Resort Review: Kabaleyan Cove Resort [FREEBIE ALERT]

Hey guys! Jo here. What is up?!
Today I’m here at Pangasinan to do a resort review
This is Kabaleyan Cove Resort. So let’s go!
So this is gonna be my bedroom for tonight
It’s actually a bedroom good for two and one of the things that I love about this bedroom is that it’s very spacious
its very clean, and I love how they installed some neon lights on the ceilings also their bathroom is very clean
That is one of the most important things about staying in a resort. Ok now that we’re done checking out the rooms here.
Let’s go out and get some lunch
The resort offers a wide variety of Asian and Filipino dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings
I love the way they prepared the dishes the way they do it in Pangasinan
My favorite would definitely be the Turon filled with Chocnut. This 2 hectare resort also caters to weddings, debuts,
Baptism and other corporate events that will surely make your events memorable
They have several function rooms that can accommodate around 100 to 200 pax
This place is definitely a perfect place for a weekend getaway with family and friends
You will definitely enjoy the slides and the fountains by the pool
Since I love the place so much, and I want you guys to experience what I did
I decided I’m giving away an overnight stay here at Kabaleyan Cove Resort
Check out the mechanics down in the description for a chance to stay at this awesome resort
So that is it guys! Thank you guys for watching this video.
I do hope you like it if you do leave a thumbs up and share it to your friends
Also if you like to stay here in Kabaleyan Cove Resort, I will leave a link down in the description
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Instagram and YouTube, this is Jo Serrano signing out. Thank you guys again for watching. I’ll see you in my next video

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