Perfect Low Serve, Tips and Tricks, Badminton

Perfect Low Serve, Tips and Tricks, Badminton

Welcome to this video We are gonna talk about the short service in the doubles. I´m gonna show you some really basic and easy steps On how to do the perfect and most consistent short service in the doubles. First thing we gonna talk about is the position of your body and our arms before we do the service. Our upper body has to be leaned a little bit forward so we are ready to move forward to the net after the shot. Our arms need to be in a neutral position, a little bit up and it has to like form a O like this It has to be… you have to be relaxed not to tighten up here with the shoulders and not to low Somewhere in the middle where you feel comfortable.. Next thing we wanna focus on is how to hold the shuttle in our fingers Many people hold it like this or with multiple fingers inside of the shuttle. I prefer to do it with the index finger and the thumb. Holding on 1 feather like this… And place it in front of you pointing down around your knees. That’s the best position to point it in. Next up is how we position the racket, compared to the shuttle. So you have the shuttle in front of you. You take the the racket and place your thumb on the edge of the racket like this. And the arms is like 1 big O and now you actually ready to do the stroke. So next thing now we wanna focus on is how to hit the shuttle with the racket. We place the shuttle in front of us and we take the racket up on the thumb And now we are ready to do the stroke. So what we need to do now is to slightly bend your elbow, and then stretch your elbow as you hit the shuttle. Its important that your grip has a bevel grip with your thumb. And you have to slightly bend your wrist as well. So the movement looks like this… Next thing now we are gonna focus on is the position of your serve. And how you hit the shuttle. Please avoid try hitting the shuttle on the feathers. When we hit it on the feathers its more tricky to control the position of our serve. So what we wanna do is to place the shuttle pointing the way we wanna serve. So if a wanna serve in the middle I do like this. And i do the movement like this… As you can see it goes straight like I wanted it to. Thanks for watching guys, good luck at practicing this shot on your own. If you have any questions or any comments, just leave them below, THANKS…

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  1. Yet again another great video! I love the minimalism of your videos! A big THANK YOU! Some typos have crept in: "elbow" not "albow". ))

  2. I would love to hear about how to continue AFTER this low serve. It's not obvious to me, what is the proper movement, stance, and what to look for in the opponent to be able react quickly. In singles I often find myself stranded in mid court, and late figuring out to jump forward for a drop return, or turn back for a lift return to my backhand side, etc. There must be a way, the proper stance, diagonal split step, or something that enables the best reactionto whatever the returner is doing – can you do a video on this maybe? Because if I practice just what you show in this video, I will put the serve where I need to – but unfortunately this is TOO STATIONARY a practice, so it will not help reacting to a return. Thanks, and keep up the good work, I love all these tutorials 🙂

  3. Would you say it’s more of a push forward by the elbow/arm or more of a rotation of the wrist, in hitting the shuttle? What throws me out is the slight bend of the wrist. What does that achieve and it seems to be that affects the way we hit the shuttle.

  4. From which part of badminton we should contact the birdie during serve, means upper or middle or from near the upper/ side frame?

  5. Hi guys, thanks for all the great vids! Really helpful. One question on the low serve: On one of ur vids you emphasize the importance of slicing the shuttle (you say that it goes downwards quicker). In this video you do not mention it (although you say something about slicing in the comments). Do you always slice when you serve low (or not) and if yes, how important is the slicing of the low serve? Thanks in advance…

  6. hello brother,could you make a video to practice a deceptive shot for high serve in single!this is very important one..

  7. Is hitting the shuttle on feathers during serve is fault ? As some people do it to wobble the serve

  8. Could you please tell us which service is not internationally accepted and which service is acceptable? Most players in Swat are used to incorrect method of serving and your video ,if you condescend to post one,can bring a tremendous change in our badminton as the players who do not like wrong way of serving try to learn and your use illegal service to win the match.

  9. Question: Low Serve Direction (MD)
    When serving from the right side, I sometimes change the shuttle direction and the racket direction one second before pushing the racket forward.
    This causes shuttle to go towards the forehand front corner of receiver and he is usually not prepared to return it flat so he lifts it, giving way to a smash.

    My query is that international players never do this. Why? What is it that the other player does which renders this serve unnecessary?

  10. I look at your video and I was wondering, the rules says that you I have to serve bellow your waist but yours are over the waist. Is there a new rules? Thanks

  11. In my university the team players ALMOST ALWAYS serve with the shuttle facing the net as you described, but the normal to the racket strings at an angle to the shuttle direction.

    This kinda chops the shuttle I think. Can you please inform me of the pros and cons of that type of low serve?

    And can you kindly make a video for that type of serve too?

    An old fan 🙂

  12. I get tense when the receiver is standing very close and then my serve goes bad. I watched this video several times, but can't get consistency. Help!

  13. I had my first game last Saturday in 25 years !!!!! With Mrs and friends
    I’m slowly learning, just been watching videos about the rules of the game.
    I was getting confused about why we have to switch service courts but I understand it now 🙂 the ‘SERVER’ switches service areas depending on if the score is odd or even, the opponent does not change service courts until they win the rally.
    I need to improve on my serves
    My reflexes are not strong YET!!
    when my opponent smashes the bird at me, I duck out of the way lol
    I need to try and move quickly to send the bird back. This is a regular thing now, every Saturday, we going again this Saturday:)

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