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howdy hey hello there. today I’m going to
show you a bun hairstyle that I created after watching another youtuber’s video
The Freckled Fox. she does a twisted rope braid tutorial which I love. it looks
great on her hair. wish I could do it as good as she does. if you’d like the full
tutorial for just the braid go to her channel. which I will link that video
down in the description but from her braid I adjusted it a bit and then
turned it into a bun. but for the hairstyle that I made you’ll need: dry
shampoo, hairbrush, tiny hair ties, and lots of pins. first thing to do is dry
shampoo. remove glasses and I like to remove my jewelry just so that it
doesn’t snag on my hair and rip my hair out. that’s always a good thing right?
yeah. okay. umm and then part it on the side and I’m actually me go all the way
down and bring this part over to this shoulder and then spray it with a little
dry shampoo. it helps it hold the shape. helps it if it’s fresh hair. helps hold it
if it’s dirty hair. it does hold on “dirty hair” not stick nasty gross ugly
yuckiness but just dry shampoo helps. long story short. and then comb through
the length of your hair just to get all of the tangles out of it just to help
with that anyway. after you part your hair grab a small rectangular section
from the top. that’s kind of big. about right like that. then you’ll split
this in half or in half-ish. and then you’ll take the front go over the back
and then grab another piece add it to that piece and then go over. keep this
nice and tight. I usually tend to start grabbing
larger sections once I get closer to my ear. and make sure you grab from the back
of your head as well. so more of a sweeping kind of motion. now that I’ve
grabbed everything that I can grab on this side, fold it over pull it tight and
then add- start adding this part of your hair into it. but keeping it as tight as
you can. also try and push it more towards the back and this will help it
loop around more. so now it should be mostly falling over
your other shoulder. now we’re going to twist like a rope braid. so twisting the
hair sections in the same way and then twist opposite. twist it down as far as
you can and then use a little teeny tiny hair tie. if you have light hair I would
suggest using the clear ones. if you have dark hair like me I’m using just black
or dark brown you can use clear too it’s up to you. so there’s all of these
you can hairspray them down but before you do that come in through here and
volumize it a bit. just by pulling the sections. just to kind of fluff it up a
bit and then come through here and do the same thing. like I said Freckled Fox
does it a lot better than I do. she’s the one that came up with the rope braid as
far as I know. so if you want to see it look really really good go see hers. okay
I’m pretty happy with that fluff amount because it will kind of lift itself once
I pin it up into the bun shape. now I’m just going to pull this up and around
and then I just tuck my ends underneath another part of it. and then pull this
pretty tight then once you get it where you like it
pick up some pins. I’m using both hair pins and bobby pins. so this is a hair
pin because it’s more of a v-shape and the bobby pins tend to be more closed. more like that. by the way please don’t open these with
your teeth it’s terrible for your teeth please don’t. okay so taking hair pins and
bobby pins pick up a chunk and slide it in. the thicker and longer you’re hair
the more bobby pins you’re gonna have to use. sorry girls. basically just pinning until it feels
secure and then if you have a mirror you can check the back. I don’t
so hopefully this looks okay. might pin a little bit more there. so before you
walk out the door even use your cell phone or a mirror ope, there it came out! Ah! and just check the
back. make sure there’s no odd pieces sticking out that you don’t want
sticking out and then you should be good to go. and then once you get that done
you can come back through here kind of poof this up a bit more and just make it
how you want it. once you have everything pinned and pretty much where you want it
you can pull out a few pieces and just kind of make it a bit more loose. just
bouncier or whatever and then to smooth out the
back you can either tease the crown of your head before you do this hairstyle
or just kind of smooth it with a brush. I don’t know. so there you go. pretty easy
pretty comfortable. I like it. how about you? thanks so much for spending some
time with me today and trying out this new hairstyle with me. -I hope I get to see
you soon. Bye! [music]

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