98 Comments on “Red Dead Online – Early Access Content (September 2019) | PS4”

  1. Man I really need to finish past chapter 5 despite getting it on release day… but if only the gameplay was not the same mission 200 times with 70 of wandering to get to and from missions…………………..

  2. Sorry retards but story dlc isn’t happening. You should of learned your lessons with GTA, rockstar cares more about chasing micros. You can go back to fortnite now

  3. PEOPLE 🛑 STOP 🛑 ASKING FOR STORY MODE UPDATES!! Unless you wanna pay 29.99 or more for DLC then don’t expect any type of story mode updates from Rockstar.. do you guys know who you’re dealing with??

  4. Were you guys seriously waiting for new single-player content? hah, it will get as much SP content as GTA V had post-launch, NONE.

  5. People still begging and moping around for single player dlcs. Move on already. It's not happening. Rockstar clearly don't care. That's why each game is a continuous copy paste from the previous game instead of innovating. Open your eye and stop being so blind. The sooner you realize the truth the better. They went back to their money cow called GTA the second RDR2 was released and they got all the money from all of you over hyping it. That's why online is nothing but a dead empty wasteland. Stop praising a company that doesn't care.

  6. Ничо не ясно…он ведь и так бесплатный будет… если нет, то БУНТ!!!!

  7. I want to have my own gangs hideout that we can upgrade just like the camp and heists to do just like gta online. Also do something about trolling because this game needs it badly.

  8. That’s the trouble with rockstar they make awesome games for like a year but the one thing they lack is DLC. I mean come on

  9. PlayStation! For the new console you guys need to have a DisplayPort to connect to a PC monitor and have an option to switch from 60hz to 144hz or 240hz it’s possible to since I heard the new console is using Ryzen 5 RTX 2700 🙂

  10. I’m all for Story DLC because there’s just so much untapped potential in that massive world and so many great characters too. It’s not that we don’t want multiplayer fans to have fun too, it’s just that Rockstar needs to realize just how many single story players still exist and it’s just feels like they just abandon a truly loyal fan base for casuals who don’t truly appreciate the franchise as much as we do, so I suppose it’s a matter of loyalty to its long time fan base. I’ve been a Rockstar fan for 20 years. I’ve had nearly every Rockstar game from Max Payne, to The Warriors, to Bully, to Manhunt, to Every single GTA game! Believe me, Rockstar fans are willing to open up their wallets! For us, gaming isn’t about competition, it’s about adventure!

  11. Trader work does not work online for ps4 correctly. Camp does not spawn out to work with cripps . the bounty hunter roll gets buggy leaving you in a black screen not getting paid for the mission you worked for . the only role that actually works is the collector roll and that could has issues online at times as well.

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