Sealing The Ends Of Senegalese / Rope Twist Tutorial Protective Hairstyle Part 5

Sealing The Ends Of Senegalese / Rope Twist Tutorial Protective Hairstyle Part 5

Welcome to step by a Senegalese twist style
in this step I’ll show you how to seal the ends of your Senegalese twists when you are
sealing the ends of your Senegalese twists you want to make sure that you have a cup
of extremely hot water you also need your scissors to trim off any frayed hairs at the
end and you will need a thick towel to dry off the water from your hair the reason why
I have an extremely hot cup of water is because when I dip the ends of my twist into the water
I want to make sure the hairs hold is close to each other as possible that is how you
seal your ends by dipping them into hot water also please make sure that you use a cup with
a handle that does not get hot I do not suggest using a bowl or any other container that doesn’t
have a cool handle to hold the reason why you want a cup with the cool handle to hold
is because if it the moment you have to reach very quickly and grab your cup you will burn
your fingers so just that you are dealing with something that could potentially harm
you either because of this theme or the water itself so know that your safety is in your
hands and you have to be careful when you are dipping in your ends so now what you want
to do is go ahead and divide your hair down the middle into two sections and I am going
to tie each ponytail with an elastic band try to put your ponytails forward head instead
of directly against your ears you want to bring both of your ponytails forward so you
can get them into the water without burning yourself with this steam so now that you put
both sides into a ponytail you want to focus on one ponytail and a time to make sure that
you do not have a lot of water on your hair so I’m just going to lower the ends of my
twists and completely submerge them into the water
one trick that I like to do if I can tell
that the steam is bothering me and burning at all is to slightly lean right out of the
way of the steam so I will lean slightly to the left or the right so that the steam would
naturally rise away from my head so you had in there for a while and you released air
bubbles you want to make sure they already have your towel in front of the so I was the
water I will not trip anyone myself or burn myself so with the towel already in front
of me protecting me from the water I raise the twists out and I have my towel right here
to catch the water and the steam as I pulled the twist out of the water so now that’s when
you close a towel around your twist it just go ahead and dry it was completely off so now that I have dried all the water off
my twists I do have a little bit of steam coming up an thats because I just dip them
into hot water so from this point you want to take your scissors and you are going to
trim off any hairs that the bottom that stick out or any twists that bend in certain directions
you just want us to this down as flat as possible so now we do the other side and everything
follows as well make sure you have your towel in front of you as you’re pulling your twists
out of the water now you have to all of your ponytails into
your water you can go ahead and release each side because now you have sealed ends of your
Senegalese twists in this step I have shown you how to carefully and safely seal the ends
of your twists in the next step number six I’ll show you the finished results to your
Senegalese twists

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  1. I like the idea of using the rubberbands! Keeps all the hair together and reduces risks of burning yourself and/or a client!

  2. Girl, just make one whole video…your hair is beautiful but I don't understand why they are edited like this.

  3. Make sure you subscribed to my other channel HowToBlackHair, I upload the hair videos there without parts.

  4. This is by far the best I have seen on youtube. The other people go too fast. I am a beginner and I was not doing something right when the twists, plaits, and or braids were loose at the scalp. I kept on replaying the other tutorials until I gave up. I am trying to get in the habit of doing my own hair as well as my daughter's. I love your close ups and how you went slow to show your work.I was told that using the Kanokelon was a better choice. I will be doing her hair tomorrow off of this.

  5. Is that the Magic Bullet cup! I got everything down to the cup. I am going to be doing my twists this weekend: ) can't wait

  6. This has been the best tutorial I've found after searching the net for days now. Very descriptive, not just this video, but all the twist videos that I've watched before this one.

  7. I love her videos I think she breaks it up like this so its easier to watch one part over instead of trying to rewind it while ur in the middle of doing the hair. Great vids ty 🙂

  8. If you went to the salon to do the senegalese twists, on average how much would it cost? plz reply thnx 🙂 Also amazing video i like how professional, and informational it is, great job. Other videos don't really explain it very well or give enough info but this one does perfectly.

  9. I so love this tutorial. I learned how to do these in my daughter head. You explains these steps so well.God bless you….. It's because of u I can save a lot of money… Thanks xoxo

  10. hello I watch your videos a lot…. but my question is some of my clients are hard head and don't buy the hair I recommend  so when I seal the ends it makes the hair im not dipping puffy can you answer me why this happens? thnx

  11. Video To Long?

    If So Watch The Shorter Condensed Version of This Whole Look By Clicking Here

  12. I love how professional your videos are, but most of them are EXTREMELY long. Also, you're very repetitive with your wording………

  13. I used hot water and my came apart as well. Any advice on what I could be doing wrong? (I'm jumbo kanekalon hair)

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  15. Hey Breanna what does it mean I did wrong if when I seal the ends the top of my twist expand from the heat will it go bk down when it dry

  16. Question, I had gotten Senegalese twist pre-braided hair 14 inch, we didn't realize the braids were as long as they were, so I had to end up cutting them, it still doesnt look bad, but I notice the ends are coming loose and I am havigng to retwist them and just still with rubber bands right now, I tried the hot water method, but then again, it could have been I didnt let them dip long enough, do you have any suggestions to fix this problems for my ends?

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