RIT on TV: Roc City Thunder Indoor Football

>>[ANCHOR]: Professional indoor football
returned to Rochester with a new team sporting
a new name. The ROC City Thunder made its
debut before a nice crowd at the Gordon Field
House on the RIT campus. YNN’s Mike Hedeen
reports the ownership group believes this
team is here to stay.
>>[REPORTER]: The new indoor football team
believes a new place to play is the key to
its success. Unlike two others before, the
ROC City Thunder has vacated downtown Rochester
for what it calls a new, fan-friendly atmosphere
on the RIT campus.
>>[RYAN RAFTERY]: We’re trying to really
capitalize on the RIT element of not having
a football team. As you can see we have the
pep band as part of our crew and we really
cater to the RIT students and from all indications
they’re looking for something to grab on to
in the football world and we’re trying to
make that connection to RIT as well.
>>[REPORTER]: This is Rochester’s third attempt
at professional indoor football. The owners
of the Thunder believe they have the formula
to ensure this team is here for the long haul.
The Brigade was Rochester’s first indoor football
team. It debuted in 2001, but lasted just
three seasons before closing up shop. The
Raiders followed in 2006 and had a longer
run playing in four different leagues. The
team won the 2007 Continental Indoor Football
League Championship. The Raiders ceased operation
in 2010. Now it’s the Thunder’s turn to try
to maintain staying power in an already crowded
sports market.
>>[RAFTERY]: It’s a very difficult sports
market in Rochester with so many teams. But
we believe that the element that RIT has helped
us create and the differences we’re trying
to bring with a kid friendly environment should
put us in a good position to have a long run.
>>[REPORTER]: The team is comprised entirely
of former Section V high school players. Fans
attending the opener say that’s a reason to
keep coming back.
>>[MIKE CODY]: It’s good to know that you
know guys from your neighborhood, my neighborhood
can enjoy a sport they love their whole lives.
>>[REPORTER]: Some where there to watch their
sons and grandsons play, including family
members supporting back-up quarterback Jesse
Higgins-Tisdale, a former standout at East
>>[LUCY NIBBLINS]: Oh, it’s just wonderful
seeing him out here playing.
>>[REPORTER]: With the RIT pep band and a
college atmosphere, the ROC City Thunder’s
different approach might be just the ticket
to keep fans coming back for indoor football
in the Rochester area. Mike Hedeen, YNN.

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