali is about to be celebrated in Mirza Ghulam
Abbas Baig’s home. God’s aware of every
soul’s religion and faith. We all live our
sins and good deeds. Oh, my God! Wonderful! My roly-poly Ms. Naeem
is in a spiritual zone today. Do you want to conclude
the Diwali prayers here? Let’s shop for my mother too. Even she needs Goddess
Lakshmi’s blessings. It will be good if
we get some money. We haven’t reaped any
profits in the last 2 months. Shall we perform prayers
there too and come back? What is it? Why do you seem upset? You know that four orders had got
cancelled last month. All of them say
that they’ve found a better deal that
what we offer. And the menu is also
better than ours. What are the cooks called? Chef.
– Yes. Their chefs keep in mind
the likes and dislikes of the clients. That is why they have
started placing orders from different places
and not our shop. Didn’t we earn anything much
apart from those 180 boxes? Whatever we earn is spent in giving salary
to the assistants. We need to have work
to pay so many staffs. But we don’t have
any other clients apart from the police staff. No, this is not right.
This is totally wrong. S-Shall I bring some clients?
I’ll see if I can do something. How many things
will you manage alone? And what will happen
by getting orders? Our quality is decreasing. We have Kammo with us.
She keeps giving excuses. And your mom.. She never comes to the shop. You know what, Mini? The biggest businesses
shut down if the boss doesn’t show
interest in the business. And you know
that Babita has made it clear that she has no ties
with this business. Both of us
should manage this business. How long will this continue? You tell me. Khatri, you seem to be
very happy. And why are you singing the hymn before it is time
for ‘Lakshmi Puja’? Kammo,
great people have said that we should win
before time. Don’t misunderstand me. We may keep planning
and the time may pass. Khatri, what are you saying? I cannot understand
anything. I’ll explain. I’ll explain. Look at this. Take this. What is this? Kammo, these are
the legal papers of Babita’s shop,
‘Patiala Babes’. I’ll have to be ready when she comes to sell
the shop to me, right? Khatri, are you all right? Firstly, why will Babita sell
‘Patiala Babes’? Secondly, even if she sells it,
why will she sell it to us? Kammo, don’t think too much. I’ll explain it to you
right now. Sit. Don’t misunderstand me,
Kammo. But the present day wives
don’t trust their husbands. Have some trust
in your Khatri. Look, we are getting
Babita’s contracts one by one. Isn’t it? Only the police’s contract
is left. Kammo, listen to
today’s good news. We had sent the samples
last week, right? The news is they have been approved. Are you telling the truth,
Khatri? Now, everyone apart from
Hanuman Singh’s station have decided to cancel
the order at ‘Patiala Babes’. That is why I’m getting
these papers ready. Their shop will be
under loss now. Babita won’t be able
to afford so many staffs without work. Khatri, I want to see
Babita’s face when you give her this offer. Ms. Kammo,
never delay a noble task. Why should we wait
till tomorrow? ‘Diwali’ is not a bad day. Kammo, old accounts are closed on this day. And the new accounts begin. What happened to her? Lalit had brought
‘rajnigandha’ flowers. Oh, my God! Since then, she has been
sneezing nonstop. Did you give her the medicine?
– I did but still.. She’s recovering slowly. Hanuman, please come forward and
anoint Goddess Lakshmi. – Fine. Mini, come over. Won’t you do it? – No.
You do it first. I’ll follow you. The men in the family venerate
Goddess Lakshmi first. Because they are the ones
who earn. But, Mom, even you earn. I mean, even you own a business. The same thing again! I told you already
that it was my past. I did it out of compulsion. The family runs
on the husband’s earnings. Don’t disturb us
during the rituals. Let us perform the veneration. Mini, you are absolutely right. Well, your mom
is the lady of the house. We’ll follow only her orders. We’ll have to do it
and we’ll do it. That’s it. Give it to me.
Let me do it. You mean to say that you are
doing it because it’s my order? This is unfair. You are spoiling Mini. You should explain to her
that this is the ritual. The men of the house
venerate Goddess Lakshmi because they are the ones
who earn. You won’t teach her anything
good and you encourage her to speak all nonsense. Fine, lady of the house.
It’s okay. No problem. She has become sensible.
She has grown up. We need not reprimand her
for each and everything. There are a few things
that can be told politely. Kids do understand. Fine.
Let’s begin the veneration. Happy Diwali!
– Happy Diwali.. Happy Diwali, Grandpa!
– Happy Diwali, dear! Happy Diwali! I am very glad that you got
the veneration performed at our shop. I am feeling good. A feeling of hope has re-kindled
that everything is not over yet. There’s something still left. Do you know what that is?
– What is that? A hope.. An ambition.. Do you see these lamps,
Ms. Naeem? They are sparkling, right? It’s a small cotton wick. Yet, look how it has
held the flame! Just like this flame, there’s
a flame of hope in my heart. And just like this small cotton
wick, I’ve a small hope that there will come a day when mom will create
her own identity once again. And that day she will be
unstoppable. Am I right? What do you say, Ms. Shami? So be it. I have to light
the rest of the lamps. I was thinking, I should go
downstairs and see the lights. You enjoy the carrom. Hold on, just a second,
Ma’am. You come with me.
Let’s celebrate Diwali together. Ma’am, please come.
Sit here. Ms. Shami,
please spend some time with us. Okay, if you say so. Lala, you were supposed
to make me talk to your father-in-law, right? First Mr. Hanuman,
then my dad and after that all my relatives. Everyone tried to talk to him. But he never listens to anyone. Don’t get into this mess.
– Call him. I will talk to him. By this, you can also
talk to Geeta Kumari. You are right.
Let me call him. Here we go. Put the speaker on.
– Okay. ‘Why did you call, idiot?’ Greetings, Father-in-law.
Happy Diwali. ‘Are you done?
Now hang up the phone.’ No..
Please don’t hang up. Can I talk to Geeta Kumari? ‘Mr. Lalit Mohan,
I have already told you before.’ ‘In our house, girls don’t talk
to the groom before wedding.’ How can you say that? Since many years you are
not letting them get married. Also, you don’t want them
to talk over phone. How is this fare?
– ‘Lala, who’s this?’ That’s my mom. ‘You told me, your mom
is already dead.’ ‘So, who’s this?’ To heck with you.
I am alive and also healthy. Lala, is my adopted son.
Did you understand? Being a mother,
let me make it clear. You should get
Lala and Geeta Kumari married as soon as possible.
– ‘Listen to me..’ Not at all.
I don’t want to listen anything. Just tell me,
when should we get the presage? ‘What are you saying, Ma’am?’ Don’t call me, Ma’am. I am family now. Let me tell you something. Arrange the orchestra
and fix the dates. Otherwise, consider your daughter is gone forever. Ms. Shami, I think
you broke the marriage instead of fixing it.
– What! No.. Sir. She did the right thing. This was needed
for my father-in-law. Since many years,
I am trying to make him understand.
But he never listens to me. Today, the way you talked
to him. It was fantastic. Now I feel,
I have support of elders. I am there for you.
You will see I will teach him a lesson. Ma’am, I don’t have
any doubt on that. Today I have already
seen a sample. Where is Mini? Don’t ask about her. She’s crazy for her shop. She’s in the shop.
There she’s lighting the lamps and also doing the veneration. Anyways, let me tell you
something. I think, you should also
go to the shop. What are you talking about? How can I go to the shop when
I have arranged everything here. You have no idea, for a wife
how important it is to celebrate this festival
with her husband. Mr. Hanuman Mr. Khatri has sent you sweets
for Diwali. We don’t want sweets.
Take it back to him. Well, we never return
sweets on Diwali. No matter how bad a person
maybe these are sweets.
Why fight with food? What’s the fault of children?
Give it to me, dear. Thank you.
Happy Diwali. Happy Diwali. Wow!
Sweets! Who has sent it?
Is it Mr. Lala.. There’s a paper in it. These are legal papers.. Let me see. Mr. Hanuman, there’s another
hand written letter in this. ‘My dearest, Babita’ ‘best wishes for Diwali.’ ‘Don’t mind,
but I felt very sad.’ ‘You got bankrupt
on this auspicious day.’

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