Rugby Captain Interview

Hi bear fans I’m Peyton Mowery with CalTV Sports Here with Nic Mirhashem Captain of the Men’s Rugby Team How ya doing today Nic? I’m good, thank you. How are you? Good So this game thats about to take place marks the beginning of the post season. How ya feeling? Uh, good, I mean it’s going to be a tough post season. Single elimination means there is less room for mistake but its times we look forward to So you guys are coming off of a huge win last match against the number one team, St. Mary’s College How did that victory feel? I mean, it was great. Unfortunately we lost to them last year and we sort of carried ourselves with a chip on our shoulder ever since but ya definitely getting the win in front of the home crowd was something very special Meant a lot to us seniors and ya we will probably play in the game but we look forward to the challenge You are a graduating senior and this is your last post season. Your last home match is next weekend, How are you feeling? Ya i mean its surreal really. Sad emotional but it is part of the game I mean, uh, definitely miss it. It will be something difficult to walk away from but it is what it is Ya well good luck, good luck with the rest of post season Hopefully you guys bring home that championship title And I’m Peyton Mowery with CalTV Sports Go Bears

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