REVIEW – Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa (Aruba)

Today I’m reviewing the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa in Aruba
There are a few things. I want to mention before I get started the first is that Aruba is very Americanized
And it doesn’t really have that Caribbean island vibe
I was getting a sense of Vegas mixed with Florida type feel the second is that there are two type of
accommodations the high-rise building area and a low-rise building area the high-rise area had that Vegasy Florida vibe
Seem like a happening place
but also seem crowded like beach chairs crammed together the low-rise area is quieter and
The beach chairs are more spread out
I prefer the relaxing Beach vacation so I opted for the low-rises

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet and mixed with a little action you can stay in the low-rises and drive to the high-rises
It’s about a 10-minute Drive
The third is of the Manchebo allows children although
We didn’t see a single kid while we were there the average guests were couples of all ages
I love this Beach. It was wide. It was long. I couldn’t reach either end on my walks
I also loved the palm trees and palapas scattered throughout the Manchebo beach area the thatched roofing and the trees
maintain that natural island look
Aruba’s windy which causes some pretty big waves I personally love it it makes for an exciting swim
This hotel has a laid-back relaxing vibe
Unlike the high-rises where you almost feel like you have to compete for a spot on the beach at the Manchebo
There’s always a palapa available they’re spread out, so you don’t feel like you’re on top of each other
It’s a quiet spot
Even though they allow children there weren’t any during our stay the exterior building had an islandy look with the dark wood and the thatched roofing
reminded me ever stay in Moorea 4.5 stars
The Manchebo has a motel lay out, but has that boutique charm
It’s only two storeys high, which makes it harder to see the ocean
But it makes for a quieter experience the room itself was nothing special it felt a little dark and old
They try to make it nice with the modern fixtures in the bathroom
But overall didn’t really have that upscale look
I was hoping for there are no screens on the sliding door so you can’t open it to hear the ocean at night
Apparently no hotels in Aruba have screen doors because they don’t want to encourage guests to leave the doors open this helps to prevent mildew

3.5 stars
We decided to skip the all-inclusive option and explore the restaurants on the island
Although we opted for the breakfast buffet for $20 per person per day
It was a good breakfast lots of options for dinner we went to Quinta. Del Carmen Chop House Mathews
Elements just to name a few the most memorable restaurants were Faro Blanco and Passions on the Beach
Faro Blanco was the restaurant at the California light house and had an amazing view in the food was delicious
Passions on the Beach was literally on the beach I loved the atmosphere and the food was really good, too
I noticed that the price of food in Aruba is very reasonable
Unlike Hawaii or Tahiti where it’s overpriced there’s also coffee spot in the nearby market called Juan Valdez
This is a Colombian coffee chain. It’s a little different, but it’s fun to try 4.5 stars
Not much to do at this resort which is fine because I don’t really participate in activities anyway
I just like to sit on the beach and read a book they had included yoga classes in the morning at the scenic pavillion
Apparently guests from other hotels come to the Manchebo for yoga
And Pilates because it’s the most beautiful spot for it
They also have a spa and we booked a couples massage in one of the cabanas the cabanas are open
But private and so close to the water that you can hear while being massaged
4.5 stars
the pool at the Manchebo was nothing special
It’s small and basic unlike the high-rise resorts
They tried making a look a little less boring with a small waterfall feature A for effort
But I wasn’t that impressed most times at resorts all in the day with a swim in the pool, but not there 2 stars
We mostly went to the casinos after dinner my favorite casino was the one of the Ritz Carlton
We also walked around the Villas Plaza at night with all the restaurants and kiosks
We stopped in gusto the nightclub it had a really cool atmosphere
And the bartenders were super friendly also the drinks are pretty cheap usually after dinner
We just go to sleep, but in Aruba. There’s so much to do at night 5 stars
There were a ton of activities to do in Aruba outside of the resort we had a car so we drove down to Baby Beach
It’s about a 45 minute drive from the Manchebo
It is highly recommended, but I found it to be really crowded
We also rented jet skis which I always try to do when I’m on vacation
Also a lot of people recommend the off-roading jeep tours 4.5 stars
Aruba is a lovely island the beaches are beautiful
And there’s lots to do during the day and night the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is charming and quiet
The pool in the room didn’t quite meet my high standards, but the beach and the atmosphere are a really top-notch
It’s a great spot for a romantic getaway. I’m reading this trip 4/5 stars

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