Pickleball Quick Tip – How to Practice Indoors

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♪♪ playful music ♪♪
»RUSTY: Hey, everybody, it’s Rusty from Pickleball Channel.
Today the weather is not cooperating. Sometimes
it’s raining, like here in Florida, and sometimes it’s
just winter. So, we’re going to get a quick tip from
Coach Mo who can show
you how to practice inside.
»COACH MO: Hey, I’m Coach Mo, and I’m
here with a soft, foam ball. It’s called
Gamma Revolution.
It’s a great teaching aid.
When you have to play inside, it’s a
great way to get some practice and improve
your strokes. It’s not as heavy as a wiffle
ball, but you have to make sure
that you get rid of anything that’s breakable
while you’re practicing. Find a spot
that’s far enough from the wall,
about 8-9 feet, and make sure
you don’t have anything
that’s fragile. And if you do,
you’ll be able to improve your
strokes, and this is how it’s done.
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♪♪ playful music ♪♪
♪♪ playful music ♪♪
It’s good for eye-hand coordination,
and to improve your
stroke. You don’t have to hit the ball
hard, just watch the ball hit the paddle.
Just like you would be doing if
you were playing outside, but
if you do it properly, you could
even volley the ball off the wall.
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And as you get better,
you can learn to volley like this.
This is how it’s
done. Very simple.
Just practice and
you’ll be fine.
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♪♪ music fades ♪♪

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