Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect.
One more.

Hey, Cory, you got
that pizza, man?
Sure do.

Spoon, please.
Thanks, man.

Hey Codes, fries are ready.

Thanks, man.
I appreciate that.
I gotcha.

I’m going to probably
just save that for later.

Add some weight.

Will you pass me
some paper bowls?
Yeah, I got you.

Thanks, dude.

Have a good flight, bro.

Oh, cheese balls.
Love those.


Spoon please.

Why were you not holding it?

What’s up, guys?
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Signing off for now.
Pound it.
See ya.

100 Comments on “Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect”

  1. 🔥COMMENT which shot took the longest 😂
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  2. Not for nothing but I like the bloopers more because they depict the real work it does to get theses shots done. I mean imagine how many tries these guys have to do to nail these shots but overall the fact that they do nail them is amazing. Great job 👍

  3. How many flips dude perfect and the team can do in a min: 400.5 me : 0.5 flips per min. Hello darkness my old friend… I’ve come to talk to you again………
    。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 (Btw I meant water bottle flips)

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