37 Comments on “Rugby’s Biggest Hits – Polynesian Edition”

  1. It would be great if the polys could get a combined islanders best 15 together and play a few tour matches. I would pay to see that! 😁

  2. how can you forget, Jonah Lomu's tackles and highlights? you didn't even add guys like Jerry Collins, Sam Manoa, Brian Lima ..SMH come on man these clips are nothing

  3. Fijian are no Polynesian why can't yal get that straight just look at the color haha Maori Samoan Tongan Cook Island French Polynesian which is Tahiti should be in this video..you need and hour of footage of poly hits too many to count

  4. Why is it that when I choose to watch almost any rugby videos, they are totally spoiled by gay sounding hip hop crap pop whatever the fuck it's called shit music . None of these fuckers would play rugby but we have to listen to their piss music !!

  5. Fijians have both Melanisian (Highlanders) and Polyneasian (outer Island and sea side villagers) blood in them. Nadroga Province still require Tongan ties inorder to create Chiefs. Rotuma and Lau islands is very much Polyneasian. Vanualevu has got Polyneasian influence as well. This video about Fiji being Polynesian aint wrong. We just happen to have both traits. Vinaka

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