Rugby Player Bites Penis

Rugby Player Bites Penis

this is an unbelievable story have a guy
named Anthony what’s not related to its towns Michael
what’s any place for the Australia’s a reason
the Australian Gold Coast rugby league never wanna play rugby even
ever no there’s a picture of anthony Watts he
looks like a crazy mother fucker and the this is a game between Palermo
and Turin and basically what happened was there is
a fight a melee that broke out between the two teams see the last picture this guy maybe show
us the most up and at least at the same time and
apparently anthony Watts paid bet an opponent’s day that the opponent proceeded to pulled out his pants ensure the referee do to keep the he bit my schlong and yet trail right now ready to I read destroy
I didn’t quite get that part in it what didn’t you understand I thought
it’s funny I thought the guy I thought at teammate the guy whose penis was chomped on pulled down his pants to get
there for fees attention very much just at the store yeah show
clearly did so the guy so the guy who was bit took down his
pants to show to show the referee on aid bitten have
flaccid penis he totally get it yet Yahoo no one would ever not only
yeah only would make it up yet I mean maybe I
don’t know do nobly would say when Kobe went
through the phases you follow through like that with his hand good did watch Kobe with his elbow unbeaten yeah thats rugby’s crazy sport would you
actually show the ref your penis you like he bit my penis when you just
like he bit my p yeah I don’t have the show and I would
not to show got percent your crotch I don’t care I don’t like a
conceivable circumstance where I show a referee in a game my peers let me think for a
sec I go ahead take some time overstep jeopardy alright
then better yes sure they become out if you
think a one-time yeah not where they would nobody would that
nobody would but then again I don’t think I’d everybody’s being as poor as I
would but my business the mark William who’s speaking for
mister what said that he absolutely denies that anybody on any nature is taking
place now here’s the interesting part if there’s
been any contact major that particular area this gentleman’s body our client
apologizes for any contact with your teeth rugby is a good it’s a gross portrait or adorable spoarer it’s just gross I mean
you see just a guy it’s a wonder minutes so physical and
there’s no foot uniforms and football on curious what the and curious whether the
protective gear appears whether right or having right
appears whether they get hurt more or less have no I wonder whether they think
they’re put their heads down because they don’t have a helmet right which I’ve heard now
talking about love with regard to concussions that
actually is that actually is the effort to protect people with helmets increase concussions my hunch know
because I think my urges and nineteen-thirties ok guys got concussions every week ok

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  1. In rugby it is the tacklers job to safely get the ball carrier to the floor, so no dunks.. or spears but a very hard hitting slam to stop the ball. 🙂 Less injuries in rugby because its all shoulder based tackling.

  2. A Warrington Wolves player played on with a split ballsack, probally more painful than gettig your dick bitten but tbh I havent had either hapen to me before

  3. there is less injuries because usually in Rudby there is an adversaries respect which is part of the sport no unnecessary violence is tolerated . i'm pretty sure this story is an accident

  4. well the game had no video evidence to look back on the bite and probably the next day the bite mark is gone… so the player wants the benefits of the doubt from bite in the game so he showed him the bite.

    and rugby has less concussions because there's stricter laws for tackling and because of how the game is played in a non-stop way if you run head on you'll most likely have a difficult time getting the ball back.

  5. He thought he was playing Aussie Rules Football for a second. Penis bites score a point in that game. At least as far as I can tell.

  6. Really ? rugby is a gross sport ? kiss my ass american football losers , grow some balls and come play a real man's game trashes.

  7. Rugby's safer because certain types of tackling are illegal that are legal in American Football. Whilst you can be hit equally as hard in either sport Rugby is generally less hard hitting but because its a solid 80 minutes of play compared to the 11 minutes of actual play in American Football there are far, far more tackles, there is also no time to recuperate after a tackle so by and by they are both hard in different ways but rugby players need far more stamina and endurance.

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