Sealing a Pinball Backglass with Krylon Triple Thick

Hello Youtube. Basically tonight we’re just
going to be sealing this Stern Meteor backglass
It’s not in the best of shape. You can see
along here somebody has tried to remask some
of the areas that have flaked off with a little bit of silver spray paint. They didn’t do a
very good job of filling in that area. You
can see here from the swirl marks that I guess
it had tobacco or grease residue at one time
and somebody basically just kind of pushed
it around with a little rubbing alcohol or
windex or something. Unfortunately in doing
that they ended up lifting much of the paint.
You can see it’s just kind of scrubbed right
off. A little bit of it’s dissolved. We want
to prevent that from ever happening again
no matter who has got this in the future.
It’ll make it a little easier to clean. These
areas are opaque anyway so it doesn’t really
matter if there’s a little bit of residue
on there. It is far better just to seal it
in, leave it alone so it can’t further flake
off. So because it is flaking off just a little
bit right now we’re going to give it a really
quick coat, a really light coat, just to tack
everything down and then we’ll come back to
it in about half an hour. For this one again
we’re just going to give it a really light
coat about a foot and a half away. Really,
really thin coat here. This is not your standard
application. We just want to make sure that
it just gives it a really light tack coat
for us to seal to later. We’ll come back in
half an hour.Alright, so it’s half an hour
later and we’ll do the first real coat of
Triple Thick. Some people say it’s hard to
get this in Canada. It is. Now this is a Krylon
product, it’s available pretty easily in the
States. You can get it from Marco Specialties
for about $15 CAD+shipping which isn’t cheap.
You can get it at Michael’s here in Canada
but it’s not the Krylon product. It’s actually
a half size can and it costs about the same
so if you’re in a pinch you can get it. You
will find it a Michael’s and it is a Triple
Thick spray product but I haven’t tried that
one. If anybody has tried that one already,
well, let everybody know if it works or not
but otherwise you could just order it online.So
this one you want to cover in a fairly even
sweep about twelve inches away. The nozzle
on here is not like a regular spray paint
can and you do have to move fairly quickly.
First coat you can do side to side, next coat
you could do up and down and that makes sure
that you get an even coverage. You don’t want
to dwell on anything too long because you
don’t want any spots that are going to be
over exposed.Let’s
let this settle for another half an hour and
then we’ll come back.Alright, we’re now on
to the very last coat. We’ll want to apply
this as evenly as we can because this one
is going to be the last one. It seal everything
in. This will be your nice top clear and smooth
glossy coat. You don’t want to drown it at
this point. You just want to make sure it’s
even and fill in the remainder. So for this
one we’re just going to change direction to
make that we catch everything. Try to stay
a foot from the whole works.You don’t want
to douse it. We shouldn’t be using an entire
can on one glass. We should be able to get
through at least a couple.Take a look for
any areas I might have missed. Right here.I
think that ought to do it. So I’ll leave this
alone for two whole days to dry and then I’ll
peel off the masking and put it back in the
game. Thanks for watching. Probably more pinball
repair video to come because there’s always
something going on. As they say, like and
subscribe and I’ll try to bring you some more
broken things and some more fixed things as
time goes on.

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