PinBrawl – #1 – Multiplayer Deathmatch Pinball?! (4 Player Gameplay)

Ash: Hey everybody welcome to Stumpt this is Ash I’m joined by Rik Price and Jasmine
All: Hello!
Ash: We’re playin Pinbrawl! Price: Pinbrawl!
Ash: This is a Multiplayer pinball Deathmatch game which at first. I just have no idea what that means,
But it looks really cute and really awesome. Price: Yeah
It’s also early access. I believe right now. It’s only actually available on, but I believe it is coming to Steam soon
Rik: And also there were a lot of instructions the majority of which. I had no idea what they were talking about
We’re just gonna figure it Price: We’ll have to figure it out yeah
Jas: Well it is Pinball.
There’s some information right there if you’re interested in checking it out. Price: So the main thing that I took away from it was like
You have a little character that walks around Rik: Yep
Price: Everybody can tilt the levels you could tilt the level with the right stick, you can move the character with left stick.
A is to thrash with the little dude, X is to block with the little dude, and you have left and right bumpers to… um…
pinball with. Rik: Hiiiive
Price: Oh bee hive!
okay, well let’s start on the first level then hill
Green hill zone number one
Jas: Ohhhh my god!
Price: Okay, where’s the ball? Where’s the ball okay there? Oh gosh?
Rik: Wow, I just got a point against me okay. Oh look at that. Oh
Okay, oh, God. Oh come on. This is very hard Price: Very hard. Rik: I’ll be honest.
Jas: Oh I can see
Price: What all right all right? Rik: And we have a tilt meter as well so we can only tilt so much whoa. Oh god, what happened?
Oh, I don’t know somebody used the special power Price: Yeah you got a special power
wowzers. Ash: oh no no no
Okay, where’s my dude? There he is. Price: Get outa there dude
Rik: I love my guys little face. Super angry face. Price: Oh my gosh, man. Oh, no
Thrash! Jas: Oh god. Rik: Oh yeah, thrash. whoa! Jas: X!
All: Ohhhh. Price: That was the block
I see! So you were eliminated.
Jas: But I’m still a little ghost guy! Ghost! Rik: Ghostest for the mostest
Jas: I’m gonna thrash!
Rik: Okay, now we’re starting to get a hang of it. Ash: Oh now it’s three sided as well. Price: Right, yeah. Oh my goodness man. Thrash! Thrash! Thrash in his hole!
Ash: Oh no no!
Price: That was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever said.
Ash: Oh, X X X NO! Price: You hit it to early I think.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, no pressure
Rik: Oh! Get that in there! Rik and Price: Yeah!!!! Rik: Yellow’s out of here
Price: Alright you and me Rik!
Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball! Thrash! No I did it to soon! Oh, man. All right? No pressure, but get it in there
Jas: This is adorable
Rik: Whoa, okay tilt. Price: Not today.
Price: Boom! Ash: Wooow
Rik: Oh, man, all right wow Ash: I dig this! Price: It’s an interesting game it’s really intense. yeah, let’s do it again. All right. Let’s play all the levels
Yeah, all right
So I think the main thing is like use your tilt wisely be really defensive
Rik: So what is thrash do exactly? Ash: you can move it with your little wiggly guy Price: yeah, oh
Rik: Okay, you can move the ball I see it
Rik: No no no no no! Ash: Thrash thrash thrash thrash thrash!
Tilt. Price: There’s fire now! What does it do? Ash: Yeah I think your little dude gets like messed up. Price: Wow.
What! Ash: yes!
Price: My goodness.
Ash: I actually don’t know what the fire does.
Price: Get out of my goal Ash! Ash: Everything changed when the fire nation attacked.
Rik: Oh crap. All: OH!
Price: Aww so close Jas.
Jas: I’m so angry. Ash: No no! Oh, I had to wait. Price: Yeah, Wait till the circle comes in.
Hey, you know what I’m tired of you
I’m guarding my goal here.
Rik: Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on tilt. Yeah
Jas: Aww you ruined it!
Rik: Ha HA!
Jas: I was trying to time that out and you tilted it.
All right, I’m having a hard time figuring out when to thrash, or, how do I thrash?
Price: Get in there, get in Ash’s goal. Yeah!!!
Rik: Thrashing I’m not I’m hardly doing it yeah it I feel like it doesn’t do a lot of good. Jas: Oh look at this, I’m thrashin
Price: Oh, Now it’s only got three littlel orbs, or three little flames because of the three things.
Jas: I finally figured out how to thrash properly guys. Price: Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball? Ash: I think it’s on me. Rik: What is this little icon right there?
Floating around the stage. I don’t know what that thing is. Ash: I think that’s a powerup
But I don’t know how to get it. Price: Yeah if you knocked the ball through the powerup you get the power
Ash: Oh when it’s your color I imagine.
Price: Well, but like some of the Power-ups. You know like you. Rik: Oh! oohhh
Price: Good try.
Rik:Shoot. Price: Some of the Power-ups, you know they hurt everybody like there’s the one we got earlier was the one where. Ash: Oh when it got small yeah.
Price: No, not today.
Whoa get over there yeah get over there. Oh
Rik: Oh come on. Come on
Price: Quit it. Are you kidding!
Rik: All right! Price: How did you get so much force behind that? Ash: So I pressed Y and I don’t know what Y did there.
Price: You pressed Y? Ash: I did cause I noticed my thing was glowing
Jas: What I just got demolished earlier.
Price: No, I’m saying this Y thing. It wasn’t in the tutorial. Ash: I don’t I don’t know if it actually did anything anything
I’m not hitting Y I’m just saving up my tilt to tilt it like that. Price: Good job Rick.
Tiltin. Price: i don’t think Y does anything. Ash: I don’t know if Y does anything.
Jas: It’s all about the tilt. Ash: Or maybe it does? feel free to press it buddy. Rik: ha ha ha ha
Jas: Hive? Oh this is so cute!
Rik: This is clever okay, so we’re each on two different sides.
Price: Oh my gosh!
Leave me alone!
Ash: Wait, what is that? Oh there’s portals? Price: Are you kidding? Get away. Ash: Is there portals? Rik and Price: Woah there are portals.
Oh my gosh. Rik: Now you’re playing with portals guys. Ash: Nope. Nope get out of here. Where’d it go? Price: Where’d it go? Ash: NO!
*Ash yelling*
Jas: Poor Ash
Price: The portal thing is tough. Rik: that was sneaky. Oh, God no!
Price: My gosh, man, oh
*Jas laughs*
Rik: Oh god. Price: There we go!
Rik: Whoo! Oh god no! No!
Right through that portal!
Price: Ahh! Ash: Oh. Jas: Oh god. Price: Portals!
Price: Oh my god! Jas: Oh my god!* unidentified grunting sound*
Jas: so stressful! Rik: Go go go! Price: Oh my. How did that not go in there?
Jas: That is so stressful! Price: That is so intense! Rik: This is crazy. This is crazy. Price: How did that not go in there? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!
Jas: Get in there. Rik: Come on. Come on get that ball. Oohhh!
Price: What! I! Ash: You saved it and you bumped it back in. Price: *Goes full on salt mode* Are you KIDDING!
It just bounces like an inch in front! What’s the point of that?
Rik: It’s like a ball save. Price: That’s the dumbest thing in the universe!
It didn’t save nothing! That’s ridiculous. It should launch it to the middle or something. Ash: It should. I agree.
Rik: Woah! Woah!
Rik: Alright now I’m starting to get the… the benefit of thrashing man. Jas: Yeah.
Price: I fully, I do not understand the thrashing thing. Jas: You have to hold A, and then you can. Ash: OH! Then you can thrash!
Oh! I was never getting that! Price: Oh yeah, I did not know that. Jas: Yeah it took me a long time to figure that out
Ash: I thought I was just pressing A.
Rik: Crap! You really gotta wait for that x you really gotta wait for it
Price: Ghooost thrasher!
Rik: Oohhh! Ash: You and me Jas, you and me.
Rik: Okay. Now I’m gonna ghost thrash. Price: Yep. Let’s go thrash. Ash: Ghost thrash the whip. Price: Ghost thrash the whip!
*Rik Laughs* Jas: Get in there Ash. Get in there Ash!
Rik: So can we actually hit the ball Price: Yes. Rik: Cool.
Rik: Oh no! Jas: Gotcha!
Ash: Ghost thrash! Price: You’re not a ghost you’re a real thrasher.
Rik: You’re a real thrasher! Wooaahhh!
Jas: Come on tip! Tip!
Tip it! Rik: Gotta charge up that! You gotta charge it up Jas! Charge it back up! Price: Those portals are dangerous
Rik: Neither of you had charge. There you go. No there you go. Oh
Price: Now it’s that power up man! It’s crazy.
*Screaming ensues*
Price: Well done. Rik: Oh Ash still has one more life! Price: Of course he does!
All right, all right Jazzy has two though. Where’s the ball? Jas: It’s right there.
Ash: Nope. Ugh!
Price: Just trying to floop it. Look all I wanna be is the deciding factor I don’t really care who wins!
All: Whoaaa! Rik: Almost pushed it in. Almost pushed it in!
Ash: Come on. Jas: Get outa here. Ash: Thrash it in!
Price: What’s with the timer at the top?
Is it getting smaller? Rik: Here we go! Price: Is it doing the getting smaller thing? Jas: Yeah. Oh there’s a bomb!
Ash: What just happened? Jas: That was a bomb!
Price: Because there was a timer. There’s a timer feature as well, and you’ll notice the screen was getting red.
Ash: Come on! Jas: Is the ball getting heavier? Price: I don’t know. Oh, it’s a bomb again. Oh, it’s a bomb again. Oh
Wow. Do you think bombs you like, can’t deflect?
Rik: Come on. All: OHHHH!
Price: Oh my gosh there’s two of them now! Double balls! Jas: Did Ash get another life? Price: Double balls! Rik: Oh no. Oh no!
Rik: Woahhh! Player one wins! Jas: I had no idea what happened. Ash: There was two balls? *Price nods with a grin on his face* Ash: You son of a bitch. *All laugh*
Price: Revenge! Jas: I have no idea what just happened! Price: I was one of the goofy ghosts at Ash’s base just hitting them in. Ash: Alright, there’s one more level right? Rik: Yeah one more level. Jas: Don’t hit anchored Rik.
Rik: What’s that? Jas: You need default. There you go. Rik: Okay. Price: Last one the void! Nice this looks cool. It’s got bumpers. Oh
Oh gosh that rotates in the middle.
Oh and our characters can’t. Ash: They can’t get out of the circle yeah.
Price: Holy butts man. Rik: Woah.
Price: I did it! Rik: You did it! Price: And it means absolutely nothing cuz it goes nowhere. Ash: Well it didn’t go in your goal that time. Price: Thanks Ash.
Price: What! Ash: Ahahahahaha!
Ash: *Whispering to Price* Hey buddy, that’s called revenge! Price: You didn’t, you had nothing to do with that, don’t act llike you did.
Jas: Aww no. Rik: Boom! Alright! Go little red guy, go!
All: Woah!
Ash: So there’s boost tracks along the edges. Price: Yeah as well. I was like once it hits the edge.
Rik: Oh, so once the ball hits the edge. Yeah. Cool.
Ash: Aww. Price: Right in there.
Whoa. Tiny Rik! Jas: Oh no, I’m out.
Price: My goodness. Jas: That’s hard! Price: It’s really hard.
Price: I’m really bad at being able to you know what I think I’d probably want to mess with the anchored mode where the guy just like, does his own thing.
Jas: Rik has three lives! Get into his.
Rik: Nope, keep it out of mine.
Rik: Get that out of here! Price: Get it up there!
Price: Nope, I’ve messed that up. Dang man!
Price: It kind of gives you like too much time in mind.
All: Woah! What! Ash: NO! Rik: Ohhh reversed.
Price: This is awful I want nothing to do with this! Ash: God, that was crazy. Price: It really was. What!?!?
*Ash laughs*
Price: Are you kidding? right down the frickin middle! Ash: Rik still has three lives. Price: That’s three frickin lives! Jas: Get into Rik’s! Rik: I like pinball.
Price: This is nothing like pinball.
Price: When was the last time you played pinball they had a slug there that was smashing. Rik: Oh I wish I could play slug-bear pinball.
Rik: That’s not a slug. That’s a gopher come on. Price: It’s a slug-bear, man. Come on. Rik: A slug-bear? That’s what a gopher means.
Price and Jas: *laughs* Jas: It’s just another word for a slug-bear.
Price: My gosh, what is the point of being one of the ghosts? Rik: So the ball changes to different colors? What is really the point?
Price: Power-ups. Ash: It’s when it picks up the power-ups yeah. Ohhh, okay I see. Ash: Sometimes it’ll be a good power-up.
Price: So far they’ve all been like, universal power-ups it seems. Wowzers. That was close.
Rik: Boom! Ohhh! Aced it!
Jas: That’s crazy. Ash: Oh my gosh, all right y’all that’s where we’re gonna call the end of this Pinbrawl game if you guys want to check it out
There’ll be like down in the description for their page. I don’t believe it’s on steam yet.
But I assume it will be eventually. Rik: Yeah.
Ash: It’s early access still so I’m excited to see what else gets added to it because already I think that’s a pretty well polished
Four-person local game. Rik: It looks like they have at least three more levels. Ash: Exactly
So if you all want to see more let’s no down the comments below, with that we’ve been Stumpted.
I’ve been Ash, joined by Rik, Price, and Jasmine, we’ll catch you all next time. All: Bye!
Ash: You guys what’s your favorite pinball game? Rik: I like medieval madness. Ash: Medieval madness?
Rik: That’s my favorite, it’s my jam.
And, Tina Fey is in it. Ash: It has Tina Fey in it? Rik: Yes. Price: What? Jas: Before she was Tina Fey. Rik: Yep
Price: She was literally, before she could be on TV. She had to break out from the witch’s curse that put her inside.
Rik: It was like Mike TV.

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