Review DHS Gold ARC 8 []

I played the rubbber of Gold Arc 8
a hardness of 47.5 degrees
Red Colour
on the blade of Timo Boll Spirit Butterfly and Garaydia ZLC
blade Garaydia played once
one training
and the blade Timo Boll Spirit play of about half a year
rubber Gold Arc played on the week
Gold Arc 8 played on the blade of the DHS PG 2
after playing the first was certainly very surprised
its speed compared to other rubbers
rubber Gold Arc has a rotation at a very high level
it is facing a very tacky but not sticky
the rate is at the highest level
I said that it is facing tenergy faster than 05 or 80
This rubber is definitely stands out in relation to Rozeny and Gold Arc 5
This rubber is faster, even faster than tenergy
despite the fact that this is a very fast rubber
I must admit that he has a very cool control, very cool feeling
This rubber gives a lot of rotation
at the moment when Jacek has a rotating backhand
throwing of the rubber caused it
I had a terrible however that it be blocked
tenergy where I was able to a few times a blocked
catapults the rubber
It is really big, so it has a really nice rate
when there is no tuning on it it catapults this is certainly smaller due to the fact that it is not facing the factory tuning
rubber at a hardness of 47.5 degrees
in my opinion, it is tenergy hardness between 05 and 05 FX tenergy
rubber the backing tested for hardness 47.5
but there is one version of the 50 degrees of hardness harder and probably uses the
China players
Rubber Gold Arc 8 certainly performs well in the elements when we have to use force in the elements topspin
halfvoley and when we have to play some break
then shows his speed, and it can be really fun to use
This makes playing really facing a lot of fun
from every seat at the table you can give a lot of rotation
I said that there are no such elements
in which the rubber of Gold Arc performs badly
they result only from our mistakes
Gold Arc 8 is on a very high level of craftsmanship
similary the Gold Arc 5
Rubber Gold Arc 8 is definitely for people who play offensively
they want to find the rubber which will not have to use as much force as in other rubbers
no doubt this rubber is suitable to both sides
you can use it on the backhand if you have a fairly strong this page
if you do not position the more it would on a forehand
control on the rubber of each place at the table is very large
and everyone at the table you can surprise your opponent
because it is facing a Rotary
A service can generate a lot of rotation
You can serve in these places where you want the table with the rotation that you want
so that it is facing a very fast and Rotary
the game can be active
generate a very large force
and to use all our strengths
certainly when receiving the service can be difficult due to the fact that it is facing a very fast
however, it has a very large control and also can play wherever you want
while passive play virtually no need to use force
rubber doing everything for us
This rubber is relatively universal
suitable for high-speed carbon blade as well as the slower wooden blade
when topspin and countertopspinu we can generate a very high speed and very high rotation
This is certainly rubber to such a game
rubber Gold Arc 8 behaves very well against the defensive
you can definitely surprise our rival
It has very little time to react because it is very fast rubber
I think that players who play tenergy will be able to switch to the rubber
I think that is a very good replacement tenergy and maybe even better version tenergy
few people are still convinced the Chinese equipment
This rubber will convince the larger group of players, because it is already at a level
typical European and this lacking of DHS
I said that it is facing from a slightly different feeling compared to tenergy
and it may at first confuse us but when it’ll play a little
We notice that it has
greater and greater speed of rotation of tenergy
when Tuning
when not tuning, I would have said that it is slightly slower and slightly less from the Rotary tenergy
Gold Arc 8 I loved the sound reflections
popularly called the “click”
it can certainly be compared to rubber, several of which were glued rubbers fresh glue used
this is a really cool thing
additionally I introduced such a possibility
Videos that as a spectator you can also translate
if you know a language
a very high level
you can help in developing the channel
I think that the China palyers can play such a rubber or similar
certainly also depends on the hardness of the primer
I think that Chinese player can only play the rubber they certainly would tune it
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